Sun, Moon, Physics, and, Glitches in the Reality Code

As it’s Fi, only you can answer that. But I’m into this post.

I have a lot to say about this. Would say I’ll come back to it, but I’m quitting making promises like that.

For now, I’ll put this here:

These are statistics someone screengrabbed from behind the official MBTI institute paywal turned up by fortuitous googling (I think they are from 2018 or 19?). Blatant issues with the accuracy of the official MBTI assessment methodology aside, I can’t stop thinking about the implications.

Spoiler: I’m certain the internet is an integral factor in the trend shift, even accounting for the way age shifts self-assessment.

Ah! Interesting.

Ne and Fi, then.

Well that helps. I feel I’m doing it right.

Wow what a great moment to do some lamenting.

Hello, Posterity, are you there? Have you ever met a woman named Kathleen? Tell her and her progeny that I never needed to be aware of this tendency to write for the future-past. Mkay? You tell her. Look up the stuff about Neur__ics and Ecs__s and some other things related to ele__nton, c__on, ax_n, i__. That should be enough to connect the dots. I’m dead, serious.

Hey would you even understand this old sense of humor?


And glitches in the reality code. Because guess what, there are winners and losers in a game, but there is also a metagame being played, and a long game that cannot be disregarded. And I am very clever. Perhaps, I am not wise. I would not even call myself intelligent, unless wordplay can count as a form of intelligence. Oh mua ha haha, I am very clever though for sure. (I would prefer to be wise).

There was a great man once. He deserved better than what he got. I wish I could have helped him but truth be told my mistakes in life added up to a financial collapse, so my contributions only ever were meager. Though who knows what surprises were hiding around the corner!

You will find, you will see, that even those with good intentions quite often perform evil.

Because evil is very clever
And they are not wise. At all.

Some persons have little regard for personhood. These persons accumulate regrets more than any other person. And oh how I relish it, but only because I’ve got this giant boner for justice.

Though let’s put it on the record the Wisdom is King. Mkay? That’s the way it SHOULD be.


I got the money so now what do I do with it. Diet of drugs, sex and overpriced food?


There was a longer reply here before?

**edit: I just skimmed it but it looked like it had some meat I wanted to process and respond to.

I don’t know if I can crack the code in your subsequent post. I get frustrated then lazy.

Well now I feel bad, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.

Batshitty I do love attention as much as any human does, but I think it’s fair to say you can ignore most of my rambles that are not situated in the context of conversation with another human person. It’s hard for me to explain what it was like growing up with a hyperawareness of the signals I am sending to people (from growing up constantly up on stage facing crowds). I’m not sure any explanation would really cover it, unless you’ve been in that situation yourself. And even then, I’m not sure that an adult getting on stage can understand what it’s like for a 3 year old to live that way.

So I’m always putting on a show. It’s ingrained. I’m working on untangling those knots in me, I have been doing so for years. But, I’m not always able to manage it. So, just, ignore my shit. That’s okay.

These coded posts I do are a “middle ground” patch job I’ve been doing since I was a kid, where I can put on the show, and I’m okay with having no audience, I just need to get some stuck vibrations out of my psychosoma.

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I saw it when I popped back on to make a quick post in Alex’s thread, but didn’t read it. I’ve just been wanting to post those statistics here for awhile, but never had an opportunity. How the internet is changing mass psychological process is my niche interest and I was excited you were talking about it! No need to feel bad, I’ve accepted the transient nature of posts here as a condition of participating.

Good to know that’s the right reaction. I typically do, just because it’s too difficult for me to decode and honestly seems like it’s just for you anyway.

Yeah I have no idea. I’ve always had difficulty understanding how I’m coming across to others, only gaining some skill with it maybe in my late 20’s. As a child I had hyperawareness of other people’s reactions/emotional interiority, but couldn’t make the connection back to myself effectively. I would either miss it, or take too much responsibility for it. It took a long time for me to realize people are mostly locked in their own minds, thinking about themselves. Any reactions to me are secondary to that process, and usually forgotten quickly unless I’ve triggered already-present psychic material. Then again, I may have more of an impact on others than I realize. I’m always surprised to find out I’m an introjected figure locked in someone’s mind with them, but it happens.

