Shower Thoughts


So… this could be a place for random thoughts. Like does something hit you upside the head one day and you’re like, “I wonder if anyone else feels the same way?” or “Am I normal, is this normal?” If you’re asking this, please share it here!!!


Does anyone think of the nasty toilet seats?? I was in the shower just now and had some time to think. I was thinking if it would be okay if I carried around sanitizing wipes to wipe my ass cheeks after I sit on a foreign toilet seat? I’m gonna do it. Because it occurred to me that it never occurred to me how nasty those things are. Like, have you seen some people existing a restroom? It’s like - Oh shit, what one did THEY sit on?


Urghhh! I truly hate public restrooms for that reason. Unfortunately I have to use them a lot as I am a coeliac and have severe gluten intolerance. Even though I’ve been on a strict gluten free diet for years, it is still hard to avoid traces of pesky gluten creeping in, especially when I eat out.

One of the unfortunate symptoms is loose bowels, which can strike at any time without warning. I get loperamide tablets on prescription to help manage this, but they aren’t always effective, so I have learned to scan for any available public loos just in case. One trick is to try the disabled toilets if the regular ones are unspeakable. They are usually cleaner, and I don’t feel guilty using them 'cos I figure coeliac is a form of disabilty.


Really? I’m amazed by this. My relationship to the business half of my digestive system has always been negotiated by proximity to toilets I felt I could sit on. I bet I’ve hovered over as many public toilets as ive actually sat on. And I always am like using whatever exists in the bathroom space to scrub the seat anyway. Because a vigorous no spray scrub with a rough texture paper towel kills 99.99% of germs right?

Meanwhile at home I’m usually on the toilet. Favorite place in the house. Like I’m pretty sensitive to various foods and definitely get messed up from dairy and such but I kind of love the necessity of being locked in the bathroom. Ah. I could seriously live in my bathroom.


Fuck yeah. I’m a dirty girl. Literally. I slap my ass on any ole piece of plastic. I like to shit in peace though.


I hover. LOL

I also WIPE my seat up if I leave something by accident. Or line the seat with paper.

I have to like… imagine charitable that maybe the person is an old lady or disabled and is physically unable to do so. But it’s still gross.