Saturn in Aquarius (w/ continual reference to Saturn square Pluto)

Oh why hello there Stellarmazians and the world!! I’m here to observe myself being observed as a specimen which gets me off like no other, because my narcissistic ass finds myself to be the biggest turn on EVER! And because I’m a shallow, volatile piece of shit, the two scoops of M&S Mango Sorbet I just had made me hyper as fuck so I’m ready to bounce back from down-in-the-dumps depression to Leonine/Fe rainbow dreamland and talk on and on about myself so that I can be observed in an Aquarian fashion!!!

Oh right. Speaking of which. Aquarius.

Saturn in Aquarius (w/ continual reference to Saturn square Pluto). Please check out the link here where Blake the guru of Stellar Pussy elaborates on the implications of a Saturn in Aquarius placement --> INFJ through the lens of Capricorn Moon

Research topic: Millenials born around my birthdate possess an exact square aspect between Pluto in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius. How do different people (well in this case, I) experience Saturn in Aquarius in the context of one’s life/subjective experience, MB subtypes combination, and natal chart? How does the whole of the chart emend the predicted manifestation of Saturn in Aquarius placement? And how does a square aspect to Pluto in Scorpio colour Saturn in Aquarius themes and vice versa?. @nr.nom is gonna play interrogator here. Everybody else is allowed to hop on, too, and chime in with insights or questions.

But before we start, FIRST! We need some context…RIGHT?! :wink:

Specimen: Schlopadoo, yours truly.
MB subtypes (“officially typed” by Blakie): E3 ENFJ rising, INFJ sun, INTJ moon, INTP mercury
Astrological placements: :aquarius: Rising, :libra: Sun, :leo: Moon, :scorpius: Mercury, :virgo: Venus, :scorpius: Mars, :libra: Jupiter, :aquarius: Saturn, :capricorn: Neptune, :capricorn: Uranus, :scorpius: Pluto
Profession: Academic research scientist in biological sciences

Things to point out:

  • Saturn in Aquarius is retrograde, conjunct the ascendant, and in an angular house (the first house).

  • Pluto in Scorpio is in the 9th house and loosely conjunct (based on whole-sign aspects) Mercury & Mars in Scorpio.

Natal chart:

OK a few more stuff to get out of the way.

We’ve got Blake’s view of what Saturn in Aquarius means (see first post with associate link).

What about Pluto in Scorpio? And Pluto in the 9th house? What is a square (just to revisit basic concepts)? Or Saturn square Pluto?

Here are some descriptions I’ve found online that I feel safe to link to:

Pluto: (

Pluto, God of the Underworld, is the ruler of Scorpio. (In Greek mythology, the corresponding god was Hades). In Astrology, the energies of Pluto are transforming. Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is “below the surface”.

On the up side, Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. Negative expression of Pluto is an obsessive desire for power and control and general destructiveness.

In the chart, the position of Pluto by sign will be shared with other people in the same generation due to the comparatively slow movement of Pluto, the outermost planet, in the heavens.

By house, the position of Pluto shows where individuals search for truths and deeper meaning. This area of life may be associated with change, upheaval, power struggles, and issues of control.

Pluto in aspect to other planets in the chart colors those energies with obsessive qualities, power struggles, the need to find deeper meanings, and willingness to explore and examine. Where we find Pluto in the chart is where we either seek change and transformation, or have it thrust upon us if we refuse to accept our deepest needs. If we fear Pluto’s energies, or our “dark” side, destructiveness (both directed at ourselves or others) is a byproduct.

(NB: Personally, if I were to boil down Pluto into one word, that would be “transformation” )

Pluto in Scorpio: (

Your feelings about intimacy, sexuality, dependency, attachment, and support are intense. You can readily go to extremes as you seek a deeper connection to someone or a special project or goal. The quest to distinguish yourself in any of these areas can be so fraught with pressure at times that you rarely allow yourself to feel content and satisfied. You may need to work harder than most to let yourself to be anything less than strong. You are not afraid to call evil for what it is. You are a rare combination of compassionate and practical. With Pluto working at its best, you are brilliantly perceptive and understanding–quick to see the many different layers of any given situation.

