Te functions in each position


Te!!! my observation.

in 1st position. Te dominant. ESTJ&ENTJ

  • ACTION! always taking action in whatever opportunity.
  • bossy (walk/talk like a boss)
  • very blunt
  • loves to socialize. (sensitive people avoid them.) (or suck up to them)
  • unlimited energy. they have to work, work work!
  • would rather spend time working. making money. to gain power/position.
  • there is no sign of ‘what if’, in their speech. it is clear and concise.
  • take constructive criticism very well. but don’t have the energy for emotional complaints.
  • strive for success
  • looks tough

in 2nd position. Te auxiliary. ISTJ&INTJ

  • no flexibility. it is what it is.
  • very hard to convince.
  • loves to gather information.
  • loyal. trustworthy. just.
  • judgmental
  • hard to get to know
  • pretty good at giving speech. doesn’t seem nervous on stage.
  • conserve their power. all of sudden the power burst in time of need.
  • can come off stingy because they remember what they’ve done for others.
  • doesn’t have patience for stupidity
  • take action after mapping out a plan.

3rd position. Te Tertiary. ENFP&ESFP (i don’t really know how their Te work in their tertiary)

  • can come off cold and logical in structural envrionment.
  • are critical to only people close to them.
  • need to party after doing hard work. or they’ll be sad.
  • can criticize others. but hate to receive one themselves.

4th position. Te Inferior. INFP&ISFP

  • take action when necessary.
  • doesn’t like to tell people what to do
  • doesn’t like to control people
  • don’t like to be invasive.


They like to plan their life… They know what they are working towards… They are quite ambitious actually… they don’t want to live an aimless life (as much as ENFP tries to pretend like they are aimless)… they want their contribution to improve society in a somewhat measurable way… and they want it to be profitable for them as well… won’t cringe about making money off a good deed…

I see a lot of lists… and schedules (ENFP don’t always find it easy to stick to them though)…

Can come across rather harsh when looping or deliberately using Te to make a point (easy way to differentiate wrt EXTP… EXTP always charming and unquestionable even when being a total bitch)…

And i agree with the hate to receive criticism thing… but they will take it from someone who is close to them (and work on it)…

The part where you say “are critical to only people close to them”… that is unhealthy ENFP and it is because of Fe id not Te tertiary… They hate to hurt people because they hate being disliked by anyone, but once they start using Fi aux properly they cant care less about hurting people… that is how you get all those ENFP comedians being total assholes to everyone… they are using Fi and Te to criticize…

Also… they are good at figuring out what sells… or how to sell… hehe…