Stellarmaze forum, what do your partners


Those of you living with partners, have they caught on to stellarmaze? What do they think? Just curious:)

My husband has caught on to bits here and there and has vague associations to names, even. He knows there is a Charlie story. And also, he is quite puzzled that I would pay for this lol.


My husband is not very social media savvy. He likes buzzfeed and clickbait stuff hahaha! And maybe looking up entertainment news and media aggregates for his hobbies.

But my husband’s not into online interaction like I am. He knows I go onto forums on various places and have a small online presence and a bunch of online friends, so a lot of my time will be spent on the computer during my downtime. He on the other hand is very into watching tv and working on his models. I haven’t really explained anything about Stellar Maze because he’s not really into typology or astrology, but if there’s interesting anecdotes, sometimes I will relay those to him. I don’t know what he really thinks except that it’s probably just me being me, which makes me interesting (?).

You can tell your husband it’s like entertainment or a club. If he pays for cable or any kind of service that is his hobby but you aren’t into, he should understand in a vague way. lol


What kind of models does your husband work on? He is not into typology…are you sure he is infp?


He is into Warhammer 20k models… hahah. He likes painting and customizing them to his own tastes, usually adding bullet holes, scratches, gore, etc. The little details that makes things interesting! He especially likes the orcs because they are scavenger types so he can stick all sorts of cute garbage onto their tanks and weaponry. Mind you, he doesn’t play the game or know the rules to playing, but he thinks they are cool.

He also is working on a comic slowly and wants to one day make movies (B-horror ones most likely). I think he’s a bit of a dreamer but scattered in the sense that he isn’t very gungho in any one project, just works on things quietly. I think it’s important to support someone’s dreams, at least nominally though, so whatever as long as the bills are taken care of. lol

I do not know what he is exactly. Maybe he is just a very soft-whimsical istp or non-academic intp? Or super lowkey enfp? I made him take a test once but he barely had the attention span to read through each question to answer it. The test came out inconclusive, like “You could be any of these types!!”. I am not even gonna bother trying to make him take any other ones. Too much struggle.

He is definitely sweet and mostly non-confrontational and considerate like I think infp are, and at the same time kind of clueless/aloof about social reciprocity, so that’s what I have him as for now. It’s just that instead of being deep in personal feelings, he’s more exploring around and enjoying the little things in life while also working a boring but stable job. But uh… he hates celebs like Justin Timberlake and Tom Cruise because they seem so full of themselves and has boycotted seeing anything they are involved in now. lol He is super good at knowing or being able to list kind of the dates/context for when any kind of popular movie or music was released or different actors and other entertainment folk. I’m always impressed because I never remember any of that stuff, but my being impressed is saying “Stop remembering things!” jokingly and us having a laugh.

What say you, Lunar? haha! Does this sound like intp husband like yours!


My first reaction was no!you couldn’t possibly be living with an intp lol.

Your husband sounds like an easy going ?hands on or not? slow moving kind of person.

(Hmm you reminded me of Louis CK…movie maker lol. )

I know both an intj istp couple and an intj infp couple. Hmm. Let me think of some differences. I almost can think of more similarities lol. In both cases the intj looks like a parent lol.

The istp really cracks up the intj. The intj had to ask the istp to figure out to marry her. Had to do a hard pursuit. They like to make fun of news together and both “keep tabs” on culture. The istp has a memory for info. Baseball stats he knows everything a person can know. Also he does have that Clint Eastwood stare. Neck held straight just stares at you lol. They really seem to share lots of factual info-based conversation with each other.

In the other couple, there is a more wordless understanding. And I think the intj won the infp easily:) It is harder to see " into" their relationship. Both supportive of each other. The intj seems to find his wife cute which lol I think is cute. He seems to rely on her in social situations, but I am pretty sure it isn’t that easy for her either. He supports her art in the same generous way you spoke of supporting dreams. Very respectful and decent.

Oh the intj seems “smitten” with the infp. Like the flame is BURNING. Whereas the intj with the istp seems to operate from a safer place in a way?

I picture an infp leaving an intj “dumbfounded” more often than an istp.

I think it is cute how you speak about your husband:)

Similarities to my husband: easy going and self-entertained:)


Hahah you make it sound like living with an intp would be really difficult for me!

Yes, he’s pretty easy-going, but he gets bored easily. He likes having something to do or watch (or will build models while watching tv for example, and often gets up to walk to computer to check something out then go back to tv). Gets bored halfway while washing the dishes, sits to watch tv, then back to dishes. Perhaps a bit ADD, or maybe it’s his astrology. I guess I am kind of parent-like in that I redirect his focus and also handle a lot of the finances and paperwork stuff that he has so little attention for.