If I try to imagine into what it is like for a 3 year old, I travel somewhere instinctual. It’s mostly pre-verbal, related to energy waves that are interpreted immediately (in the body? somewhere like), bypassing consciousness. I would guess as an adult you can now bring them into consciousness, but don’t have to. I wonder how much of your own psychic material pollutes your read on others though. I don’t doubt you are very aware of other’s responses, and highly skilled at manipulation, for better or worse. That Fi superego work might help you sort where your mixing yourself with others in your read, if you are indeed doing that.

Dancing. I will read and learn some moves.

Have you read The Alphabet vs the Goddess? It’s a very interesting book that I think you’d like, and it gets into that topic a bit. I can try to scrounge up a link to a free pdf of it, if you haven’t read it, and are interested.

Yeah fair enough, batshitty. I see how it has nothing to do with anyone who is using this forum while I’m posting, so it probably can’t contribute anything of value to them. I’ll stop posting those things. Thanks for the perspective.

Back then, I would just ask for feedback. My hyperawareness was oriented around the signals I was sending, not receiving. I was a performer, so it was very much a broadcast type of signal. After the show, I’d learn how it came through by what people would tell me. Of course, what does it matter what someone says? I don’t believe it is possible to ever know if someone is saying the truth, unless you know something is true already, and then they say it. So what people say, in my opinion, doesn’t matter. Tangentially, this is why I don’t take people’s “Self reports” on their personality type very seriously. Why would that count for much at all? I would learn much more, by simply interacting with them. And it’s less biased too … of me, and of them.

How intuitive of you! Yes, that feels something like it, I think. Though, in how I remember it (like body-feelings memory, not mental memories as images, and not intellectual memories as written in language) I would describe it as an all-around energetic assault from “spikes” of attention. That’s how it felt. When I was younger I’d avoid looking at any particular person, and just scan the crowds with my gaze. Sometimes I’d look up above the crowds. It all felt a bit like being violated somehow.

I usually assume I don’t know anything about a person. The depth of a soul is infinite, a lifetime would not be enough to uncover every nuance. And, I’m not so sure it is ever possible to know what’s going on inside someone. It takes time, patience, attention, observation, and some degree of trial and error. Trying different things, seeing how the interaction changes. Taking note of patterns. And even then, you never know. That’s my approach. I don’t focus on the truth of the experience behind the mask of skin and muscles. I try to to approach it with a utilitarian mindset – results. Not truth.

So for example, if the other person is moaning, and their voice is grating it’s indicative of pain, but if it is more sing-songy that’s probably a pleasure moan. And if they’re saying “yes! oh yes!” and shuddering, they’re probably feeling pleasure and not just having an epileptic seizure. My interest then, if I’m attempting to “manipulate” is not to get a particular feedback such as “oh good, you said ‘yes oh yes’” or another example maybe trying to avoid being the recipient of a fake orgasm – doesn’t matter. Because I’ll know if the feedback was fake by continuing to pay attention. I never assume I’ve figured it out, so inaccuracy wouldn’t stop me.

Same for social interaction. If I’m talking with someone, and they’re an extravert, it can feel so amazing, energetic and fun. And you feel like you’re best friends. But then, you never talk again. Okay, so, it was just some shallow bullshit, not really all that much friendship going on. But it felt good, and they were energetic and into it, smiling and sending signals like they were enjoying themselves (loose hands, smooth transitions in facial expression, steady gaze, involved in the content of the conversation, etc) then they probably felt good too. The result was good! That’s all that matters.

Well, anyway. This is how I seem to be becoming. When I was younger I had a lot of trouble trusting friendly people because I felt I was tricked before, by people who seemed nice but actually weren’t. So I’d torment myself with trying to figure out if they were sincere, and if we were friends. I stopped tormenting myself with these things a few years ago, when I realized that it is impossible to measure sincerity directly (it takes time and many samples, and even then, new data can change the meaning of the past anyway) and that there are no friends in this life.

