Se,Si,Ne,Ni illustration


this is the image i have about these four functions

Se - it is what it is.

Si - what it is to me

Ne - what it could be…be…be…

Ni - (history of) what it is

it kind of makes sense why Se-Ni go together

and Ne-Si going together.

Se - physical and literal
Ne - possibilities and ideas
Ni - history and history must repeat itself
Si -… i remember? …hahahaha

sorry Si. but you are not interesting at all.
who in the world thought that Si is my soulmate.


Just this morning I was having a talk with my husband [INFP] about Se. How amazing I think it must be, kinda imagine it like my Se on acid and steroids and without fear. Though I didn’t say this last bit. Mostly we were talking about it in the sense of physical competence like skateboarding or motorcycle racing. My husband can fly a jet, and he is very competent on a motorcycle, but he could only go so far, and realized that when racing. The guys that were fearless and lived Se [fucking nuts] and therefore fast as lightning were going to win.
I think much of his skill is do to Si, memory and understanding kind of competence and the confidence this experience brings him. He is confident. He is also good at math btw.

And Ni, though there is the history aspect, it feels more like timeless/timefull looping, past, present, future, past-. Timelessness. All time. A feeling of vastness that makes our mistakes interesting, comic, tiny and huge and not entirely tragic, though definitely sad. On the other hand, our successes are beautiful, amazing, and so often even better knowing that at the root we are all mired in the manure we need to grow in. And of course intense environments can grow some wild and crazy life.
I get very frustrated when I entangle myself. When I let go and fly way up, I have to laugh in awe.

And Si? You have no idea how I wish I could remember things I’ve come across. This woman, I’m sure she had Si, was on a field trip with us and going on and on about the plant and animal life, she knew names and habits and I had this fleeting sorrow/wish that I could give that to my kids. She made the field trip so interesting! To me, anyhow. They know cool stuff and thereby know how to make cool stuff happen. I can’t. My kids will have to make do with my infinitely swirling waters.


I am amazed by historians…that know history in shit loads of detail. Not sure if it is Si or not.