Pluto in 9th house: (

You are extremely attached to your opinions and belief system. Due to this attachment, debates might easily turn into arguments if you are not careful. At your best, you are persuasive and intelligent with a probing and incisive mind. Your opinions are strong and well-researched. You are able to back up your arguments, and enjoy doing so! At your worst, you can be obsessed with “converting” others to your beliefs. You are suspicious of new ideas until you’ve given them deeper thought. You may have a disdain for blind followers of belief systems and for hypocrisy. You may be considered “deep” or “profound” and you are likely to come up with some unusual and unique ideas that impress others. Your sense of adventure runs deep and can lead you to unusual experiences. You are likely to make an involved, captivating, and inspiring teacher, speaker, or lecturer. While you may not share your ideas frivolously, when you do express yourself, you do so creatively and persuasively. Some of your most intense and life-changing experiences may come through travel or in connection with other cultures.

Square aspect: (

This aspect creates tension between the planets and points involved. Tension is necessary in order to stimulate action, but too much tension translates to stress. The planets involved in a square are acting at cross purposes. With squares, we may overdo and run into countless obstacles before we “get it right”. However, squares force us out of complacency and get the ball rolling. Squares are often more difficult when we are young, as these aspects force us to grow and learn our lessons.

(NB: If anyone can find Blake describing his take on the square aspect, that would be great. I don’t have much patience for digging at the current moment )

(NB2: As for Saturn squaring Pluto, and Aquarius squaring Scorpio, I couldn’t really find any reliable goodies online. I do have a book Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope by Sue Tompkins that seemed to provide pretty good cookbook style definitions. Not sure what other people think of this book or if there are better ones out there. If I can find the time to summarise the entries, maybe I’ll do it later)

I have that book too and it helped me get to grips with the complexities of astrological aspects. But these days I’m feeling confident enough with astrology to interpret charts without first referring to text books.

Once I’ve done a reading I may later check the “established meanings” to see how close I came, but I usually find I was on the right track. I haven’t had much time for astrology during the last few months, but now things are a little calmer (at least in NZ) I’m keen to return to doing chart readings to help others and improve my skills.

A couple of weeks ago I was at an impromptu dinner party when someone mentioned my interest in astrology and so I ended up doing chart readings for two young women that I hadn’t previously met. I think I managed to impress everyone present as the chart details immediately leapt out at me and gave me accurate insights into the personalities and interests of the two subjects, who were quite different from each other.

I was even able to provide advice for how to capitalise upon their astrological strengths for the women, who were both very grateful (and a little taken back by how I could so quickly and precisely “read” their characters from a few pretty coloured lines on my iPhone).

And I had made a start on interpreting your birth chart before Covid-19 came along and disrupted everything, @schlopadoo

I’ll chip in on this thread with my thoughts and insights as they occur to me, since this process has proven far more effective for me than minutely scrutinising all the little details contained in a chart. My aim is to weave together the various threads to create a metaphorical tapestry, which tells the story of @schlopadoo

That’s a big ask, I know, but hopefully I will manage to draw together the themes from your past and offer some insights into where you may want to focus your energies going forwards. For now, I will leave you with this:

If I had to summarise the predominant themes presented by your chart in just two words, they would be these:

Crystallised Intensity

Aaand here comes the inevitable Ni-dom afterthought:

Crystallised Intensity is a near-perfect catchphrase for Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio :ringer_planet: :aquarius: :black_square_button: :parking::scorpius:

Hey Lil Red,

I’ve been looking forward to this. Excellent intro and I’ll get right to it.

My questions may seem like they’re coming from all over the place. That’s because, they are :grinning:

But if they don’t seem like that it’s because I am surely driving to the point. Saturn talk is some serious business, so I hear? I won’t dilly dally.

