Strange Phenomena


You pick up a paper, you read a name
You go out, it turns up again and again
You bump into a friend you haven’t seen
For a long time
Then into another you only thought about last night

You hear your sister calling for you
But you don’t know where from
You know there’s something wrong
But you don’t want to believe in a premonition

We raise our hats to the strange phenomena
Soul birds of a feather flock together
We raise our hats to the hand a-moulding us
Sure 'nuff, he has the answer
He has the answer
He has the answer




Here’s one. A simple one.

My cousins and I were sleeping over. All girls. One of my cousins is 3 years older, the other one is 2 years younger than me. We all grew up together for most of our lives and were sort of a “cohort” together, so were were a trio of best friends for a while.

We decided to play around with a deck of cards, so my younger cousin shuffled the cards and picked out out and told us to guess what it was.
So then I’m thinking “8 of hearts?” and then my older cousin says “8 of hearts?” in like an “are you sure??” voice.
And I’m really surprised and say "I was just about to say that!!!"
She’s surprised back and was like "no, I heard you say it… "
I didn’t say anything! I was only thinking it! Did she hear my thoughts?? We try to sort out what she heard or didn’t hear and repeat…
My younger cousin then interrupts us with “guys… look…” It’s the 8 of hearts that she was holding.

And we all looked at each other, kind of spooked but also a bit gleeful that there was some strong psychic exchange going on.

(the actual exact details are blurry by now. maybe it was the five of hearts hahah… this was like 15+ years ago…)

I got a few more, but now I have to think of which ones seem coolest to retell. My family may or may not be cursed, so we have a lot of various hauntings ones.


I’ve been meaning to venture into the fascinating metaphysical realms for some time, after all most of us are open-minded on these matters (the whole Stellar Maze phenomenon is founded on freaking astrology for feck’s sake!). But somehow we’ve all been tiptoeing gently around the edges for ages until our resident ESTP of all people started asking some really thought provoking questions (love your posts by the way, @supernocturnal!)

Then recently, there was just so many coincidences happening that it was starting to blow my mind: @TinyYellowTree mentioned my sister- in-law out of the blue on the very day that she and my brother arrived in NZ for a holiday, and just yesterday @lml and I posted very similar comments about Trump at THE EXACT SAME FREAKING MINUTE:

"@lml, Looks like we simultaneously arrived at similar conclusions regarding the reluctance to accept Trump as being an ENTJ. Check out the timings of our respective posts (if you hover the mouse over the “5h” at the top of the post, the exact time of the original draft is revealed).

The original draft of my post is marked as Mar 15, 2017 6:19 pm
Your post is also timed at Mar 15, 2017 6:19 pm

Isn’t that freaky?"

And that’s just on top of a host of random weird shit happening in both my work and private lives all at once. Personally, I love anything that falls into the paranormal category, which is simply a catch-all term for anything the muggles can’t explain so dismiss as superstitious nonsense :alien:

But I’ve always been aware that a great deal of so-called “reality” is just plain weird when you stop to think about it, and that psychic events are far more common than most people suspect.

Part of my recent depression has been that the magic seemed to have vanished from my life for an extended period, but this was because of some deep heavy Plutonic changes I’ve been going through, (a particular type of Dark Night of the Soul if you know what that means) which has happened to me before as part of the spiritual journey I’ve been following for many years. But this one took a different form and so I didn’t realise until very recently that that was what it was. But that’s beginning to ease up now, thanks largely to the transit of good old Saturn across my stellium of personal planets in Sagittarius. I no longer regard Saturn as a malefic planetary influence, quite the opposite, in fact, since many of my leaps in consciousness have occurred during significant Saturnian transits.

And now the magic is returning, as the synchronicities are becoming more frequent every day and my psychic senses are reawakening. It’s funny how you only realize how important something is when it is gone; for me the absence of my psychic talents/Ni (or whatever else you might call it) is what it must feel like when people suddenly lose their sight or hearing through an accident or illness. But part of the reason for this phase in my strange life is to have a better appreciation of what life must be like for the majority of people who don’t have conscious access to the esp-like abilities I’ve always taken for granted. A humbling experience indeed!


Stewart, have you ever seen Kiki’s Delivery Service? She loses something that came so naturally to her. I don’t want to give it away if you haven’t. Worth the watch as any of Miyazaki’s films.
I really relate to the struggle of losing touch with Ni also, even though I know it is still there, I feel I have to make some changes to allow it to flow as it did when I was younger.
And I am very interested in your Dark Night of the Soul. Forties for me have felt like that phrase, and it goes on and on, changing with circumstance but just difficult in different ways then. Very, very hard. Confused, lost, uncertain, dark, sad, frustrating, shit for confidence, etc.
I too am immensely grateful for Blake’s Stellar Maze and forum and all of you. Can I say that enough?


