Se (Extraverted Sensing)


i guess just posting pictures that i made is easier than typing them out.

and this Se description applies for both ESTP and ESFP

i think there are other ways to explain Se other than this but that might lead me to combine them with other functions.

Se/Ni is sort of like gathering all these composite information and reaching a personal revelation
the more experience the better it is for finer revelation/conclusion.

here goes DBZ reference hhahah
so here Goku(the character) gathers energy from all the training he’s done

and release his force of energy/will/power into a specific direction


I think this goes for Ni/Se as well. The more actual experience I have in an area, the better and more reliable my Ni intuitions.

It is hard to get better at Se directly for me though. It’s like 100:1 effort to result ratio. But it’s not nothing. Much easier when doing it indirectly via Fe.