Sexual energy is one of the most powerful


I’m feeling spiritual.
so I want to try to make sense and talk about practicality of sex and the Bible.

when two people have sex, there is a spiritual energy exchanging between the two that we cannot observe when it’s happening.
sexual energy can be converted into a powerful tool.
why is masturbation not good for you?
although it may release tensions and stress, it’s only temporary with no real practical solution.
if one uses the sexual energy into working out instead of masturbating, the person could convert the energy more into what is practical and useful.
sexual tension release gives gratification, without much effort.
it rewards the brain with temporary good feeling.
but when that becomes habitual, the person can start to resort to laziness than being productive.
there is almost nothing productive about watching pornography. And it doesn’t harm to NOT masturbate.
moving onto cheating on your spouse.
why would bible permit divorce even though God hates divorce?
the only time God says it’s okay to divorce is when the spouse commits a sexual adultery.
sex must be so powerful enough that God is allowing divorce.
when the spouse is having sex with someone else, now that person is bonding physically, chemically, and spiritually. and probably most of the energy being exchanged is not observable in modern science technology.
statistically, happiest couples are having exclusive sex between the two, and averaging 3 times a week.
and what’s considered cheating? although it may not be technically an adultery, when your energy is given to someone else than your spouse, you are taking away the energy that was supposed to be spent to your spouse to someone else instead.
that energy can be emotionally and/or physically.
Nikola Tesla converted his sexual energy into his works. and he’s considered one of the smartest man in his era.
cheating is only a temporary pleasure. but it always leads to negative outcome.

you reap what you sow.
literally speaking, when you sow a sunflower seed, you will NOT reap a rose. you get sunflower.
that phrase is what basically karma is.
God has created this place that when bad energy is being released, for example, hurting innocent people, the bad energy will come back. it is the law of nature.
and just because modern science technology cannot observe those energies, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
when we speak words to people, whether it is heard or written, energy is being transfered and it can change the dynamic. not only that, it can heal or break people.
'sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt me?'
HAHAHAHAHA fucking Stupid ass quote That needs to be disposed.
yes, sticks and stones can break someone’s bones. but words can deeply cut through the heart.
people can have heart failure from hearing certain words.
some people commit suicide because of words.
bible says to physically discipline children, but it NEVER says to verbally abuse them. And it does not say to insult them or call them names.
mental damage goes further than just physical damage.
physical wounds can heal, and can get stronger.
but verbal abuse leaves deep scar. it doesn’t make someone a better person. not mentally. the person becomes mentally unstable.
so that all goes back to energy. although some energy is invisible to the eyes, it is real. energy doesn’t lie.
when I say “energy doesn’t lie” most INFJ seems to get that phrase without me explaining too much.
so going back to sex, if the person cheats, that energy will have a harmful effect.
but if the person confesses and spouse forgives, as the Bible says, love covers multitude of sins.
that is the power of love.
that is the beauty of confession and forgiveness.
God is love. he wants to forgive. but we must confess our wrongdoings that may bother our conscience.
and the attitude of confession is what matters. because true confession means having the desire to do better.
or the bible might call it, repentance.
repentance does not mean saying sorry.
it means turning around.
and how does it practically benefit us?
it creates peace and harmony.
it makes mentally, physically and spiritually stable/healthy.
healthy life means happy life.
who doesn’t want to be happy?
have you ever felt the burden lifting off your soul when you confess something and the other person forgives?
do you know what that does to your whole body, soul, and spirit?
although it may not be literally observable, the energy doesn’t lie.

yes. sexual energy is very powerful.
but beyond that, love is the most powerful.

… To be continued…
part two. why love is the most powerful energy. with bible.
and how love covers multitude of sins(wrongdoings)
and why God is love and always ready to forgive.
and why confession and repentance benefits you more than it benefits God.


wifey : if words can’t hurt you, then it can’t heal you either. but unfortunately we live in a world where words CAN hurt.


And most words do not heal.


Puff, puff, pass. Me too, bro.


hits the blunt :smoking:


I don’t know which thread to tell you this,
but I just have tell you, because I think you should know, and maybe you already know,
but you have one of the sexiest soul
and I believe this comes with age and experience. and also knowledge and wisdom. And your martial art. and your deep calm still water insight. Idk your whole vibe. your style of writing and the way you comment.
I’m not trying to flirt so don’t get the wrong idea everyone.

I’d probably try to swallow your soul if I met you in real life.
I had a similar experience like this with one INTJ woman I mentioned before.
I’ve had one of the most satisfying intellectual conversations with her.
we were on the phone 5+ hours a day. 6 days a week. it was like phonesex without saying anything sexual.
long story short i had to cut my contact with her.
and will not contact her even though I can because I love my wife and she deserves all my attention. well that’s not the only reason. I just don’t want that lady to start having feelings for me again.

anyways. Just wanted to say you are a very sexy woman. and I’m saying that in a non-sexual/non-flirtatious way. And I have no hidden intentions.
I like acknowledging people and I have no other words to describe you.

of course I can say elegant, intelligent, or whatever adjectives. but it doesn’t satisfy me to say anything but sexy.

i enjoyed interacting with you here. thanks for entertaining my ESTPness

sexy soul!

and I’m leaving this forum for awhile now because my subscription ends in a day and I have to go ALL IN on my new company until it runs on its own.

when it goes well maybe I’ll share with you guys.