If at any point I ask a question that you do not wish to answer, please simply respond with “no comment” or “do not wish to answer” or something along those lines, so I know that topic direction to be closed (for whatever duration of time or eternity).


For starters, if I am understanding correctly, you’re pretty young but you’ve already gotten a PhD? This to me seems rather impressive, and I’m so curious. Did you always know you were going to achieve great things in life, or when did you first realize this was going to become a feather in your cap?

And, should I be calling you Dr. Schlopadoo? I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the protocol of how to honor such status. Please educate me :wink:

And, it is related to the biological sciences? I’d love to learn some more about this in detail…what aspect of biological sciences? And also, how is it you became involved in this field and profession?

I’m so curious that I’m going to wait before asking more questions because for now these questions will distract my attention from the other topics. I look forward to reading your response(s).

Astro stuff! If you can manage me talking about all this from an advanced amateur perspective, it might be interesting!

Your Saturn is in mutual reception with Uranus in the 11th. So, both of these planets have a vested interest in serving the needs of the other.

An astrologer told me planets on the ascendant are things that our parents required us to be. Maybe not in an overt and direct way, but this is the impression that is unmistakably made.

Your Saturn gives me an impression of the lonely traveler. The square to Saturn probably wants to fatten and tempt the base urges of Saturn. Power, authority, competency.

Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th house squares Saturn in Aquarius in the first house. Pluto is fun in the sense of being hard won and death invoking wisdom. So the square gives the feeling of Saturn wanting to rip and coldly play its way into having this transcendental and elusive knowledge. Your Saturn seems stressed to me in the sense it’s not really comfortable. I mean, it’s conjunct the ascendant. It makes a foremost impression.

Saturn strikes me as being more comfortable in the background or work. It’s in the natural house of Aries. The self in it’s most impulsive and headstrong form. It’s in a sign it traditionally rules and has a mutual reception with Uranus, but that doesn’t seem like easy bedfellows.

Saturn rules the 12th house in your chart but a good portion of it is in the 11th house. I almost feel your Saturn has a more esoteric bent. There’s a desire to plunge into the unknown and to accumulate power and knowledge, but Pluto gives me the impression of holding Saturn hostage. Pluto is in the house it rules, but Saturn is in an angular house.

Saturn gets help from Uranus, but how helpful is that when Pluto is at home is Scorpio? I see Pluto as wanting to expand the mind of Saturn to give a love for more higher minded topics. Saturn is always power hungry, but it must play nice with Pluto. I kind of see Pluto as having the upper hand. Just my instinct. I feel like your Saturn is trying to buy a revolutionary patent off of Pluto.

Saturn is focused on the money! But it’s kind of like, Pluto is wanting to teach Saturn how to fish versus just giving him the fish. Saturn sees the value, but is too uncomfortable to really settle down and learn. Too stubborn.

I’m interested in the north node as well. It conjuncts the MC, but is literally a degree behind the MC. MC and the north node is deposited by Libra Jupiter in the 8th, which Saturn trines.

So, 9th house stuff AGAIN. That seems like another point for Pluto to me.

I think essentially your Saturn is being asked to RESPECT 9th house values, then success and money will follow. It seems effectively "pinned’ to me and lusting after Pluto’s wealth. Too much reaching in the cookie jar will lead to abrupt ends I think via Uranus in Capricorn. That seems like a reversal of wealth or fortune.

Neptune is ruled by Saturn and is a degree from its own natural house. Neptune and Uranus actually trine Pluto, so I guess they are helping Pluto out in it’s endeavor. I think the conjunct between Uranus and Neptune can provide Saturn with sudden insight about how to concretely move forward. Being in the 11th house and in Capricorn, this might come in the form of friends in the workplaces or older men. Hm, or a mentor figure.

