Si versus Se----

Here is a lady that I think shows a bunch of Si as well as Se. (BUT I POST THIS KNOWING HOW LIKELY IT IS NOT TRUE AM OFF ALL THE TIME)

I wonder what you guys first see. I first see Si. I could explain but want to know what you guys see.

I don’t always enjoy these darts in the dark because watch her be Se Dom or something…lol but how to learn without embarrassment

I think it’s Si, not Se.

The main reason I think so is because this innate knowledge of internal relationships among the various parts of the body is what I think of as the secret advantage of a well developed ‘Internal Sensing’. Her orientation towards these relationships is technical and systematic, which to me indicates some kind of T (Te, probably?).

Could she be an ISTJ?

edit: I revise to ESTP in my opinion (after going through some of the additional evidence).

I’m very excited but just waiting for others to chime in before commenting. I can barely contain my excitement.

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I’m gonna say screw it and say ESTJ. This was my first thought. She’s projecting Si. And of course, her being ESTJ, she has Se id :ok_hand: I could be dead wrong lol…

That would explain seeing both Se and Si…makes sense!

What do you see as Si projection in how she presents? I’d like to learn about this a little more closely.

I think she projects it moreso as she’s doing the actual exercises. Just watching her you can tell she’s fully in tune with her body and feeling every little action of the stretch. You can tell she’s totally in the zone as far as making sure she’s doing the stretch with 100% accuracy.

Idk, that’s just what I’m seeing :ok_hand:

she’s definitely in tune with her body no doubt about it

Some of these stretches she demonstrates make me think of an Se approach (leveraging the environment and space around the body, especially the space around the bones) to solving a Ti problem (bone alignment, posture).

Just throwing some more tinder upon the fire of inquiry.

edit: maybe posture is a composite of

  • Ti (neurological connection),
  • Si (spatial arrangement of bones, muscles and organs) and
  • Fi (active engagement of “in-tensions”…shifting internal energy to make micro adjustments from the inside of the body, as well as the holistic “overall judgment” of internal states).

edit2: but now that I’ve thought about it some more, I think this is more coherent:

  • Ni, mind body connection via nervous system
  • Ti, nerve to bone connection, influencing alignment and posture
  • Fi, bone to tendon connection, engaging musculature
  • Si, muscle pressions, tensions, internally-induced movement (as opposed to externally induced movement like gravity or rolling an ankle)

I see a lot of Se and Te. What I see is Se eyes, wide and unmoving but present in reality, really intense. Te clarity in presentation of information. I don’t have a good internal reference for ESTJ so idk if they can project Se out through Si, but it seems the other way around to me.

I’m seeing something ExSTJish and xSTPish. Would need to see more vids to go further. Also I’ve been looking over the CT vultology system anthony referenced over in carley’s thread, so I’m tainted now.

I’m done with my work, will be back to reply to all the threads I abandoned later tonight!

*edited to add more data


I’m pretty sold on Se/Ni perception, not sure about judgment axis, also that she’s extroverted.

Current guess is ESxP, ENTJ with strong Se and Ni aux focus anchored on fitness as a distant third.

What stands out to me immediately from the second video is that she seem pretty flexible in her interactions with the hosts of the show which indicates Fe to me. Contrasting with the woman on the left who seems to internalize her feeling and uses a more monotone expression when asking questions (indicating T-orientation).

Main girl’s tonality hits high notes often, signals high confidence but also that she is comfortable with the interaction because she diffuses the expression of her tonality rather directing it at someone (person) or something (object or idea). I’d say that’s another point for F-orientation of some kind…though it could be practiced. Wouldn’t be too difficult.

I see that more videos are in the mix. If more comes to mind I will edit it in.

@batshitty if between ESxP and ENTJ can you see an ENTJ saying something like “You’re going to have to learn to surrender control.”? I can’t see ENTJ

As for ESFP vs ESTP I’d say ESTP but with some F-tint because female…She originally wanted a career in “Sports Information” (can you see ESFP as an athlete?)

I think ESTP.

Just finished reading that whole interview. It actually made me think MORE ENTJ because of how Ni aux it sounds, projecting out a clear vision of the future and being reluctant to change it. The transition from a narrative career (Ni-aux/Ne-id with clear Te objectives) into a more sense-based career desired by inferior Fi but ignored as long as possible in favor of Ni goal, is a logical development.

Anthony referenced something else over in carley’s thread about Ni subtype (really could be any function) that I think is an adaption (from socionics?) similar to moon/rising subtypes at the maze, meant to ask more about it. So maybe a ESxP with an Ni subtype, but honestly that sounds wrong.

I DEFINITELY see ESFP as an athlete. Fi is versatile and just goes for what it wants, whatever that may be. Se wants direct engagement with the environment. Te/Ni add focus and discipline. I could see Fe id being a hindrance, but only if the person were discouraged by their social environment for some reason.

I’m gonna wait to make a decision until I can look things over in greater detail as I’m still stuck between Te/Fe. Honestly leaning toward Fe/Ti at this point, but I want to spend a little more time on it. I’m supposed to be making myself food ugh.

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I can’t see ESFP (where’s the Fi aux expression?), and I only skimmed that article but that’s not the reason why I don’t see ENTJ either. There is enough Fe that I see which I think is a practiced Fe tert of an ESTP. I can see the Ni visionary showing up more because it’s an article in writing (introverting more, Ti and Ni) and, generally, subconsciously driving ESTP towards some particular career (and it was a mistaken choice after all, which I think an Ni adept would not have made).

woah have to say in those videos I got such a different impression of her lol!

In Good Morning “LaLa Land” I got a very strong vibe from her like she can be really dominant. Her Fe seems like role playing.

I take everything back about Si and Se simply because it feels as if a new person is before me.

I think that’s for her personal brand. Either has a branding expert helping her or maybe tapping into Ni for it? But role playing and practicing is a large part of “getting prepared to be prepared” for publicity, interviews and the whole scene.

edit: well shit. Now I can see an ENTJ going heavy on Se lifestyle for personal brand

ESTP has been my #1 so far too, I’m just trying to make sure it’s the best order for all the impressions I’m getting. I’ll lay out my thought process in a few.

Initially I saw some ISTP (the first vid), then when I went to her earliest videos posted there is no talking at all. She doesn’t talk on camera for like 2 years. I always think of ISxP as at their peak expression when wordless, but then after watching more videos I thought no way. Her aversion to being on camera is interesting, possibly could be an ENTJ Ni aux thing. Anyway, back to watching. Concluding too quick makes for mistakes.

I think entj doing role Fe?

Woah, that really stands out compared to how she behaves in the other videos. Interesting…

Possibly, and that sounds scary to me…

But wouldn’t that be the inverse of the inferior function? Would an ENTJ happily pursue that sort of lifestyle? ENTJ would constantly be needing to “turn on” that Fe roleplay for every interview, every piece of content, every time the camera turned on.

Okay so maybe I’ll spill the beans of what I used to think about her.

I used to think she was just freaking STARING while explaining and it really freaking made me think Si (but maybe that was the mistake)

But then when she was exercising all I could see was Se.

And that was why I posted it. I thought maybe someone would enlighten me.

But after watching the other links, I am not sure what to think. She talks very fast with very quick points. Not sure what to make of it.

I agree with @Batshitty that typing too fast can lead to mistakes, so I’m just gonna chill.