Was strolling through the forums and found this gem from Blake, I think it was on Schlopadoo’s post about Saturn in Aquarius:

Saturn in a square aspect to personal planets is one of the most difficult aspects any birth chart could have. Like when I see Saturn squaring a person’s Sun in their birth chart, I’m like “ouch, that’s difficult, fuck”.

So I went and looked at my natal chart and – FUCK. Saturn in 5th House Pisces squaring Sun in 9th House Gemini.

Now I know very very little about astrology, and while I understand quite clearly that I am / have been in for some kind of trouble with this placement, I don’t really know what that trouble is. Is there anyone so kind as to help one poor lost soul wand’ring through the stellar maze?

Also, does anyone else have Saturn squares in their natal charts? How have they affected you?

My chart

Please don’t cast a spell on me with this or whatever.

Hey aiden, I have Saturn square too… I’ll call it ‘Saturn square my essence’ 'cause this is how it feels… story of my life…
and it has been there - the challenging, the difficult experiences all my life. It is hard.
Saturn in Gemini 11th house (ruled by Aquarius) square point zero my Mars which is conjunct Mercury (mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo)
in Virgo, not far from my sun in Virgo 3rd house.
Yep, what a story…
And hey, I have more… (hard aspects) but for now that’s enough telling how challenging it is. First social traumas when I was 3 yo. An outsider as teenager. Eccentric and self destructive.
Backstage always felt more secure. This is my kingdom, my comfort zone.
I’m a ‘one on one’ kinda person… there I find my strength, there I can talk, there I am free to be me - intense and deep… but it is rare.
Sometimes people tell me I’m inspiring (it’s not unusual) and ask how come I never go big… but I can’t. Well, I still don’t feel like I’m ready anyway. And I’m not young!
I can express myself wonderfully. When I’m alone… so I write. I send my writings to some of my friends. I’ve got feedbacks. I know I help them on a very deep and personal level. I’m a Virgo after all, finding happiness through service.

And all the transits I experience lately… Neptune opposite Mars, Mercury and soon my sun. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction with north node and opposite my ascendant… gosh! I have stories to tell :grinning:

okay aiden let’s put it this way, in the emotional sense of the interpersonal aspect of human relationships i am very much a hit&tell kind of person, hit&miss when it comes to making you feel very good about yourself, in truth i seem to get more accurate about your shit the less i try to make you feel good about it, so given all that and the fact that i am pretty much an expert at making enemies, let’s see if you want my input about your thing.

i can do a massive data crunch but im not gonna say it nice, im not a little bitch like some of these other more experienced astrologers, and i understand this thanks to a bitch here and there making me more aware of it so that’s why im just gonna go about it like this.

you want me to tear you down bro? or sis? (whichever?) (both??) let me know. this saves me energy too because believe it or not it actually takes a lot of work to analyze and interpret a chart.

im gonna assume you don’t want it so you dont have to say anything or respond, don’t feel pressured or whatever. but if i see a notification from you im gonna assume you want it and are just being dishonest with yourself.


Hi Natinka,

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: “Saturn square my essence” is a powerful way of expressing the feeling and it hit me right in the gut when I read it.

you want me to tear you down bro? or sis? (whichever?) (both??) let me know. this saves me energy too because believe it or not it actually takes a lot of work to analyze and interpret a chart.

Bring it Nom. Am I not an INFJ, a patient etherized upon a table? Do I not desire evisceration? I can’t offer remuneration, unless you want a poem or a tribute or something, but you’ve 100% piqued my interest and I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.