I used to remind myself with a mnemonic “there are 3 kinds of people in the world. Allies, enemies, and the ones how don’t get it.” Though since then, I’ve learned the difference between allies and the tribe, as well as enemies and rivals. But it is an expansion of the same logic, not a contradiction to it.

Yes! Dancing should be taught since childhood. Dancing is embodying music, even if there’s no sound playing. It’s dynamic yoga, it heals. It expresses.

That’s another problem with how internet is affecting humanity, it encourages a sedentary lifestyle. We need to move our bodies. They get sick and stagnant if we don’t.

I’m not even good at dancing, I often feel kinda embarrassed and silly doing it, but it’s a need. so it really doesn’t matter if it looks silly, or if nobody ever understands. They’ll understand, perhaps, in some other way, when I am able to pass along the healing I’ve learned from it, to them. They may not make the connection to the dancing, to see how and what it taught me to give them what I can, but that doesn’t really matter, because it’s not about the truth. It’s about the result.

That’s what I value anyway.

Hey, I just wanted to quick react to this, but if your posts are personal and/or don’t necessarily require a response, I don’t think that means they can’t bring anything of value to other people or that you should stop posting them.

I personally very much enjoy reading things I don’t understand. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. :wink:

Thank you for telling me Nur. I feel a bit better about it now.

Sometimes a bit too much exposure to Te pulls me in a certain direction…ya know?

But I think I’ll give it some time, to see how I feel about it all, and if I feel like writing those things again. Usually it’s not premeditated to write it, so I don’t know if I will.

Anyway, ramblez
Thanks for being nice to me Nur, even if…(trails off)

I know. I assume? I imagine?

You do whatever feels right, there’s no pressure/expectations and no censorship here either.

Can’t escape the feelz anyway, might as well just surf the waves.
But I must admit that I’m looking forward to seeing more of that inner…

something :smiling_imp:

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Today is not a good day for writing, very fussy and my mind is in other places. For now

I agree with Nur. I meant to share my impressions/observations of what you were doing with this style of post, and my reaction of being unsure how/if to respond. Did not intend to police your behavior here, or imply that the posts have no value. I find value in them, both as typology data points and as whiffs of some kind of thought-essence. I find it nearly incomprehensible but somehow not that different (in rhythm) from some of my own internal process, and occasionally something hits clearly. Please carry on with this dancing if you wish to.

Ok so writing is making me feel better. Plus I ate some CBD.

Yes I have this book! I was exposed to it doing some research on why the European witch trials started as men being condemned for heresy and turned into women being condemned for witchcraft. Lately I’ve been re-listening to it as an audiobook as I don’t remember the specifics. I’m up to Egypt rn. I think he’s really onto something, and wonder what he would have to say about what’s occurred in the past 30 years, especially in relation to images, the internet, and the blurring of gender. What do you think of the book?

This is making something click about the difference between Fe/Ti and Fi/Te. Taking it with a grain of salt, due to your history of performance, but I think there’s some continuity to it.

I differ from you a little here, but I think it’s because we are taking different angles on truth ala our flipped id/aux (and probably also our Gemini mercury/Virgo mercury square). Like you can never know for sure, hard bottom line, if someone is saying the truth. BUT, when someone is “speaking their truth” there is an undeniable aura to it. There’s a reason “ring of truth” is a colloquialism. Of course sensing that aura is not enough to confirm truth beyond doubt, and then there is the issue of the impermanence of truth.

When someone gives me a self report, it can tell me how they see themselves, how they want to be seen, how they actually are, or some combination of the three. It’s a good place to start, and sometimes “truth” emerges from under the words that is more than if I relied on my own impressions.

I’m with you on the necessity of interaction, but can still be very biased. The projection would need to be stronger, cause there’s more information presenting to prevent it from sticking.

This sounds like the id of your moon talking. It sounds very distressing, the relentlessness and violation of it, at least to me as reader.