There is a need to not become too reliant on this receptacle of information though. It’s tricky because I think the square Uranus and Neptune make to the Jupiter/Sun conjunction in Libra indicate a need to stand on your own and to be fair. I feel there is a trickster element here because while these mentor figures can be helpful and push you to realize your potential, I think when they are too heavily relied upon it can put you in an infantile state. The lines between this being intentional or incidental become blurred and I think you can fly into a blind rage and cut yourself off from these people.

The middle road is to take the good and leave the bad. Too much reliance on these figures lead too resentment and a lack of ability to forgive yourself for entering into this state. It can be an unhealthy dynamic. There’s a lot of seeking these people out only to cut them off. Hm, it basically doesn’t make you feel good and there is a need to know you are advancing based off of your OWN merit. Too much reliance on a mentor deprives you of this, but too much reliance on yourself leaves you only with the punishing method of Saturn to help carry you through.

On the other hand, your Saturn trines the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. It strikes me as beneficiaries through work. If there’s an outside catalysis that pushed you to interact with someone like this, it will be more successful I think. It’s like, they will have incidental knowledge you will know how to apply it to build yourself up. You’ll feel useful and strong without too much hair splitting over how you were helped. That’s the way to go!

I think your Saturn pushed you to be too self reliant. It believes it needs to be a closed circuit. It is tempted to scheme and plot how to get something without having to interact with the commoners. In a way, I think Pluto is trying to teach Saturn that relying on others is not an affront to its own power or authority. There’s a cold fear that the group will make Saturn feel more isolated than it does on its own.

Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th gives me the impression that the intimacy generated with others is the ideal Saturn is blocking out. Saturn sees the ideal of relying on others and creating intimacy as something that undermines it, but the end result Saturn wants comes from this intimacy.

Saturn wants the fruits and rewards of intimacy without being vulnerable.

This is more of an existential fear. I assume it comes from childhood stuff based off of what that astrologer told me and stuff you mentioned here. That is what this square signifies to me.

Saturn doesn’t want to be swallowed up by Pluto. But, there is a fear that needs to die here. I think Saturn is essentially scared to see itself bare or defenseless. There is a lot of disdain or aloofness in the face of Pluto saying the balm to this pain is vulnerability.

Saturn is unforgiving of itself, and conjuncting the ascendant, this forgiveness of the faults in the self are deep seated and enduring. Because Saturn learned it had to be aloof and self-reliant, it shunned and maybe blames the ideal of Pluto, or sees it as a fantasy that will lead to more despair if it is not realized or enduring.

Venus deposits the Sun/Jupiter conjunction and trines the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, sextiles Pluto, quintiles the north node, AND inconjuncts Saturn. It’s also in the seventh house (it’s natural house)!

The seventh house is in Leo, Venus in Virgo.

The inconjunct to Saturn indicates a kind of uncomfortable mesh. Not an easy fulfillment. I feel Venus provides options to Saturn and Saturn takes some and does it in a half assed way or does it too strictly. It makes the Venus energy hard. It treats pleasure as a task. A task where it doesn’t feel equipped (and maybe interested?) in fulfilling.

I think Venus gets annoyed with this. Is ROYALLY offended. With Chiron in the seventh as well, it is generically seen as a wound in relationships. Hm, in Virgo, it strikes me as a purity issue.

Venus and Chiron are deposited by Mercury, which is then deposited by Pluto.

In my mind, I see Pluto as giving Mercury penetrating insight on 9th house matters. Venus and Chiron serve the needs of Mercury. I think Venus tires of the tasks of things that must be done before pleasure can be felt and Chiron is wounded in the seventh.

I see penetrative abilities getting a philosophical bent due to the wealth of info from Venus and Chiron that is decidedly attained from a distance. I kind of see Venus as wanting to give way to its own desires, but this purity thing moreso strikes me as a severe possession of the self that’s reinforced by Saturn in the 1st.