Yes, it’s lovely to think of all of these connections and better yet, feel them.

I always think of all of us meeting here. We all are from around the world, yet we found this little place. I believe everything happens for a reason. Our meetings were planned long before our time.

I have instances of synchronicity almost every single day of my life, however… the beyond speaks to me more in my dreams.


Good luck on the new journey. Sounds like a Te-stress period you just completed. But hey you got in to the one school you applied to. That has to feel sweet. Maybe your choosing one meant you wanted it. Or that it was meant to happen as you said.


I’m so pleased that you found value and meaning in the forecasts from my wise astrologer friend, as I also have done many times before. I don’t actually care that much if scientists “prove” that astrology or Tarot or tea-leaf reading have no scientific validity whatsoever (though my own observations of planetary cycles has convinced me that there is a physical as well as a symbolic basis for the findings of astute astrologers). But, like certain types of artistic expression they are the types of symbolic language that are most suited to fuel the imaginative strengths of the intuitive function, in the same way that equations and statistics and critical debates are to the logic of the Thinking function, and music, body language, tone of voice and emotional sincerity are to the empathic rapport of Feeling, and natural cycles, observable behaviours, reliability, aesthetic beauty or good design of objects such as tools and furniture are meaningful to Sensing.

Life isn’t always easy for any of the types, and I don’t think it’s even meant to be simple and safe for humans at this stage of our evolution, as we still have much to learn and experience. But our struggles are greatly eased and our path becomes much clearer when we recognize the importance of temporarily supressing the pleadings and temptations of the pleasure-seeking Id, the stern puritanism of the righteous, self-critical Superego, or the overconfident swagger of the narcissistic Ego, and listen instead to the quieter guidance and subtle wisdom of our innate typological strengths.

In another recent thread, @piggie asked me if I would have taken a different path in life, were I able to travel back in time knowing what I do now. And the answer is a firm No, because whenever I was struggling with an important decision or choice at those critical moments we all face in life, serendipity would intervene and the synchronicities would become so incredibly frequent, profound and obvious to both my intuition and feeling functions that the most appropriate choice became absolutely clear.

Sometimes, though, I hesitated or resisted from following the “Yellow Brick Road” for far too long, out of fear, inexperience, or the intuitive certainty of the challenges I knew I would have to face by taking the high road. For example, I knew I was gay from a very young age and desperately wanted to find a lover, but didn’t find the courage to explore my sexuality until I was 22, years after I had actually come out to my close friends and family!

And again, even though I passionately hated my first few years working as a food analyst in a government laboratory, because that particular department had become corrupted by a horribly dysfunctional and abusively negative-ESTJ culture, I repeatedly and stubbornly avoided the many opportunities I had to move into the Forensic Drugs team, where many of my colleagues had escaped the tyranny of the Evil Overlords of the nutrition group. Eventually I got the message and made the move, but my procrastination cost me an additional three whole years of misery before I took the leap of faith. But at least I did eventually take the risk, and the next few years turned out to be the most rewarding, exciting and enjoyable times of my entire career!

So the only minor regrets I have are for being too cautious or scared to make the necessary changes when my circumstances became intolerable. There were many other times in my personal life where my stubbornness and strong Superego caused me quite a few problems that could have easily been avoided, but without these struggles, I wouldn’t have learned just how strong and resilient I can be when the going gets tough.

So I honestly don’t see the point of wallowing in regret for what might have been; it is one of the most futile of all human feelings since we can never go back and change our past choices, but only learn from our mistakes and move on.

The same applies to excessive anxiety or worry; another equally pointless and painful form of self-torture directed towards the unknown future. Now fear is obviously very important when we are in actual danger in the present moment, but so many, many people become trapped in misery because they are terrified of all the awful things that might go wrong in the hypothetical future.

This is where we can learn from the example of brave people like Donald Trump. I don’t think he’s a shining paragon of saintly virtue by any means, because he clearly has many obvious flaws, but lack of courage is most certainly not one of his vices! He also has enormous resilience, another trait I admire, since every time he’s stumbled or failed, he simply picked himself back up and started all over again.