By manipulation and reading others I meant more your reported (and displayed) skill with mimicry and pushing buttons to get a desired reaction, and less a puppermaster who can grab someone by the soul. It’s more like grab them by the defense mechanisms then improve. This can be in the negative, like trolling, or in the positive, joking or dialoging.

Yeah, this is what I mean by improv. Lol, responding as I read.

Is there so much difference between these? Different forms.

I agree that assuming you have someone all wrapped up is a recipe for being wrong. How good were you as a kid at telling if someone was lying or not?

There’s some association going on here between sincerity and continuity over time. Like, a person has to earn the title of sincerity by establishing a repeated behavior pattern, and a moment of sincerity doesn’t really count without this foundation.

Maybe breaking down that need with this comment?

This makes me sad. I had a lot of troubles with betrayed trust when younger, and could be very fatalistic about it. It made me feel very isolated and lonely, deeply depressed that you can never truly know another person. As I age that becomes less important to me, and I believe less in that “truth”. Part of it is I’ve accepted my loneliness/isolation more, and come more to terms with the limits of friendship/relationships in general. I’ve also gotten better at being in the present moment, and learned that just because an encounter is transient doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks depth. For awhile I was fixated on impossible relationships because of the felt intensity of depth barriers created. Whether or not that depth was “real” is of course debatable in principle, but I know what I know.

Do you still wish for friends? I’ve remember you talking about friends here before, so maybe there is a difference between friend and Friend.

Very much so. Embodiment is essential for life, at least life as we know it. I’m trying to write about working with changes caused by the internet in therapy, and bringing the client back into the body is huge. Been thinking about exercises parents can do with kids to “threshold cross” in and out of the body when moving between screen and life.

I’m terrible with embodiment. It’s a daily struggle, and I’m 100% addicted to the internet.

I recently had to write a paper about healing, and wrote about healing as movement. Dancing opens a space for that inner movement to occur. I believe I understand you.

From what I remember, he touches on that very topic towards the end of the book.

I thought the book was interesting, like “meta etymology” or something, gave me a solid foundation of perception about how language has evolved. Tangentially to this, I have since then developed a hobby of creating hieroglyphics (for fun mostly) and was very intrigued by the descriptions of Dionysian murder orgy festivals in the book. The reason it caught my attention is because an old friend of mine (more like a brotha from anotha motha, he was tribe), was suggesting that the Christian solution to modern day challenges would be to merge Dionysus with Christ, and the book showed a connection. Plus he and I were constantly getting intoxicated and getting deep into spiritualisms so it was basically what we were doing anyway, minus the psychopathic stuff. (Though,… well anyway).

Later unfortunately I found out that this was all an analogy to merging Devil and Christ, which usually led directly to Mormonic bullshit about how Lucifer is Christ’s misunderstood brother. Yet in that dynamic I believe if between the two of us, one of us had to be, he’d be Jesus and I’d be Lucifer, unfortunately… (well I’m over it, I used to torment myself about it)

And I also started writing with my left hand more often, my mother tells me I used to try to write with my left hand as a kid, but they trained me otherwise. So I’m not sure if that was a good idea, since it basically reduces brain chirality? Trending towards androgyny…I don’t like it. I like being a man.

In my opinion, the signal sending is Fi, and signal receiving is Fe. But this is a pretty shallow map in my mind, so I’m open to another perspective on it.

You make some fair points, and I agree, I definitely wouldn’t say that truth is irrelevant (as-such). But I prioritize results over truth, always. And they are not mutually exclusive, but the bottom of a priority list always falls off first. The difference is binary.

I believe that, but how are you able to discern if and when their report does not include a “how they want to be seen” element? A self report directly implies “how they see themselves”, but to know someone’s motivation about their self image? Isn’t it just your lens of interpretation? I think it makes more sense to say that “how I see you” does not match “how you describe yourself” and then you put an interpretation on the discrepancy, which is: that you interpret the discrepancy as “how you want to be seen” about that person.