Saturn doesn’t feel like it can maintain face when washed over by the hedonistic bent Venus can have. And meanwhile, Chiron is kind of getting his fill helping world weary souls from his perch. I see Chiron as helping others who have difficulty letting themselves go to fulfill their most wild pleasures. It’s not necessarily love based, but Chiron squares the north node and the MC. So, Chiron understands its wound comes from sacrificing self pleasure for the sake of career and inheriting it’s bigger destiny. It all seems kind of matter of fact.

So, Chiron is resigned to its position, but redemption seems to come from advising those who have this same issue. It’s not a sad sacrifice, but kind of necessary. Chiron serves Mercury, so mind seems to need a certain removal from others to work effectively. Hm, that’s kind of the vibe.

Miss Venus isn’t so satisfied with this, I see her making hiccups in the love department time from time to distract from Mercury. Lol, an occasional fuck you to Mercury (get fucked! When can I get fucked, motherfucker!).

And holy shit! Virgo and Pisces are intercepted signs!

Yeah, I tried to read up on this and just feel confused. I basically just see it as indicative of a necessary sacrifice. A planet depositing another planet doesn’t necessarily indicate this, but my instinct was telling this was the case with Chiron and Venus and I think it has to do with them being intercepted more than them being deposited by Mercury.

Also, the fact how they link up to Pluto seems to be indicative of a proper exchange. As though Pluto is saying you can’t get something for nothing. It’s like it bestowed its searing and transformative energy to Mercury in exchange for Venus and Chiron. Necessary sacrifices and exchanges.

Hm, maybe Chiron can be seen as the wound from this exchange and Venus as the sacrifice? Venus is unfulfilled in the chart and is annoyed with the dutiful nature of Virgo. She’s pleased to be in her house, but it’s a situation where a house ain’t a home, y’know?

I feel she is getting some energy from the trines and sextile she makes, but is still harping on Saturn to right this situation. And again, Saturn is brushing her off. There is an incessant nagging though of all the things that need to be righted.

She strikes me as temperamental and kind of scorpionic in a way. She will get her way, but I’m not sure how. She rules the 3rd house and 8th house via Taurus and Libra.

Yeah, I know she’s been raising Hell in these houses, but it’s probably more recognized in 8th house affairs since there are planets there and the 3rd house is empty (I would keep an eye on transits through this house because, she’s pretty desperate and is not above pettiness).

Ah, now I see. She deposits the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. Jupiter then deposits the north node AND the MC… LOL, she’s a woman on mission!

Even more, Moon is deposited by Sun, which is then deposited by Venus…

I’ll come back to the Venus stuff, but let’s go to the Moon now!

I like your Moon. The squares give it a straightforwardness that I think helps it get shit done. I think she pretty much reigns in the power of Mercury and Mars. With the Mars/Mercury conjunction, it strikes me as excessive pride in mental prowess. With her being in the sixth, I think she knocks Mercury and Mars upside head to remind them while there is natural talent and strength in Mars being in Scorpio and Mercury being blessed by Pluto and strengthened by the rulership he has over Venus and Chiron in an intercepted sign, the moon reminds them its hard work and consistency that pays off in the end. I feel that is her manta, “Talent is meaningless without hardwork and consistent results.”

She’s warm and tasteful without too being overbearing. There’s the natural Leo pride of course, but it’s made tasteful and gratifying being in the 6th house. There is actually something of value here that is worth bragging about and being proud of. I just sense a fluffiness and lightheartedness with your moon. Joyful labor. I think the moon here is good in the sense there is a natural comfort in the routines and work ethic need to be successful. She takes the Mercury/Mars conjunction and tirelessly vets it for skill and adequacy. Inadequacy pisses her off and makes her fly into a rage (which immediately reminds me of how you mentioned going off on someone in front of higher ups?).