I see the same bravery and resilience in the amazing people who write in this forum. @lunar springs to mind as someone who never, ever gives up at trying to learn and apply the complexities of typological psychology, even after many self-perceived doubts and uncertainties. And now, lunar’s growing confidence and out-of-the box INFP quirky genius is one of the highlights of my daily visits to this forum!,


I’ve been saying the exact same things to the people I trust the most in recent weeks. I have built a very close relationship with one of the senior technicians who joined our team about a year ago. Part of my role as an experienced Senior Forensic Scientist is training and mentoring of new staff, which is one area where my INFJ strengths are recognised as valuable. The new technician had large shoes to fill, as she joined our team just after my closest friend and colleague retired after a forty-plus year career in science. We shared an office for many years and had much in common personality-wise. She was a little sceptical of my more esoteric interests, but understood the value and importance of both the intuitive and feeling functions not only in society, but also in the field of forensic science. I think her type is ENFJ; she certainly has a gift with language and diplomacy, and was extremely concerned with the professional ethics of our work. She was also the “Team Mom” in so many ways, always ready to listen to my concerns and offer help whenever she could. By the time she retired, she had become very disillusioned with the changing emphasis of the government laboratory she had loyally served for so long.

So many of my fellow scientists chose careers in the public service, because we wanted to use our knowledge and skills to make the world a safer and better place; only a tiny minority were more concerned with status or power, and an even smaller number motivated by money. Even Wikipedia recognises this common theme among many who choose science as a career:

“Scientists can be motivated in several ways. Many have a desire to understand why the world is as we see it and how it came to be. They exhibit a strong curiosity about reality. Other motivations are recognition by their peers and prestige, or the desire to apply scientific knowledge for the benefit of people’s health, the nations, the world, nature or industries (academic scientist and industrial scientist). Scientists tend to be less motivated by direct financial reward for their work than other careers. As a result, scientific researchers often accept lower average salaries when compared with many other professions which require a similar amount of training and qualification.”

This was all to the good for many years, and the lower salaries of many scientists were offset by the very real sense that our contribution to society was both valued and necessary. But that sense of pride and ethical satisfaction has gradually been whittled away over the last few decades, starting in the 1980s when many government-owned laboratories became executive agencies; still owned by the state, but now required to operate as a business and charge for their services.

In the UK, the new agencies were set extremely demanding financial targets to achieve, but they did not get to keep any of the profits they earned, to reinvest in equipment, infrastructure, research or salaries, like any other commercial enterprise. Instead, the profits were taken by the Government to help fund and support the free-market policies of the time (including large tax cuts to the highest earning individuals and private corporations). In return for their efforts, the government departments responsible for each individual science agency could grant a discretionary sum for the purposes of essential infrastructure maintenance or the replacement of life-expired equipment. It is hardly an understatement to say that these grants were barely enough to cover the minimum running costs of many labs, never mind reinvest in new equipment or research ventures. And you don’t have to be a genius to guess how much was left over for pay-rises for the hard-working scientists (hint: diddly-squat!).

After a few years of executive agency status, most labs were able to generate a small profit to pay to their government overlords, but this usually fell far short of the absurdly high targets for financial returns imposed upon them, which were increased every year regardless of the obvious inability of most organisations to even come close to the previous years targets. Eventually, the political agenda behind this seemingly absurd set-up became clear, when the failure to meet impossible financial targets was used to justify the inevitable spectre of privatisation. To this day, I am at a loss to understand how this right-wing policy made any sort of financial sense at all; the lab-agencies, to their great credit and under extreme adversity, had mostly risen to the challenge and were making reasonable profits each year instead of having to be funded directly by the government under the old model (of course much of the “profits” came from other state-owned sectors, such as the Police and Customs in the Forensic field, but that was conveniently overlooked).

The lab I worked for, a venerable and well respected public lab (the first of it’s kind in the whole world!) was known as The Laboratory of the Government Chemist, and was actually the model upon which many other countries based their own Government Analysts. And just as it was the first Government Lab to be created, it was also the first to be privatised in 1996. So now, instead of having to fork over its hard-earned profits back to the state, the new company could now keep them all for itself. And the government had the nerve to declare this sale as good financial management of its assets, and that the shiny new icon of free-market capitalism would now be free to use its new financial holiness to drop manna from the Heavens to undo the unjust devaluation of scientists salaries after years of below-inflation wage rises,

Yeah, right! What actually happened was the new company’s first priority was to fork out a small fortune to a marketing company to completely rebrand its image and logo. So the well respected and revered Laboratory of the Government Chemist with it’s famous “Scales of Justice” logo:

was rebranded as this:

God knows how many thousands of pounds they paid to the marketing charlatans for a plain blue circle and three white letters.

The staff were severely instructed never to use the old name to customers or anyone else ever again, from now on we were were just “LGC” and those initials most definitely did not stand for “Laboratory of the Government Chemist”, Oh No!