Thanks and good luck! Have to run right now myself, but make sure to read the Jungian stuff I just posted.

I too was surprised you didn’t jump in the the lake- but not that you thought you might get past that wall.


What is flirting and how do you flirt? [quote=“supernokturnal, post:6, topic:262”]
I’d probably try to swallow your soul if I met you in real life.

This topic is very interesting to me.


oh well. I’ll own up to it.

it was a genuine compliment but I can see now how it can be excessive.

yeah. maybe it was


well since you asked.

Umm. I definitely flirted with geneva. so idk why you asked.

Idk what you’re trying to prove here.

just because I know what’s ‘right’ it doesn’t mean I’ll always do the ‘right’ thing.

hey. maybe it was an adultery. maybe I cheated.

and the whole message ended with love and forgiveness.

and maybe I didn’t think clearly how it was going to come off. I was just impulsively saying things like I always do, even though i didn’t intend to send a flirtatious message.
but I guess I was confident enough that geneva wouldn’t take it the wrong way.

well, let’s say if geneva took it the wrong way, then I’ll apologize to her later. and I’ll apologize to my wife also, hoping they both will forgive me with love. but if that doesn’t happen, I’ll just own up to it and go through the consequences.

okay gotta go!

@geneva hope you didn’t take it the weird way! Idk if you did but you still have a sexy soul!


The beginning of this sounds so similar to my enfp brother. And it isn’t the first time that how you write is like my brother. And I just wonder what estp and enfp share for that. Must be Fe id Tertiary Te versus Te Id tertiary Fe Alternating between Fe smooth and Te firm stance perhaps


Sincere thanks for the compliment, but would rather change the subject which is usually my reaction in real life too. I’m terribly Fe deficient as to flirting. Sometimes it might be playful and a harmless little ego boost to both parties, but I usually pretend to be more oblivious than I actually am to avoid making things awkward which it does especially when I genuinely feel rapport with the person.

I’m intellectually curious on that too although not interested in developing my flirting skills. I’m naturally monogamous and divorced an ESTP partially because he was not. Something to be careful of and to communicate with your wife about; it’s a fine line as more introverted person in a relationship to wonder if your partner is being fun and friendly vs. boundary pushing behavior.


@Ankh The forum said you tagged me in something in this thread but I don’t know what…is this a sign from the cosmos for me to explore my sensual side?? Because from the Jungian archetypes test I think it’s obvious that I’m still afraid of it to some degree…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah hah! See, you are already on your way. 8th house is the house of intimacy, among other things.


Sure, follow those sensual cosmos. Drink up those milky futures.

I was just bitching out sups and wanted your input…haha.


Haha! What a thread!
I think ENFJ are really good at sniffing out “impropriety” or rudeness. Sometime too well because other people will be oblivious to it.

I am so good at flirtings! I should be giving everyone flirting advice! LOL (I lie. I am not good at it. The characters I draw and channel can be.)

Just think of Super as similar personality to Trump. Sometimes he cannot help but react and say what floats up to his mind even if it’s improper. Overpowered by his own sexual energies.
I think most INTJ for good or bad are a bit immune/dismissive if they feel someone is Fe-ing at them, especially if it’s awkward flirting.

As for the topic, I think it’s interesting, especially if you take the chakras/Kama Sutra sexual energy work stuff into consideration. I suppose if the soul is sacred, then just mixing around without consideration can lead to unintended imprints that stay with you forever.


Trump keeps coming back.


But will super? dun dun dunnn! (probably lol)


Of course he will. He can’t stay away. I just found some stuffffffffff contradicting. We all are contradictions, but I think it’s fun pointing them out. I’m sure INTJs can understand that “fun”. Haha. But when sups contradicts himself in the name of spirituality and sacredness, THAT’s when I have to say something. Especially since I love everything associated with sex, sexiness, flirting…blah blah.

It’s just a primal example of youth.


WELL SINCE HE’S GONE (lol), we can talk about it without as much contradiction!

I think I am like geneva in that although I tend to have soem low-key awareness of flirting happening, I just tend to ignore it and hope it goes away. lol I guess even when the sexual energy is powerful, my reaction is to just bat it away like a pest or like… invasion into my personal space.
This also bleeds into when I just get complimented platonically… I just kind of ignore it even got doled out or just have a scripted “thanks!” now, since I guess I’m always a little bit unsure about the person’s intentions or ability to accurately assess me.

How about you though? When someone flirts at you, do you notice right away? Do you engage and see where it goes? I think you tend to be a lot more savvy with that, since you’re able to implement it into presenting in front of a crowd and feed off of audience energy. Therefore it must transfer well to 1:1 stuff, right? Haha Do you ever get overwhelmed by someone’s sexual energy! Does it feel necessarily spiritual to you?