With the moon in the 6th, I think it makes you a treasured and loveable figure in the workplace. Sorry, I know it’s corny as hell! But that’s the impression I get, a valued and treasured person people look forward to seeing as work. I think your absence is definitely felt when you aren’t there. I think you would ascribe it to people missing your hard work, but it’s the vibe and energy you give off that really ingratiates you to others in the workplace and kind of gives an easy ability to switch from boss to coworker. Y’know? Like the moon can sense when to shift into a place of more authority or less authority in the workplace. It’s just natural. I think you may of noticed how people might just bow down to you at work or just respect you automatically in a way?

It is the natural ebb and flow of the moon that feels strong here. I think people are just receptive to you as the boss, coworker, or underling. Yeah, easily lovable in either position.

OH. Another impression, people taking the piss out of you when you’re in domineering Mercury/Mars mode. I think it deeply embarrasses you, because it like you let yourself get away from you for a second. I don’t know, it’s a Venus thing too. The absolute pleasure you get from the Mercury/Mars conjunction sometimes puts you so far into you head or train of thought that when you express this, it’s like a little embarrassing. Not the Mercury/Mars thing, that’s phallic and strong. It’s the Venus part that makes you kind of blushy.

I think the moon and the Sun/Jupiter conjunction helps you recover quickly. It’s a part of you that comes out over time. Hm, those moments are endearing and kind of help with the Saturn dilemma. I think your chart is essentially saying the thing you want to have the most is easy to have when you let it come naturally. You don’t have to lose faith or go down a particular path in life. It doesn’t have to be an either or situation.

There is just a need to throw out the rulebook so to speak. Just… Let it happen. I trust you know what I mean when I say this, it probably has implications for Fe aux for INFJ.

You chart contains the humor of the cosmos. What are you running from? You’re so capable. So capable to the point you create problems to solve, as well as complicate the ones that are already in front of you. I think you have a fairly lighthearted chart, but your Saturn is complicating the whole affair. I think your answer to the ease of it all is, “But… This is WHO I AM”.

Your Saturn is putting you into a situation where you feel like you have to earn humor. Earn lightness. I see a VERY positive upswing in your natal chart, but there is a need to not give into this because goddamn it! It’s not supposed to be this easy.

But, it is :slight_smile:.

I think your Saturn fears it will not be as sharp and as strong if it gives into all the ease I can see in the natal chart. Or hey, if not ease, then overall lightness. Positivity. Light. Love. Ugh, I’m sorry I sound so corny.

But your Saturn is perusing all these things not necessarily ass backwards, but it is trying to test your capability and ability to feel like you have earned this. You don’t need to cheat or take shortcuts to have this feeling, because it’s already yours. You’re keeping it hostage from yourself, but that’s okay. It will come to you when you are ready for it.

But to accelerate the process? Let it be, you’re ready and capable for anything, so let it be!

Ah, and the Venus thing! The let it be part is Venusian to me. Venus is a bit magic in your natal chart. Fulfilling Venus kind of takes care of everything. Which is funny, because Saturn swears up and down how useless this broad is, but no. She’s the magic solution I see in the chart.

Now, it’s not too easy! But not at all exceptionally hard either. I revisited the intercepted stuff again and know a little more, but it still is just, annoying. I just need a straightforward summary goddamn it!

I would sum it up as just being malleable in relationships. Just do and be. There’s a lack of thoughtfulness and pretentiousness here that can feel exposing and alienating. There’s a need to be this and to be receptive and chill when you encounter this in life or others. You know, it strikes me as stuff you might fine incomprehensible. Like, the easy stuff people like?

It’s not incomprehensible because it’s hard, it strikes you as incomprehensible because it’s so damned easy!

The Saturn inconjunct Venus aspect is essentially: I am going to be as prepared and ready to do easy (and that method tends to be hard, because you don’t have to prepare for easy, you just do it easily and with ease!).

To me, Venus wants you to just enjoy. It’s like, your Saturn can’t comprehend it’s already prepared without preparing. It needs hard facts and consistent and grueling effort. It is scared and closed off to just doing and trusting that it can just do what comes naturally and succeed.

