Te-id (Must be 10 Characters)


@sups I agree with you. This could be an interesting topic.

@johnonymous you liked this quote and I have a sense I know why.

I’d like to explore this topic and the way I relate it to the quote I included is the relationship between Te-id drives and Fi ignorance. I think ExTPs are pretty sure how we feel about the outer-world and can kind of look at what everyone is bickering about in a sort of detatched way and just chuckle as we go, “Look weirdos, it’s like this”; and everyone will have a revelation that brings them together but simultaneously turns them against us for shattering their fragile and tightly protected worldviews (unless they’re less dogmatic and choleric types, then we might actually be appreciated).

ESTPs may be able to pull off tact a little better than us ENTPs since they live more in the moment and can see how people are likely to turn on them. ENTPs are double-blind to this shit with Fi and Se so severely severed (severely-severed) from their core functions. Not that we ENTPs can’t be tactful. We just have to want to be (which for me anyway, ain’t all that often). Nonetheless, our Ne helps us adapt in a similar way when we start smelling shit on the ground. That is, if we allow our Ti time to process that shit. We might just be like, “smells like shit” and then pick it up with a stick and start slinging it at people. “Is this what this is? Shit! Do you smell it too?”. But with poor Fi we might not ever consider how that shit feels to us so we can’t relate it back to other people, even though we recognize that we’re all smelling shit. We just don’t know how to feel about it.

p.s. I think I am quite tactful btw. But not necessarily in an emotional sense. At least not the way emotional people would want me to be, but maybe the way they need me to be.

Anyway, I’m droning here. To make it short and concise. Te-id wants to understand the world and all the other functions are bent on helping it do this. And Ne (for ENTPs) is the most natural and simple way for us to do this but Ti helps refine all that shit. But Fi superego has a need to relate to people and probe for the deeper moral problems of humanity. You’ll see many ENTPs looking into “big picture” problems yet not having any concern for the more subtle nuances of the human condition. Strange juxtaposition.

Anyway, Te-id to me, is a mad scientist poking at shit.

Whatchall think?


i know i’m probably taking your words out of context, but what you’re explaining here sounds more like Ti-aux + superego Fi.

so you are right about how EXTPs approach things. but i’m not sure if these things you mentioned are specifically related to Te-id.

Te id to me, is more hidden and rather innate. something EXTPs don’t notice unless it’s revealed to us.
because it’s something we do unconsciously.

so i’ll try to simplify and you can see how it plays out for you.

it’s sort of like an innate competitive drive but not in a friendly way. it’s something like “i have to win this. i can’t lose to anyone” attitude.
the difference between ENTP and ESTP’s id is their dominant function.
ESTPs are less competitive about “arguments” and debates unlike ENTPs.
ESTPs are rather more competitive about physical skills than ENTPs.

and Te id makes us thinks we’re the shit. massive ego. and we look at people with “feelings” and think that they’re being a pussy.

ENTP’s Te id : what the fuck are you talking about you fucking idiot. lemme school you on this shit.
ESTP’s Te id : what the fuck are you doing? lemme tell you how to do it right.

it’s the “one upmanship” .
yeah. i’m sure you’ve heard of ENTP one-upmanship. usually through words.
ESTPs don’t really do it through words as much. they’re more concerned with physical things.
and when i say physical things, it’s everything that involves physicality.

it comes off like a bully or too pushy. but more like a bully.
if regular Te is pushy. Te id is push-ing the button.

if Te is like telling someone to get it together,
Te id is like making fun of it, mocking it, and harassing it, and then telling them to get it together.
and Te id thinks to itself “oh look at me i’m so boss”
but no. it’s pretty fucking ugly. and disgusting from onlookers point of view.
the only person that loves Te id is themselves. and we probably see other EXTPs do it and get turned off by it.

it’s same as how Fi id looks like. it’s yucky. gross. disgusting. and smells like shit.
same goes for Te id.

so yeah. it’s probably your Te id that made you glorify this function on your post above.

but if you truly understand the essence. you would wanna tone it down.


it’s sort of like saying “i’m better than you and lemme tell you why”
but it doesn’t mean they are actually better. it’s just a huge mask of false ego hiding behind fragility.

so when Te id is activated in that sense, that’s what most people would see.

it’s thinking they’re THE shit but not realizing they smell like shit to others.


Agree with…




Ok. I’m just going to stick with what we agree on at the end of this post because it will address what we disagree on as well.

