Stellar Maze Rules & Guidelines


General contact:
Moderation of language:
There isn’t really one. Do you.

Regrets and late night posting:
The time limit for deleting a post is roughly seven days. If you are still drunk after a week then contact an admin or simply flag a post with the reason: “User request for removal.”
If you want your existence erased or pull a “good bye cruel internet” then it will be denied. Admins will not shift through the forum to remove all of your posts.

Request for blocking:
If you need some time off admins can block or suspend your accounts.
Suspend: you can’t log in Block: you can log in but can’t post
Give a timeframe of when you would like this lifted so you can be unblocked/unsuspended as needed.

Thread names
If you do not like how your thread was named after a split, voice your opinion and suggest an alternative. Do not throw a tantrum.

Discussion rules and guidelines:
Debate the argument not the person.
“User1 is wrong because he does not like famous person X and labels everyone he dislikes as an ISTJ.”
Regardless of whether User1 does label everyone he dislikes as an ISTJ, you should address his arguments. Moving the conversation away from typing is off topic and generally kills the thread. If discussing his bias in typing is important then you can create a new thread “Why User1 hates ISTJs”.

Do not use subjective experience as evidence
“Famous person P is an ISFJ because my great aunt twice removed from my mom side is an ISFJ and she is just like this!”
First of all, the only person who has any knowledge of your aunt is you. Instead generalize your understand of ISFJs and lay out coherent arguments. If it is a visual impression then they should provide a famous(well known person) for comparison, i.e.: not your great aunt twice removed.
Example II:
“I know a lot of ISFJ. I can not share them with you so you will just have to trust me.”
If you are uncomfortable with sharing information about someone you know then do not use them as proof. No one on this forum other than Blake has typing authority.

Do not use yourself as evidence
“This person is totally an INFJ because I’m an INFJ!”
Blake does not contest anyone’s claim to their MBTI unless they ask him. Therefore, you are a self-proclaimed INFJ. Even you are without a doubt an INFJ this does not validate your authority on who is and who is not an INFJ. These type of statements only add confusion.

Note: this does not apply when the thread is asking for subjective opinions such as: “Your experience in an ENTP-INFJ relationship.” Or “Where are all the ISFJs hiding?”

"Blake does not necessarily agree with people’s discussion of their own type or others, so take any discussion of this sort with a big grain of salt. Only trust Blake. Bye. :-)"
Also rules and guidelines are subject to change.