There’s something to the nature of Aquarius and Virgo here. Damn, if they can just shake hands and say we’re capable and prepared I think the drama would cease. But Saturn in Aqua then goes tries to create evidence to say it prepared, while Venus is Virgo tries to make a list of what needs to be checked off to say it enjoyed something.

And THAT RIGHT THERE! Fuck that, just let it be. The inconjunct aspect is annoying and needs compromise and I believe a blending of both energies to make something new. So, let it be because you’re capable as shit and have got this either way! YA HEAR ME?!

Okay… NOW let it be :grin:.

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you on a roll girl!

It’s only right :wink:.

NOW, if someone would like to return the favor, I’d be very grateful :smirk:.

…I’m mainly kidding :smiling_imp: :.

But yes, I hope I didn’t derive the thread too much, cause it was a long amateur chart analysis. Which is kind of weird, but was really fun!

Sidenote, my little bro born this year has the same placement. Not sure about the square, but he has Saturn in Aquarius as well. I made the chart after the reading, because I suspected it! So, that was a nice moment of serendipity as well.

BUT! I don’t mean to derail the thread too much. A question I have, does Saturn in Aquarius feel like a fraught detachment? I can’t imagine it’s too stable, since Saturn is something that cements itself over time. I’d also imagine the Uranian energy of Aquarius would make the minor sustained efforts of Saturn becoming something formidable a task that can invoke the feeling of not having made much movement forward.

I also harken back to how Schlops has Uranus in mutual reception with Saturn. It made insights seem like something that strike quite suddenly in 1st house affairs from 11th house matters. There’s a few moving parts to the Saturn and Uranus reception that’s interesting, but there’s no need to be redundant! I speculated at some of that in my other post :smiley:!

So yes, I am on a roll! I’m insanely curious as of now and can synthesize stuff a little better than usual. I’m having fun!

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Awwwwww… Jeezus.

I gotta lot of catch up work and not enough time.

Reply tomorrow night. I promise! :wink:

Aquarius is usually a comfortable placement for Saturn. Saturn was considered to be the ancient ruler of Aquarius, long before Uranus was discovered. Aquarius is also the most stable and enduring of the Air signs because of its Fixed qualities. So not only does Saturn feel secure and strong in Aquarius, but he also displays a more outward, Extraverted kind of expression.

Aquarian PR would have us all believe that this sign is entirely inhabited by a bunch of quirky, disruptive, rebellious iconoclasts, but that’s only the Uranian half of the story.

Many astrologers (myself included) still consider Saturn to co-rule Aquarius with Uranus. I like this arrangement because it better accounts for the bipolar nature of Aquarius (all 3 Air signs have a dual nature, and this is represented in their glyphs: :gemini::libra::aquarius:)

The two zigzag lines of Aquarius’ glyph can symbolise its two ruling planets.

The lower line represents the stabilising influence of Saturn; in the domain of Air these include authority, tradition, rules and social standing. Within these boundaries, however, Saturn in the airy climate of Aquarius can be an active instigator of change, slowly and steadily reordering structures, boundaries and social rules in order to make new connections, distribute information and develop innovations.

The upper zigzag represents Uranus of course, and can be thought of as a kind of Higher Mind that seeks to liberate us all from strictly enforced orthodox traditions and rigid social hierarchies by encouraging rebellion, reinvention, originality, independence and toleration of those who are different from ourselves.

Put the two together and you have the essential Aquarian dilemma: a non-conformist in a conformist culture, torn by the subliminal desire to understand and be accepted by the same systems he or she is frantically trying to disrupt.

The highest ideals of Aquarius all relate to the idea of weaving together the best qualities from its two planetary rulers; for example working hard to create a stable, secure and fair society that is also tolerant and accepting of individual diversity and the right for freedom of expression within the larger system.