Naturally enough, us cantankerous scientists completely ignored this insane nonsense and started referring to the new company as “The Laboratory Formerly Known as the Government Chemist”, to all our customers. I almost got myself into terrible trouble by writing a humorous parody of the rebranding (it was around the same time that Prince changed his name to a meaningless squiggle, so I had great fun comparing his ironic wit with the farcical “LGC” rebranding). Luckily some more sensible colleagues stopped me from circulating my parody across the whole company, pointing out that the new management completely lacked a sense of humour and would probably sack me for the offense!

Uber, Uber, Uber, Uber, oh, Uber (Da da Dah dah dah du)

I’m sure the right-wing idealogues who still basically rule over England (Scotland and the other Celtic countries are far more socially-minded, but haven’t yet been able to achieve their emancipation from the misnamed “United Kingdom”), would consider the LGC priivatisation to be a huge success. The evil ESTJ overlords that I escaped from when I joined the Forensic Drugs Team now found themselves back in favour, and were soon promoted into senior roles to administer the new company’s Grand and Noble New Business Plan (aka the “Let’s Get Rich Quick Scheme by Shafting Both Our Competitors and Our Customers”). The ESTJs were exactly the right flunkeys to work this scam. I call them “Evil” not because they were lacking in strong moral principles, but because their “moral principles” were basically indistinguishable from the Hare Psychopathy Checklist:

-Glibness/superficial charm
-Grandiose self-worth
-Pathological lying
-Lack of remorse or guilt
-Shallow affect
-Callous/Lack of Empathy
-Failure to accept responsibility for actions
-Need for stimulation/ prone to boredom
-Parasitic lifestyle
-Lack of realistic long-term goals

There are a few others I could add to the list, but I admit to being somewhat less than objective when it comes to these horrible and sadistic devils.

Under this talented team of psychopaths the company went from strength-to-strength by ruthless acquistions, deliberate undercharging and shameless poaching of our competitors clients, until LGC went global and its profits soared into the stratosphere. Thankfully I escaped this monstrous excuse for a service organisation and emigrated to lovely New Zealand, joining the still-government owned NZ equivalent of LGC, which while far from being perfect, still has a strong sense of ethics and responsibility. It’s slowly sliding downwards in favour of profits over ethics, unfortunately, which is why my colleague was happy to retire, but compared to LGC it is still a reasonably benign organisation at heart.


Anyway, I seem to have ventured completely off-track in favour of an extended rant at the plight of NF scientists in an ST world. There is a connection to the spooky part, which is the words from an old nursery rhyme that keep playing in my head recently, it’s just two of the lines that keep repeating, and they are:

Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,

It was happening so frequently that I had to investigate further. I know that I was born on a Thursday, and “far to go” is a very apt description of my life, both metaphorically as a Sagittarius explorer of higher knowledge and philosophy, but also literally in that I have traveled much of the world and moved to New Zealand, about as far from England as it is possible to go. And I still feel that there is “far to go”!

So then I checked out the birthdays of my immediate family. My brother, a kind- hearted Cancer ISFP was born on a Friday, and “loving and giving” definitely describes him extremely well. Mom, an equally kind-hearted ESFP Pisces Sun with Moon in Cancer was also born on a Friday.

The plot was starting to thicken. Dad, who also has a Pisces Sun, but Sagittarius rising and Jupiter in Sagittarius (at the exact same degree as my ruling Venus in Sagittarius) was born on a Thursday, and he is an INFP who shares my philosophical bent and has always been something of a restless gypsy type.

My partner, who is an ENTP Taurus Sun and Moon, but has a 7th House Jupiter in Pisces, is incredibly generous with his family and friends, both financially and with his wise advice, and also adores animals (he supports the NZ Green Party with generous donations of money and time) was born on a Friday, and he is definitely loving and giving.

Weird, Huh?

Maybe there’s a link to astrology, since Thursday is ruled by Jupiter (ruler of the gypsy Sagittarius), and Friday by Venus, the goddess of love.

In case you don’t know it, the full rhyme is:

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.


aww thank you, that is way too kind!



I have always wanted to see or hear a ghost.

But no, I just get messages in dreams.

The weirdest one happened a couple months ago.

I was having one of those dreams where I felt I was on the verge of waking up.

The dream was weird, cause I knew I was dreaming, but I only saw complete darkness (which is unusual, I usually have colorful, movie like dreams).

I heard a conversation happening, but I had the feeling that I was peeping around a corner to eavesdrop.