Whereas for me it’s just an input output. I don’t care about being able to figure out the personality type of someone’s diary entry. What I need this stuff for is to add it to my toolbelt in interpersonal interaction. Preferably, I would never even bring up “personality types” with a person, I would just interact with them, and categorize the dynamic accordingly. Why should I care if the rest of the world uses some combination of letters to signify something else? I’m not using this language for communication of ideas, but for communication of social energies. All I care is that it is useful, i give zero flying fucks if it is true, hence why I basically just work with the Stellar Maze system, because so far it’s the only one that reduced confusion, clarified definitions, respected subjectivity, increased my understanding and empathy towards pretty much all the types, and got me results I was looking for (not related to interpersonal interaction).

Bias is only a problem if you want to know the truth. But as an old rival (i used to think was an enemy) of mine used to say “You can have truth, or you can have perspective”. The thing is, without perspective, there is no focus, without focus there is no control over the variables, without that control you cannot eliminate irrelevant information and you are not able to learn from or measure the results.

That’s why I say science is a money making endeavor (because the money motivates a line of inquiry that excludes others). You cannot take the scientist out of the equation, ever. All knowledge, ideas and philosophies are human inventions. They will never be separate from humanness, subjectivity, and bias. Without bias, there would only be a blank slate. And a total lack of meaning. There would be no purpose to communication. You might know the truth but you could never communicate it. Or as another random person wrote once “the truth cannot be taught, only discovered”. So truth is subjective, through and through. And subjectivity means it will always be biased.

I feel and think that you are exactly right about this. It was very distressing, I believe the clinical term for the effect of this is CPTSD , with emotional micro traumas accumulating little by little over time. But I’ve been working on myself for years, I’ve made a lot of progress out of it. I don’t feel distressed by it anymore, but it is my life. That’s just how it was. It doesn’t need to be an emotional thing.

One thing that helped me so much with this, with Sun Type and Moon Type, disregarding MBTi for now, just exploring the relationship between the Sun and the Moon in me…it seems my moon has been desperately waiting for my sun to take full control. But what my sun was doing, was catering to the moon. Which was not a bad thing, but ultimately, was leaving that moon side of me unfulfilled. I’m somewhere not too far on the other side of discovering this, it is rather new for me to feel like I can basically do whatever I want, and that this side of me will happily comply. I would have never guessed it possible, until that’s how the dynamic unfolded for me. An interesting surprise.

Maybe I will build a time machine and kidnap my younger self to escape to the stars on a pirate ship.

I wouldn’t say I manipulate to get a desired reaction. In fact, I would even affirm that: the more I set an agenda for the result I want when attempting to manipulate, the less likely I am to achieve it. In other words, the more overtly and consciously manipulative I get, the less effective it becomes. When it comes to getting the result, the desire is a post hoc judgment. If I focus on the desire before the interaction is through, it distorts everything. Later, I retrospect and see how things went. This retrospective analysis was ingrained in me by the military, and I do it all the time now. I use it to formulate a code of behavior for next time. Then the information is released to my intuition. When the time comes for some other interaction, I don’t think about the code. It’s already there. I just act. I flow, I be. (Pick whichever word you like). And then afterwards, I retrospect again.

There is always something new to learn, or at least, a skill to improve.

I think improv is a great word for it, and actually an excellent analogy for example, because, if I “try” to improv then I am extremely terrible at it. But if I’m not trying to improv, I’m just improvising, but without being aware of it too much, then I’m decent at it. I think I would excel at slower forms of improv rather than something very fast paced (unless I was very familiar with the task at hand and the environment I was in). And of course, one of those military catchphrases that I’ve come to love is “improvise, adapt, overcome”. Three dynamic states of consciousness, in priority order as a response to emergency (emergent) situations.

I like how you’re doing some improv, responding while you read. Thanks for dancing with me batshitty.

There is a difference, which is essentially a difference of priority. Without “truth” in the results, they are unlikely to be useful. But if truth is valued higher than results, the probability increases towards uselessness. Whereas if results are kept at the fore, truth becomes utilitarian and relative (to the utility) rather than its own value.

