Stellar Maze Discussion Forum Privacy


Some of you may have concerns regarding your privacy when it comes to posting on this forum, so here’s a heads up:

  • Most of the forum is viewable by the public. Only “Blake Space” and the “Confessions - Starlings Only” categories are locked from public view and for subscribers only.

  • The forum is currently able to be indexed via web search engines. People searching for something similar to what you have said or your particular username may turn up your exact post.

  • The things you put in your user profile such as pictures, links, username, and other information is locked away and viewable to other subscribers only. However, be aware that we have many lurking subscribers you may not know or trust, and just about anyone can subscribe to take a look at your profile, so be mindful of what you put there. (NEVER post your address or credit card info anywhere on this site except when trying to renew subscription in the secure payment system.)

  • Previously, edit histories to posts were able to be viewed by anyone, including non-subscribers. This means that if you edited a post to delete something embarrassing or too exposing, the old information could still be viewed. THIS HAS NOW CHANGED: edit history is ONLY available to administration now, however, think carefully about your words because screencapping still exists.

  • You may edit or delete posts for up to ONE WEEK before it is set in stone and can only be removed/edited by admin. It used to be 2 months, but that breeds complacency where people passive-aggressively delete and reword things to suit their new moods and makes following the discussion confusing. Be mindful of your words the first time.

Prax is around on a voluntary basis. Great sin to INTJ is feeling obligated to fix other people’s incompetencies and mistakes, as it riles great annoyances, so in order to keep that to a minimum, here are some tips:

  • think before you post so you don’t have a meltdown about it later
  • that said, it is also okay if it’s just stupid and embarrassing, liek typos, because it adds character to the forum
  • unless you want to be found, use a new username and other profile pics completely different from anywhere else
  • when giving details and anecdotes about your life, keep it vague enough so that you can’t be identified easily, especially if you hold public office or a job that requires a clean reputation
  • if you really need to honestly give private and explicit details and get feedback on it, change it around enough for plausible deniability
  • or if you gave up a private life and don’t care and are already trackable then have at it lol no guts; no glory!

You can give feedback about this in this thread!

Let @Blake know if any of you are very interested in having more private categories for “subscribers only” that would not be viewable to the public. I imagine you would be able to be much more explicit, intimate, and self-exposing there (keeping in mind there are still subscribed lurkers!), while the other main categories can be more “intellectual” and “informative” for public consumption and enrichment. :cat2:



Lol. Be mindful of my words the first time. Lol.


how do i send you private message?


You cannot send private messages on this forum unfortunately!! lol
Though if you need something removed, you can email me with links to the specific post:


sign up for… different email and… email me and say "hello this is lunar… " hahaha!

It’s not deleted yet, just that the topic got locked because no category! But i can if you want. lol


yes delete. thanks.


How do I like a post? I don’t see that button in my options.


gotta do it on your phone, go to option and click on “mobile view”.
if you got it like this comment @pla.xitore13


Thanks @supernokturnal I’ve been using a pc the entire time and wondering why? Lol.


yes i use the PC most of the time because it’s really difficult typing on your phone because of smaller space,

oh, and another tip, you can only like 1 comment/post in 24hrs. so it’s a privilege to receive a ‘like’ from someone. hahah