Then I heard a woman’s voice say, “I can’t believe you betrayed her for that bitch Jennifer!”

After that, I had woken up with the name Jennifer on my mind. After taking a few moments to lay in bed and to ponder who Jennifer was, I felt the rest of the dream I had return to me.

I was confused. Who was Jennifer, and why would someone betray me for her? Could the dream possibly be referencing Jennifer Lawrence (cause I have never personally known a Jennifer, lol)? If so, why?

Then I had laughed at the hilarity of the situation and went on with my day (cause yeah, I would probably betray myself for Jennifer Lawrence too, lol).

Later on that day, I was finally home. At that point, I had decided to watch one of those vloggers on Youtube I have a little crush on.

In the video, he talked about how he had met a girl.

I had just smiled. He’s a catch, so I am not surprised he met someone. Good for him!

But then, he says her name…

Guys, I shit you not…

I can’t make this shit up (well I could, but I wouldn’t lol).

So, yeah…

The girl’s name was Jennifer!

When I hear her name, the dream I had earlier that day come back up, so I pause the video.

Then I sit back on couch, wanting to process the shock I feel.

So, when I logically think through the dream, I can make some sense of it.

Okay, Jennifer is not Jennifer Lawrence, but Jennifer, the love interest of my crush.

Cool, I get it.

As for the lady saying I was betrayed. Yeah, I have a crush on him, so I can see where the betrayal theme is coming from (though I never felt betrayed by him, lol, I don’t even know the guy!).

Mkay, cool story.

But the other parts?

Like the lady, my eavesdropping, the complete darkness, and WHY I EVEN HAD THE DREAM?!

Yeah, I couldn’t make heads or tails of that shit (Ne gave me some goofy story lines, but nothing logical, lol).

But yeah, I could talk about this one dream all day!

But I won’t, lol.

Hope y’all liked the story :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!


Yeah, I did! I get this type of thing all the time, and I no longer bother trying to explain it but just enjoy it, as it’s proof there’s so much more to the universe than our skeptical society believes.


You have dreams like that too!?

OMG! Yay!

I was mildly hoping someone would have the same experience (didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment). But it happened! It’s so reassuring to hear that.

But yeah, there is definitely more to the universe than the five senses can perceive!

Okay, gushing session is over :joy:.


A couple of years ago we used all our savings and spare assets to buy a property in an amazing part of Northern New Zealand known as Whangarei Heads. It’s part of the remnants of a massive volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, and now comprises a rocky peninsula with hidden beaches, incredible rock formations and plenty of forest and bird’s also got a thriving population of the iconic kiwi bird, which we sometimes hear at night making its strange, piercing cry.

Anyway, around 2001, I trained as an NLP practitioner when I still lived in London. NLP is very strong on hypnotic techniques, among other things, and as an INFJ I naturally took to this part of the course because of Ni and it’s connection to the unconscious mind. On one particular exercise, we had to travel into our future and create an image of something we truly desired to manifest in our lives. What I saw was a house set high amongst the New Zealand bush, with large outdoor decks that had stunning views of the sea and surrounding scenery.

The image stayed with me over the years, so I was fully on board when my enterprising partner wanted to buy a second home near the sea. We already knew the area, so one weekend drove up to look at a selection of properties for sale. When we got to the second property, I had one of those magic Ni epiphanies, as the view from the two large decks was exactly what I had see in my vision over 10 years before! I told my partner this was the one we were meant to buy, but he had already decided that for himself.

We love the place so much, that we sold our Auckland house and now rent close to where I work. With the funds released from the house sale we can retire in a few years and go and live in our little slice of paradise on Earth.

I love my Ni so much it’s hard to express in words.By following its strange prophetic prompting, I met my life partner, made the big move to the country I now adore and found this magical piece of land in the place I now consider to be my spiritual home.


And if any of you Stellar Mazers make out to the blessed isles of NZ, you are more than welcome to stay with us in our little slice of paradise. And here’s the view I saw in my vision:


The last time I had something sort of like this was the last time Blake used the word rabbit, that very same day, I had seen a guy with a rabbit/skull and crossbones shirt…like the skull had rabbit ears… I think it a strange coincidence. Maybe I can find an image to share. The coincidence is that the image is a bit weird/dark and that was exactly how that thread was making me feel inside…it was such a perfect symbol…

And I am back with a pic…it was not hard, because apparently it is a thing…


Gives me hope



Yeah, I think I can recall you mentioning this in another thread :blush:.

Synchronicity can be tricky, but it’s awesome when you can just see it and understand it for what it is.


That is agonizingly beautiful!