Stellar Maze Book Club!


Interesting and cool. To save you time I’ll frame another question in specifics: what’s one thing you remember doing in one of these sessions?

You can come tell more things later but I want a gist of what this could look like. A non representative sample.


I think of berry as the personification of my 4th house north node


I have a strong memory of how this went (at least from an internal perspective) as it was my Ni that guided the process. I used a number of NLP techniques in combination, but the key was a sub-discipline of NLP called Timeline Therapy. This works by allowing the conscious mind to connect with it’s unconscious coding system for representing past, present and future.

All psychological problems from small issues to cripplingly painful and debilitating conditions (including phobias) are rooted in the past.


But the triggering event won’t be consciously remembered, as it invariably occurs during early childhood (or even earlier). The unconscious sees time as eternal, so for many people it may stretch way back into what appear to be previous lifetimes. It tracks significant events, both good and bad, and codes them in some distinct fashion for future reference. And, unlike the conscious mind, the unconscious remembers everything, just not in the way the concious mind would recognise.


Can I get an amen?! Sexual Personae is still on my bookshelf. But I made a promise to read the books I already have, but haven’t read to read first before buying more and so, I’ll eventually get to it. My Amazon book wishlist is very long. 85!!! Just counted.

Just read a little about The Art of the Commonplace. Don’t think I’ll add it to my list, however, I wanted to point out how I LOVE that you write in and dog-ear the shit out of books.


50 Shades of Grey, anyone???


Thought sharing time!

I’ll try my best. Actually, my best takes too long and does not come natural to me, so correction, I will half-ass this.

Bruce provides many examples as to why exactly we are not our own individual. We are a product of our upbringing, genetics, and surroundings. Makes sense and sits well, right? Well, he also touches on the idea that free will does not exist. And most people, especially Americans cannot wrap their minds and little (physically large) hearts around that idea. “Say waaa? America was founded on free will!” Yep, he goes there. There are some moral situations he brings up as well. Someone with a tumor in the area of his brain that is in charge of self-control watches child porn. He knows it’s “wrong”, he knows it’s against the law, but yet he does it. Is it his problem that he acted on his sexual impulses? This particular fellow actually had his tumor removed, and his impulses were easily controlled then. But alas, his tumor grew back and so did his erection for young laddies.

Bruce talks about priming at one point in the book which I directly relate to typology. And actually the world we’ve created primes us BIG time. And I think that’s why some people have a difficult time in finding themselves. Labels, titles, names, definitions… If I say you are a ballerina, do you sit up taller? If I say you are a bum, are you gonna feel more comfortable in your sweatpants? If I say you’re a ballerina and you’re currently looking like a bum, do you start to feel a little like shit? If I say you’re a type 3 ENFJ, are you gonna try to hit on me? haha. This is when typology becomes interesting to me. It’s the psychology of actually typing something. Of coming to that conclusion. And observing the after-effects.

Sometimes I wonder, “If Blake told some of these people that they are different types than they thought they were, would they act differently?” The whole foundation of existence starts to shake when someone tells you you are something else. Especially when it comes from someone who runs a typology site and who you deeply respect.

We all are susceptible to priming, right? If we aren’t then we probably have had a tough time fitting in today’s world. Maybe getting fired, divorced… OH! And what if I tell you you are a wife or a husband? I understand that how we view those terms today is different than 100 years ago, but if you’re not married, your disposition my change a little, ya? You may think, oh I have responsibility now. Oh, no more fun. But where do these implications come from? Other people. I’m currently reading 1984 and it’s similar to the 2 minutes of hate. If you’re around a group of people for a while, you will start to act like a group instead of an individual. You will also feel less responsible for your actions or words, because well, it’s not you speaking, it’s the group.

I’ll stop now…I can see a tangent blossoming.

For the record, I am a ballerina bum. And, it was a good read. Nice mental exercise. I wonder how this guy sleeps at night?!


I’m catching up! Haha.

So about a year ago, I bought a book called…shit…can remember. Oh! The Devourers. I think I bought it because I flipped it open and read one beautiful sentence. Bad idea. Usually I read books that are non-fiction. I can’t read stories. They’re always loopy and end in a shitty way or something. Also, stories seem to bring the antsy-ness out in me. Non-fiction soothes my soul.

Anyhow, I started to read this thing because it was on my bookshelf. I couldn’t do it. I think I got 3 chapters in. There were werewolves and werewolf sex…I don’t know…it was just odd. And I think the guy who is a werewolf ate a cat. So, I was like, I’m out! Werewolf? Therewolf.

Now, I am reading 1984. Suggested a while back and I bought it way back. I’ll try to finish it sooner, I have this habit of staring at people on the train instead of reading.


I just thought about suggesting that on this thread. I re-read it every couple years and get something else out of it each time.


What, like mental check marks? :wink:


I totally would have acted very differently if he had told me I was infj…being typed as enfj gave me a blank cheque on how crazy I could act on this forum haahahaha :octopus: I would have stressed my inner philosopher therapist a bit more if I wasn’t enfj…thanks for the book review!!!


A history of the monarchs of Great Britain.


Oh boy, very excited to see this book and hoping to read it soon

Somebody visually type this guy for me because I’m pretty curious. Can’t wait to read this book and derive all kinds of probably false stuff about myself in relationship to the guy because I have already done the same with his 6th cousin Jedediah Morgan grant an early Mormon leader and my moms grandmothers grandfather.

For starters
Grant doing what I’m doing keeping track of ancestry lol


I finally finished 1984 the other day. Go me!
Now I’m onto The Divine Comedy which I started in 2015, but pussed out reading it because one of the circles of hell hit too close to home. Ha.


Thanks for resurrecting this thread, seemed to have missed it the first time round.
Not read 1984 but feel like I should have by now.

Reading this little gem I picked up second hand. It is such a light read but I’m really enjoying it!

Got a whole shelf of light modern fiction that I haven’t quite got round to. I’m preferring old stuff and classics at the mo.



I have a fetish for books. I have many on my bookshelves too that I have not read. But I’m a sponge phase right now. Sucking it all up. Yum!

Happy reading!


Been doing a revision of my books lately in hopes to make some more space to breath in the New Year and so I stumbled upon this little book by Françoise Sagan called “Hello, Sadness”. Thought I’ll give it a try but with a prejudice to put it into a box of other giveaway books. It’s a novel written by 18-year-old French girl. Her first one, and the one that made her widely famous. So I started reading and after a couple of pages I’ve heard the sirens: ENFJ girl, that’s an ENFJ girl! Finished it. Yeah, this little book is clearly ENFJ. :flushed:


Did you like it?


Oh yes.


Cool. Added to wishlist. I have … 15 books on my shelves that have not been read yet. Either purchased them from a suggestion, gifted, or bought for special other reasons. Like - there is this book shop downtown whose employees hand-write little book reviews. So I bought one based on someone’s report. Cute! In addition to that, my amazon book wishlist has I think … we’ll let me count - holy shit. 95 books. About 10 of them are poetry… maybe another 5-7 are art books. Not how-to, just to see. I may have a problem.

I can’t imagine getting rid of my books. Reading is an accomplishment for me. It’s so hard to just sit down and read. It takes training for me. If I need to, I will line my walls with shelves so I can keep them all. Lol

I gifted two books. And I don’t think I’ll do that again. Both of them to people who have not read them… this is years, people! I want the books back if you’re not gonna read them. I have to replace them. A book as a gift is super personal in my opinion. Means a lot.

I’m full of expression today, looks like.