Romance Observed


I saw the cutest thing just now. Couple walking along the lake. She stopped to take a picture or video of the waves. He kept walking a little, then stopped when he realized she wasn’t by his side. He didn’t moan or bitch or even ask why she was stopping the walk to capture a moment that she thought was special. He just stood there watching and waiting patiently. When she was done she walked to him and they interlocked fingers. Ahh so dreamy. Silence. Nothing needed to be asked or explained.

Let’s make this thread about all the awesome lovie dovie shit we see. Actually see.


Ohhh I had never thought of it that way…what you call that romance…waiting for another person patiently as they go off on their own world for a moment…you’re right…sometimes I think we all think romance is much bigger than that but it really isn’t…wish everyone knew this.


I saw a homeless couple about 50+
sitting outside together sharing blanket.
the man was holding the coin jar as she had her head on his shoulder sleeping.
I wanted to take a picture but I didn’t wanna be rude. so I just gave them some money instead


Oh, and I think it’s romantic because they’re sticking together in one of the tougher times.
‘it’s okay, as long as we have each other’