(I’m not sure if that makes sense? Valuing truth over results is a bias, same as results > truth is a bias. The bias affects the probable outcomes … with the bias towards results increasing the likelihood of useful outcomes, and the bias towards truth increasing the likelihood of useless outcomes)

I don’t know. I don’t have any memories about that sort of thing.

I think every moment of sincerity counts. But, let’s say you’ve met a thousand different interesting people, you’ve had a hundred golden dreams, you’ve encountered a plethora of nifty trinkets, doodads, funny tidbits, happy moments, Kodak moments, unusual perspectives, apples of your eye…and so on

But the demands of life and the flow of existence takes you ever into more new things and your self comes prepackaged with limited constraints of attention and memory space. Where do all these “one shot” moments of sincerity go? They fall off the radar. Only the lasting stuff, which has that continuity, as you so eloquently put it, will stay on the radar. It’s not so much a judgment “you are sincere / you are insincere” but a perception. Seeing what is there.

What I mean, about what changed for me, is that I used to attach myself to emotionally to every moment I perceived as sincerity. But as they would fall off the radar, it would be like having a piece of my soul torn off from me. And I could never get that back. As things are now, those moments are all gone forever. And so I judged that doing so was not worth it. Having stopped attaching my heart to every instance of sincerity, this I judge as worth it. Now instead of connecting emotionally to a source of continuous sincerity, I can do something nice for them instead. I can make the world more beautiful for them. Or just give them money. Or buy them a drink. Whatever. Everyone’s different, so I don’t have a pre planned recipe. Whatever they like, that’s what I’d be riffing on.

I’m not sure what you mean.

Yet, I feel so free, and that freedom gives me happiness.

Not really. There’s some nuance missing of course…I suppose there are two kinds of friend, when I use the term. One is for allies the other is for tribe. But it’s a catch all term to reduce the quality of information I am transmitting about my perspective on life. I don’t care so much to reduce that here in the Maze, but in person? I just say “friend” because nobody wants to hear about “allies”. It comes across cheesy, or edgy, or maybe even off key. And if it doesn’t, for the people who are interested in why I refer to my “friends” as “allies”, those people are the ones who I would rather give less information to.

Until I learn more about them.

One thing that helped me a lot was to dedicate a slice of time to “doing nothing”. Basically, philosophically speaking, we are not separate from the universe, right? And the universe is dynamic, it has a process. So this experience of life is not separate from that either. Then I would go sit on my couch and let the universe do its thing.
My heart keeps beating. I continue to breath. Whatever, I don’t consciously control anything. I just sit, relax, let my body do whatever it needs to do, to adjust and become more comfortable.

I put a hard limit of 10 minutes on the activity, to keep it nice and organized. The hard limit actually makes it easier to “let go” because there is no need to keep track of time. And if 10 minutes is not enough? I can do another 10 minutes. Or I can commit to an hour. The point is to have that minimal structure to allow the body to flow however it needs to, without restriction.

Another thing that helps me often is progressive muscle relaxation. I sometimes pair it with binaural beats. And after some time of training my ability to relax, I started training my ability to compress my muscles and activate myself psychosomatically (getting high energy in a short time) at will. Eventually I worked up to beating up the punching bag and doing sprints, but I fell off that wagon after finding Stellar Maze. It’s still on my radar though, I enjoyed moving my body around so much that it’s like a latent craving now.

As per my latest consult, a reiterecho on ENTP sun and INFJ moon.

And as per the same, here I go with attempting to understand the astrological relationship to the myers briggs type and types.

I’m just gonna google this stuff and ignore the sources.

ENTP Sun [Virgo]

Perfectionists. Because the Sun in astrology represents a person’s individuality, the Virgo Sun sign brings out their desire to do everything flawlessly. As perfectionists, they pay attention to every little detail and make sure all things are in the right place.

I see the Ennea 1 in that description. Perfectionism. I do this and it holds me back a lot so I’ve been loosening up with this stuff. For example, I don’t make typos on purpose anymore. These days it’s just typos (and a messed up keyboard).

As for how ENTP relates it almost seems obvious. I’m not sure how much value is in the astrology memes on the Net, but Virgo seems nerdy/geeky/brainy/grammarian type? So, Ne and Ti as dominant and auxiliary respectively.