I disagree with this:

Nothing about me “glorifying the function” (love that phrase btw, truly) implies that I’m not aware of it being an id driven response. And that’s fine. I’m not denying being a dick. Annnd, I’m also not denying that I’m a dick because my unconscious competitive nature in Te form wants to debate challengers to test my understanding of the world with a little applied Ti to make it cogent and to set the bar for competition. So, while I agree with the first point of our disagreement (and if you had left it there we would be in full agreement). I disagree with the second point

No the fuck I wouldn’t! I wanna turn that shit up!

You should be able to relate to this with the “physical competitiveness”.

I grew up skateboarding and I got really good because I hung out with dudes that were way better than me. Did I envy their “steeze” sometimes? Fuck yeah! Did they rub it in my face sometimes? Totally! But that shit didn’t piss me off or make me want to “tone them down”. It made me want to learn from them!

Or, if it did piss me off, I never took it personally. I just internalized it and thought, “Damn, I need to get better so these bitches can’t talk shit anymore!”

So, since we can’t really have a skate competition here how 'bout you step up your game bro!? Them arguments weak as fuck!

I’m not eschewing your points about how I come off to other people (Does it look like I give a fuck what other people think?). And, just because I obviously don’t care about my perceived blindspots doesn’t mean I’m not aware of them (got rearview cameras installed homie!). If we were arguing about emotional depth here I’d shut the fuck up for two reasons:

  1. I wouldn’t really know how to talk about it.
  2. I wouldn’t give a fuck anyway!

Te-id + weak Fi/Se

So… what’s next man? Can’t wait!

I can muster all of my Fe when needed to truly put on a mask but…Fuck it, mask off!

p.s. LeBron James is an arrogant fuck. But that doesn’t mean he’s not good at basketball. He just “understands his essence”…


oh btw, when i say

i didn’t mean it in the same context.

i meant EXTPs in general would want to tone down their Te id eventually. for growth


Also, I don’t think I have ultimate knowledge. I’m not really concerned starting out whether or not I’m “factually correct” as long I’m “logically valid” :wink:. And, as long as I end up “factually correct” at the end perhaps I’ll just be on my way to being “logically sound” down the road. Feel me?

Lastly, this is all good fun for me. But you know that :blush:


hey man. this applies to me too.
i don’t think it has anything to do with Se when it comes to emotional depth.

i’ve been talking with handful for INFPs before i came here, and they fucking forced me to do Fi with them.

but when i’m normal, or naturally, i can’t do emotional deep dive. doesn’t work. Fi superego man.


Agreed. That’s why I said this.


This thread is for us brother. Let that shit go!


let’s just jerk our Te (kc)id off to this thread then


btw. the more I see you express yourself here, I realized you’re doing Ti and not Fi.
and I notice your ExTP flexibility as well.
well… sometimes kinda slimy :joy:


I think Te id is conceptualized for me as like, something about gravity and force. It’s like two single celled organisms running into each other and the bigger one devours the smaller one. You can’t say they were “fighting.” It was just a math equation that involved some organic matter.

I know Theres a sort of Se characteristic to these examples to but I think the important thing is that all of this is like, not human, external to human, kinetic energy, things in motion.

Pushing a button

Shoving the big stack into the pot in poker. Fold equity.

One army against another: forget the romanticized stories, the bigger army Wins. China wins.

Stepping off a cliff over water. No further decisions are required; you will now proceed without any energy exerted to move toward the water.

There is this lack of energy output for me with regard to Te Id. The falling toward earth.

Te id is like, Knowing that in the end you’re going to be victorious because you’re tiring at a slower rate than you’re opponent and making fewer errors so, a rule comes to mind, a low energy rule: keep acting. Keep fighting. Don’t evaluate the punches you take to the face, just continue doing what you have been doing and victory is probabilistically Certain

Te id isn’t so much about winning as conquoring? It’s like, wars not battles.

Maybe Se victories are more about battles and Te is more about Wars.

Realizing you’ve won while it still looks like you’re losing because you can see the resource mistakes your opponent has Made so you adjust your own strategy not to win by more but to win with the least amount of effort. To make winning less reliant on skill and more reliant on like, gravity. Which reduces the risk of unexpected events stripping you of the win, makes it more probabiisitically certain.

I always think of gravity when I think of Te. The glass also smashes the hammer but the hammer doesn’t care.


That’s just this very like, intuitive/association way of thinking through Te?

In practice I think it’s like, just what remains when you strip out all the human interest including your own physicality?

