Se(nsing)'s views on the world: energized and practical and always on the move


Oh no. The red guy won this? That’s a tragedy. It’s like he could have been cropped in; he was dancing alone.

Astrology 101

no, the guy in the black won. of course.
judges know what dancing really is.
the guy in the red was off the beat. that itself you lose so much point.
the guy in the black won the whole competition. first place. effortlessly.
he has won first place in many international battles.


Oh good. I misread the tone of your statement about politics. This dancing stuff is really stellar and like, incredibly human to my mind. I think that it’s a helpful representation of Se for the parts of my N that look down on sensors as “less human.”


yeah, my statements necessarily doesn’t always connect.
I wasn’t implying anything or hinting at anything.
that’s now my mind works.

it is more like here’s one fact. And here’s another fact.
it doesn’t always connect.

i just move on. just like how I do with my life.

i can see why Ne tends to connect things. and get into spiral thinking that cause paranoia.

but life doesn’t always present itself that way.

that’s good you’re starting to see that.

until I was independent from my family, I felt like an idiot man. a fucking idiot who doesn’t get what they’re talking about.

and I started living the real world without them and I realize how clever I was. how practical and savvy I was.
I was getting praise from other people that I’ve never heard in my house.

i began to realize life is all about perspectives.

Ne is terrible at time and money management and over thinks thing. And at the core I used to think they’re all stupid who lives in a delusional world thinking they’re genius when all they do is talk and no real results.

it was like watching bunch of nerds gathered up talking about bunch of impractical useless shit that doesn’t help anything in real life.

how they’re all clumsy and gets all emotional and bunch of little sissies.

sometimes smelly, and makes me wonder how they take care of their hygiene and appearance. how they survive on eating junk.

probably the most practical intuition user is ENTJ in my experience. but they use Ni not Ne.

get so much shit done with them because they have Te and Se. It’s like the best mbti type for getting things done.

anyways. I know you’re not gonna get offended by how I used to think of Ne.
it is my 8th function after all.

but I’ve begun to appreciate Ne more about two years ago.
doesn’t mean I think it necessary in life. for me personally.
but I think it’s useful for advancing when someone gets their hands on Ne’s ideas.

i have lots of fun with both ENFP and ENTP.
very entertaining. but wouldn’t ever be a roommate with them. I’ll probably kill them.


So interesting to hear your perspective as the only sensor among siblings (forgot your mother’s type). I always picture sensors as way more numerous than intuitives but you grew up the odd one out.


been the odd one for a long time.
I have a natural high self esteem but my family is always trynna squash it.
family is all N
And growing up in church, people there are usually N types too.
and religious people are usually N that sticks around.
or SJs

SPs are naturally not religious or spiritual minded.

but spiritual in different ways though.
practically spiritual.

my parents never sent to me places I really wanted growing up. so I can use my sensory

i won all the physical competitions I’ve been in. my family were never too impressed.

i get praise all the time from people outside of my family.

but my family can care less about Se stuff.
they don’t care if I’m physically strong.

Se is not just physical activities btw.
it’s about going after obtainable things

they just want me to be a better human being and develop good characters.

which I’ve been practically doing.

if you wanna see a practical psychologist,
check out Tony Robbins
he’s not just an inspirational speaker. he gives very real and practical advice.
he’s helped out Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and other famous people.
Se dominant for sure. 100%
ESFP on steroids.


Where would you have liked to go growing up? And I will check out Tony Robbins :slight_smile:


I think this is approximately analogous to how dismissive I am of athletics. But in truth I just never have had fun playing sports. Or, I don’t know if fun is the right word. I haven’t had the thing that surely other people have to justify the continuation of fanatic interest in participating in and watching sports. Not conflating athletes and spectators here though. But like, it could be said this way: I’ve snowboarded and skateboarded and played lacrosse at a pretty high level. Nothing fantastic but like, 90th percentile of folks who aren’t actually athletes. I could do kickflips over three foot tall things and I could do front flips over 75 foot tabletops and backside 270 on 270 off a handrail over stairs and I captained a shitty college club lacrosse team. I’ve been knocked unconscious playing college lacrosse and doing spins off backcountry kickers.

And I enjoyed these things.

But I noticed how the athletic thing itself was a draw for others. The thing itself was a thing. For me it was only interesting when I was getting better. So it all became dangerous because I’m not that coordinated. I noticed this when I ran into my friends brother on the mountain who was a pro snowboarder, nice guy named Mitch Nelson who snowboarded with this group from my hometown area that included the best known pros at the time, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones. Mitch Nelson was riding down a hill more slowly and less ambitiously than anyone I’d ever seen who was obviously talented. He just had an instinct for as sexy relationship between himself and his board and the hill. I was literally riding on a snowboard that was his, his brother had given it to me, but I’d already snapped the tail right behind my back foot from casing a tabletop a week earlier. I wanted to ride with him cuZ I was a sophomore in high school and idolized these guys but I got bored in ten seconds and sped away.

In athletics I’ve always been waiting for the thing to happen and it is not ever quite clear to me that the thing IS happening. I don’t get it, basically. This tends to make me worse with business too. Because I don’t care at all about making money. I know it’s the cost of doing stuff. It has to build value for someone. But for me, there just isn’t a draw to making money. cuZ I don’t like vacations or leisure or whatever it is. I don’t want security or retirement and don’t love sleeping. I also have a $6k bed because my wife is an isfp and let’s me sleep in her up down bed lol. But I sleep just as well on a bad couch.

