Shoes why shoes in particular?



In the Se world it seems that shoes hold a very special place. Why shoes though? How does it work? I also noticed it is one of the things even Se inferior people pay attention to.


Um like omg, because shoes make the outfit.

Shoes are not just for comfort. Think of all the different shoes in the world and their purpose. And of course their esthetic appeal. I think A LOT about shoes when I’m constructing an outfit. So, you not only have to think about what you’ll be doing in these shoes, but also with what you’ll wear. And perhaps, what you plan on saying while in these shoes.

Some thoughts on some shoes:

Heels - They demand confidence and perfect posture. Women wear these to make their ass look good and to feel confident. And/or it’s the best fit for the outfit.

Keens - Open, but full-covering shoe. Great for kayaking or any other water sport. They look sporty. Outside of sports, it may pair well with some sport shorts and a tee.

Slip-on sneakers - look good pretty much anywhere and they’re in style. Casual look.

Knee-high boots - only appropriate for fall/winter. (Same concept: heeled sandals, only appropriate for spring/summer)

@lunar and @iamrl, I finished. Now look and grade me.


A visual answer to save your day:

Well…except the skirt is hideous…imagine a simple black A-line skirt that ends midthigh, that will illustrate the differences between shoes pretty well (I’m young, don’t judge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


That’s the only kind of skirt I have ever worn lol. I wore it twice and then felt too cockroachy for even that lol


Oh :no_mouth: I feel really awkward now :zipper_mouth: Hope I didn’t offend :sweat: The skirt’s just not really my style and it’d look hideous on me but it’d probably look great on some other people…

But do you see the different vibes each outfit gives off because of the shoe choice?? From something like flirty to girly casual to laidback casual to more classy?


Yeah I can see it I think. Third one is the most casual? Right the least? The other two I don’t know.


Exacto!! The right one would be the closest to office attire out of the three…and left one screams barbecue to me and I don’t know why :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The right is for an office? Wow. I struggle with this stuff. I never would have guessed that.


Yeah you’re right, it’d have to be an office with a more relaxed dress code because denim isn’t that office appropriate :stuck_out_tongue: To me those shoes say I’m a responsible, sensible adult working with a nine to five job but I like showing off my femininity with subtle floral/butterfly details haaahaha…


This outfit is dressier than any I have ever worn as an adult with the exception of one bold day in early twenties. For half a day I wore a black dress. Wasted my youth on jeans and gym shoes. edit: i lie! i wore dress pants to concerts


And I bet it was more comfortable than all of these outfits!! :smiley:



That’s I think what I was getting at. Shoes seem to communicate heck of a lot. Someone I knew one time saw my friend’s shoes and started saying stuff about her based off the shoes.


You sound very stylish and like you would know how to throw something together


Yea…I kind of have a shoe obsession I’ll admit…even though I wear Keds all the time because I don’t want to ruin shoes in the lab :wink:

Look you’re learning more Se stuff!! Hooray!

What's your enneagram?

Lol. Yes. I bought a perfume. Nuts! I still haven’t opened it but will!!


You flatter me!! :blush:

Ohh you know what?? I will volunteer my styling services to all my fellow Starlings along with @supernokturnal who will offer a male perspective…and make it into a legit business!

What's your enneagram?

Perfume!! What kind of scent?? Like shoes, it’s another one of those things with a very special place lool :smiley:


it’s called lavender seamoss. i got it because my friend made it.


well you know what? i bet you’d be good. if i ever need tips i know who to go to:)


Ohh that sounds heavenly…and it’s so cool your friend made it!!

Haaahaha yes come to me for fashun discussions!!