It just seems hella on the nose, I guess. Nothing to blend.

Virgo is a virgin…I don’t know what to make of that. I’m not a virgin, but at one point I considered celibacy as a path of self development. Unfortunately I started a relationship with a neuroscience college girl over the internet and ended up losing my virginity so I never got to explore that path. Maybe it conveys a reduced libido or something.

Virgo Sun ENTP
The typical internet debate geek living in his mom’s basement?
That me?

Nah, I’d surely be living in the attic.

INFJ Moon [Capricorn]

If you are a Capricorn moon guy or gal, you are willing to hold out for something better. You are patient, and that gives you an edge, as you build up what’s emotionally secure. … Your emotional life is also sensual, and feelings are tied to the very real engagement in your physical relationships.

Capricorn is a Goatfish.

Goat makes me think of the contrast of Lamb and Goat as the contrast of Christ and the Devil, and the Fish makes me think of Krishna. OH shiiiiiiiiiit

Well, just kidding. I’m like 91% confident these symbols are unrelated.

But well, Capricorn seems practical and accommodating. (Virgo is also described as practical?)

Capricorn Moon INFJ

I see some of that description, willing to hold out, and patience I wouldn’t call my thing, but I can be very patient if I have a good reason (isn’t it like that for everyone?).

Emotional life, sensual, etc. Maybe in the past. I find that to be less the case as I get older.

Sagittarius Rising

The Sagittarius Rising signs are courageous, clever, and self-confident individuals. They have a strong sense of intuition and are deeply philosophical in nature. In fact, they are often over-optimistic about life. Supremely positive, like no other! They will be filled with an unparalleled enthusiasm and faith.

Well how I’m interpreting this one is that it accents the Sun and Moon expression. So the Virgo Sun ENTP will be tinged by these attributes and the Capricorn Moon INFJ will also be tinged by these attributes.


Yeah, I feel it. Pretty excited about life.

Found an interesting comment in youtube comments section:

Sun is masculine sign, Virgo feminine sign. Moon feminine sign, Capricorn masculine sign.

Which I thought was interesting. It’s like a mutual polarity negation, neutralizing the masculine sun by feminizing it, and neutralizing the feminine moon by masculinzing it. How asexual.

This probably interact with Ti auxiliary in some way, emphasizing it.

K, so the basic bitch google search was worth about as much as the effort that was put into it.

Looking into it more, it seems this body is born under auspicious stars.Therefore I will stop elaborating on the details of this psychological arrangement and conclude this thread.

I’ve been meditating on your advice for embodiment. Slowly. It’s good and correct. The practices you outlined are ones I am familiar with, but have trouble getting myself to do. My process of embodiment involves passing through a period of intense fear. I’m fearful at core, and cowardly about facing it. The reality of my vulnerability is difficult for me to come to terms with.

If I can push through the initial intensity of the transition back to body it’s easier for me to carry. I like the way you phrased some of it, made it more enticing with context.

This sounds good. I’ve been physically inactive and the consequences have more than caught up.

This is having consequences, though not the bulk of the issue. I want to come back, still working on grounding enough to do so.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad some of what I wrote was helpful to you in a way. On this same subject, one of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from an elderly man who said “Start slow, and then go slower.”

Posture is another thing that comes to mind. Proper gait and balance. These things which were taught to children of royalty. How to walk. It’s not just putting one foot in front of the other. There’s also the heel and the toe, the ball and the ankle…as well as the pressure it puts on the knees. Which muscles are being clenched, which are being loosened.

The only way to learn how to do it right, for any given body, is to dwell within it, and practice.

I know it’s a boring solution and that’s why hardly anyone puts in the practice.

As for fear, my motto is that when you work up the courage to face a fear, you get to take that courage with you to whatever comes next. I think that means it gets easier, though that might be inaccurate. I don’t think it gets easier, I think it gets harder. But we become stronger quicker than it gets harder, so in perception it is as though it becomes easier.

As always, at your leisure,
Your internet-local,
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