Business is like, the thing I love for its own sake, maybe the way athletes love sports for its own sake. Like I worked 7 days a week for 7 months straight and it was perfect. Not working to make money–like I made a lot but went into debt during the period because I didn’t ever expense 7k in travel expensws and I sent all my money to my estranged wife since she needed it more. Just doing something interesting and meaningful. I could do that forever. It seems to me that better entrepreneurs are drawn to better money making ventures because they want to make money because they love other things besides the work.


Checked out Robins. Energy! He kind of sees himself as a CATALYST! Reminds me of someone I know who could be esfp. Wants to love everyone and be loved by all. And sometimes gets into telling the truth. And sometimes he is so driven it is hard to say no. My enfp brother can be that way too. Actually you sometimes remind me of my brother and I think it’s the whole persuasion thing. You both have a way of applying pressure. Robins has so much energy. On Charlie Rose, guests get so quiet. But he still sounded very energized.


why did you delete this??
I actually saw it and was gonna comment on it later saying I agree with you.

I’m with my wife right now so kinda occupied.

stop deleting comments! I liked your comment!


@lunar stop Ne-ing! hahaha


Lol:) just because I got a weird thought I want to think about. But I am actually watching a movie and can’t think properly…Ill put it back later lol. Sorry. @supernokturnal. okay I put it back.
I haven’t had time to think more but what I was starting to wonder is does he have to be an idealist to be so into motivating people? Seems like such a mission for transformation in other people’s lives. But on the other hand he gets really into people’s faces. Like I would find it really invasive. I can’t tell if it’s Fe id esfp or Fe dom like enfj.

Edit: he shares he grew up abused and he had a pituitary tumor that gave him his growth spurt/square jaw so visual typing might not work hmmm

It’s like does he even have darkness in him. It looks more like past wounding and good empathy. He seems all about the light inside people.


Hmm what do you mean by an idealist?
I see him as a very practical person with very practical and realistic advice. he does get the crowd going with hyper energy and that part may seem idealistic.

I’ve never seen ENFJ getting in people’s face like he does Hahaha. although I can see why they could come off similar. ENFJ wouldn’t be as pushy.
the way he talks strikes me as a sensor. over and over.
I can usually tell another extroverted sensor’s speech because I don’t have to over think.
it’s very simplistic. [quote=“lunar, post:179, topic:147”]
It looks more like past wounding and good empathy. He seems all about the light inside people.

yeah I agree with ya.
I have past wounds but you can’t really detect it unless I talk about it. but even still I don’t re-live the past.


this question got me thinking a lot actually.
and it made me come to crossfit gym today.
I just signed up for it as I’m typing this.
it’s a complete exercise inducing Olympic weight lifting, boxing, cycling, and other things.

I’ve never joined a gym before. so I’m very excited.

my first class starts in thirty minutes.



Yeah the in your face seems more up close and tailored-personal.


I have a friend who is about 50 I think. He has a past wound. Basically abandoned by his birth mother. It is very sad. Him sad? No. He is all about will power and keeping on going. It’s like a 180 on what he was given. Always trying to spread cheer. That’s who Robins reminded me of. Just this what looks like superhuman strength. Hmm. Kind of like no I am not gonna have that kind of life ends with me type deal.


By idealist I just meant like driven by the ideal of helping humanity say. Burning passion kind of thing


"Stop Ne-Ing " …I’ve seen johnonymous have a similar addendum thing going on. So maybe it is Ne. My thoughts come out accidentally. And if I try to reign it in I can’t write anything.


i’m not a sports fan either.
i just took one class at crossfit gym today. and it was so boring i’m not going back.

yeah. same here. i wonder if it’s the Te-id that’s doing this for me.

the only time i actually worked out to get stronger is if i feel like i’m weak compared to someone.
but i haven’t lost in a physical battle so i’m not motivated right now.

i’ve been going around asking bigger guys and challenging them in a armwrestling match.
because i can’t be like "hey, do you want to fight me?"
but i feel like i’m retarded strong right now. i’m thinking of going to armwrestling tournament.
i love the adrenaline rush.

i hated the class because it was so structured and didn’t push my limit.
it was so repetitive and felt like Si more than Se.
wasted my time. but it was cool.

i’m just gonna start dancing at home again.

hmmm i can see that. what do you actually like doing?[quote=“johnonymous, post:175, topic:147”]
Just doing something interesting and meaningful. I could do that forever.

yeah same here. who doesn’t want to do that?
but that does that mean to YOU though?
what’s meaningful to you?[quote=“johnonymous, post:175, topic:147”]
they want to make money because they love other things besides the work.

yeah kinda true.

i make money so i can do other things i love.

certain jobs i actually enjoy doing. but it’s not practical to be working long ass hours without spending time doing other things.

it’s all about balance.

i think the problem with ExTP is over-indulgence.

but bible helped me balance that out a lot


wow very relatable. what’s his type you think? ESFP like Tony Robbins?

i think that’s an Se-strength

because Se doesn’t like to Si. they just keep moving forward. no looking back.
Se doesn’t Ne. so no over-thinking.
just keep on going!

ohhhh, yeah, i think it definitely comes from some kind of spiritual motivation.
he’s definitely a bible-reader also. talks about God sometimes. the one from the bible that is.
but i like how he applies everything in practical sense. very my style.

i usually hate preachers that is overly hyper and gets the crowd going.
but i like this guy because he doesn’t bullshit.
bullshit, meaning his advice are all realistic.

that’s fine! just don’t delete it! hahah