Human nature being what it is means that this utopian ideal has yet to be fully achieved in our earthly societies, sadly. This type of structure also requires a high degree of vigilance and continual self-appraisal to avoid degenerating into the Shadow side of Aquarius.

We all know what that looks like: a controlling elite who enforce conformity and obedience to the perceived “ideal” by ruthlessly enacting and enforcing strict and punitive rules and laws governing every aspect of social life, while simultaneously maintaining the facade of a fair and tolerant regime.

The Harry Potter novels and films provide a good (if exaggerated) fictional example of what this type of Aquarian Dystopia may look like, when the simpering, prejudiced and faux-polite tyrant Dolores Umbridge usurped control of Hogwarts School from Dumbledore and systematically imposed a strict, cruel and ruthlessly enforced reign of terror, thinly disguised as bringing “Order” and “Discipline” for the safety and protection of the students.

Hey Stewart!

OMG! You’re gonna slay me when you do a proper chart reading on Schlops :grin:.

I look forward to it :smiling_imp:.

Yes! I had mentioned Saturn traditionally ruled Aquarius. Admittedly, I didn’t know where to go after I mentioned it.

Schlops’ Saturn seems uncomfortable to me, but I didn’t sense that from Aquarius. I more so see it from being conjunct the ascendant. Lol, I was zooming in and out on Saturn. I guess I would more definitively say I see her Saturn as strong but uncomfortable.

The same things that strengthen it box in. I see that more from his angularity. He even is in cahoots with Uranus from their mutual reception and has Neptune serving his needs since he’s in Saturn’s sign. I think he tends to see Uranus as a knucklehead and Neptune as useful, but too elusive to be properly relied on. Allies are always great!

Their competency is questionable, but their methods work. That’s all I think Saturn tends to care about in the end!

I’m also following along to the air sign talk :eyes:. I was wondering about Saturn being exalted in Libra while I wrote that post for Schlops chart.

But yes, your astro talk is always appreciated :joy:!


That immediately came to mind.

Cold blooded, yo!

Effie hunger games hunger games reaping GIF - Find on GIFER

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Yeah, that’s another great fantasy example! I have just edited my post to include another: the reign of terror imposed by the appalling Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


Saturn in Aquarius created the coronavirus so that everyone would have to stay far away from each other.

We shall find that social isolation is much more deleterious than the virus itself.

Now if you were born with Saturn in Aquarius, well, you know all about enforced and involuntary social distancing.

Saturn, The Lord of Karma and Fate has visited it upon you as your special lesson to work on.

Whether you are actually outcast or not, you feel as such.

And as such, you experience the most painful thing a human can experience - alienation from one’s own race.

Historically, exile was considered a fate worse than death.

And since this was with continual reference to the Pluto square, I’ll let the overly dramatic implications of my post stand.

And if you resist, I will put you up against the wall and have you shot.

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Aww. Someone will I hope. I can’t talk this language anymore:D

Like this particular thread, it’s like a foreign language. Aquarius this, return that. I do not speak whatever language this is.


I am in awe.

I hope someone gets on it!!!

Sometimes I hate you Saturn, you implacable old Bastard!

Not that you give a shit…

Hey @JaMisa, I have to confess that I’ve only had time to skim-read your insightful and comprehensive chart interpretation for @schlopadoo

So I read this out of context and mistook it for a general astrological query instead of being about Schlop’s particular Saturn-complex:

But in true Sagittarius style, I blundered on regardless, with a long and rambling spiel on Aquarius that entirely missed the point…


But I’m glad I did, as the mere process of putting it all down in writing helped me to gain a better understanding of the Aquarian dynamic.

For what it’s worth, my intuition is telling me that you’re on the right track with this observation about Schlop’s chart. Schlop herself has hinted several times that something like “fraught detachment” is a recurring theme in her life, so I will be fascinated to see how she responds to your insightful question.

I would be more than happy to take a look at your chart, @JaMisa

I just hope I can do as good a job of interpreting it as you did for @schlopadoo!