I’m surprised that intj girl didn’t propose herself! haha The istp-intj couple sounds really endearing too.

I think other people have said that infp inspires a kind of “protective” instinct in people. That’s kind of how I feel about my husband. He’s the taller, rougher looking guy (kind of into blue collar punk image), but he’s generally sweet and it’s very easy to pour affection onto him since he’s usually very content or pleased to receive… kind of like a happy baby. He was kind of bullied as a kid, and he’s not sure why (maybe he was just targeted randomly or seemed like he had a passive aura). This riles up all my protective feeling because I feel burning justice against bullies! I am actually surprised I myself was not bullied more, but maybe potential bullies could sense it would be harder to push me around. During highschool he toughened up his image and had more of a cool attitude, so people left him alone. I know a few infp who do that… kind of trying to cultivate a cooler attitude and image to kind of mask their quirky geekiness.

How long have your intj-infp couple been together? That’s really sweet, how smitten and supportive he is of her.
I apparently won my husband’s interest because I made a cut-out of a turtle’s silhouette and made it kiss him as a joke/flirt. Hahaha… so stupid and cute! Highschool hijinx. He says I am his best friend and that is a lot of responsibility, but even though he is generally friendly and tolerant to everyone, he doesn’t make that many true and deep friends.

Anyway, in conclusion, he probably makes too many :0 !! cute-shock faces to be considered an istp.

As for back to the topic, he probably doesn’t think much about me hanging around online and causing a small bit of chaos wherever I be. Maybe he thinks it is cool even if he has a bit of worry it might come and bite me in the butt given how crazy online brigading can get these days, especially against outspoken women.


I have trouble picturing an intj intp dynamic in a marriage that’s all:)
They have been together at least 5 or 6 years but I think longer maybe a decade from things they have said. She just did some drawings for a horror movie exhibit!
I think I know what you mean by shock faces because I noticed intjs respond to specifically that. Raise their eyebrows themselves sometimes like they are surprised by the non-computable reaction of infp or something like that. Honestly then I am surprised again by the intj reaction and what looks like genuine surprise amusement computing. Lol. Lots of reacting haha.


I have close friends that are intj (m) /intp (f). They’ve been married for 15 or so years, and I’ve known them well for about 4-5. They are very good friends and support each other. When something bad happens, they handle the problem together rather than tearing apart. But they really are “just” good friends. There isn’t any spark or romance–more of a business arrangement between two people who get along well and like each other. I think this would likely work better if the female was intj.


Sometime during the middle or early of last year, I showed my boyfriend (ENTP) the articles Blake had written about INFJs. He had already come to some of the same general conclusions himself, although without the sexual/entertainment flair. He thought it was a little extreme, but generally correct in the overall direction.

In general though,he really prefers to make his own observations and opinions; he wants basic facts and sources. Then he uses those to make his own theories. He is too egocentric in regards to his own ideas to want to read too many details about other people’s ideas so I doubt he even remembers, much less will ever revisit, this site.

I do find it ironic that he and Blake come to many of the same overall conclusions (not so much specifics but general theories) independently, particularly of late, regarding politics. I don’t think Blake is the same type.


Yeah problem solving would be great. So much cool head.
My intp husband tends to get irritated in small ways by many but not all intjs. When intj dismisses something because they have already thought it all out, he just irk irk irk has to get over it. They get weirdly competitive about being competent etc. Anyhow it depends on the intj. He has one good intj friend with whom this never happened.


My husband has read a couple articles on StellarMaze over my shoulder, or when I’ve said take a look at this. Mostly on INFP I think. Not really anything in the forum yet and doubt he’d come looking on his own. He is mostly into Reddit when he goes online, and cool inventions or motorcycles or cars. I am not into Reddit, but I will listen when he finds something interesting he wants to share or some cool picture/drawing.
He reads a lot, but he gets restless and needs to go out and run errands. Which is useful, because I don’t want to.
He knows I spend hours looking into typology and humors me sometimes. I try not to wear it out, but I use the terms Fe or Ti or such and he refuses to remember what I am talking about. So I explain each and every time so I can finish my thought on the matter. Sometimes he’ll use random letters. ‘Oh, that must be your QYZ’. He enjoys being provocative and random and telling me he is everything. INFP. He is way more the Ne INFP than the Fi, but you will know it when Fi happens, because he becomes suddenly more serious/angry, when usually he is airy and he lightens me, most of the time.
His anger is startling, but considerably cleaner than mine.
He has always been a comic book reader and wants to go to all the superhero movies. I go to most of them with him.