There is nothing inherently dangerous about that but what Te id is is basiclaly Te/Fi axis sans Fi, so that makes it a little reckless I think. And when I feel reckless I tend to want to take control of everything and act so assertively that everything just has to make way.

The thing is it can Be poorly callibrated. There are extraneous costs. Costs to others and self?

Te id is like unnecessary triage, a premature turnicate. As a judging function for ExTP it basically means “I’m not using any internal rudder here I’m just acting.”


My estp friend told me of a concept he has of himself he calls “big energy.” I think this is Se/Te looping. He thinks of it like an orb around him that pushes others into the corners of the room and makes them unable to express And connect with him. So he tries to watch out for Big Energy. I think that makes sense. When he started managing it by imagining the size of This orb and keeping it smaller he noticed his relationship with his teenage daughter improved; she was able to start communicating with him. He said he never realized he was suffocating her with big energy.


this is accurate. wow, finally some real fucking ESTP example that I can actually relate to.

whoever your ESTP friend is, I see so much similarities that actually makes sense.

tell me more about this guy’s ESTPness as it actually helps me understand myself better objectively


Oh, mah dude, I grew up slimy :face_vomiting:. I can either transcend that shit or muck about in the “filf” wit’ it! And I think we should most definitely masturbate our Te-ids as you suggested. Along with our egos and superegos here! I want people to either be afraid to post in this thread or to jump right into the whirlwind. I like you @sups. You and @johnonymous are just the dudes I was looking for! I would love to find out who or what your sources on astrology are. And if not that, learn astrological concepts from you guys. But, from reading your comments (both of you) across the platform I think there’s some sheltering (likely not in upbringing and livelihoods, but I’m not after that anyways) in your PoVs and knowledge banks. I’m sure we could all three go tit-for-tat on the information we have (which I’m down to do) but I don’t see the same level of richness and metaphysical/philosophical postulating as I’ve been bringing to the table all over the place. I’m not saying you don’t have it. In fact, I’m trying to goad it out of you! But I just have that Ne arrogant intuition that I have more broad knowledge than you both and that Ti style logic that says, “With or without the facts to back it up, you fools ain’t as clever!”. But prove me wrong.

I’m not shittin’ on either of you by any means.

@sups. I think you have more MBTI knowledge than both @johnonymous and me. But not necessarily the best arguments.

And @johnonymous. I saw that you read the entire Book of Mormon. I’m curious if this is what lead you away from Mormonism? Also, not sure if you’re an athe-ish (@sups will get that) but I’m curious if this makes you non-religious.

I grew up Christian Baptist where the Bible Belt buckles its strap in Northeast Texas. My corny ass even carried my Bible to school one day, like Mary’s Little Lamb. But I met an innocent atheist friend (meaning he had never been exposed to the faith) who would skate and spend the night with me and asked often about Christianity and the Christian concept of God and the Holy Trinity. I informed him as much as I could and even brought him to church. But my ignorant and immoral backwoods preacher told me to never bring an atheist to church again. Nonetheless, I didn’t give up on him, because he was my friend. So, I decided to turn to the Bible (the inerrant word of God). Well, as I read it, not only did I find implausible contradictions. I laughed my ass off at much of its absurdity. I closed the back of the Bible after the book of Revelations and from that moment on, wandered with more clarity than I had ever had in my affirmed and newfound atheism. This was not a closed and shut case btw (still isn’t). But I definitely think the Bible and Christian theology is full of shit. No matter how much I can still learn about the canonical scriptures, exegesis, apologetics, historicity and allegorical stories from it. (Besides, my name’s Christian, I still walk in the name of Christ :zipper_mouth_face:)

I actually read the Bible a second time straight through as an adult in a San Ysidro jail because it was the only book that still had all of its pages.

Anyway, I have no doubt and largely think that there are plenty of things you both know that I don’t. And vice versa. So I want to engage in a little competitive knowledge sharing as I politely bow to you in respect…rapier in-hand.


I will try! I have learned a ton from watching him and talking with him. He’s done a lot of work on himself and is mid 40s. he works hard on his psychology with a real jungian analyst; When i met him he said he typed as an infj but I told him he was an estp and he read into it and was amazed haha somehow it impressed him. But he’s so obviously an estp it was easy.

Estp are all physically alpha but don’t even really … know it? Can’t not be? Don’t know what other option there is. Hes like that.

I would suggest you check out the Gods in every man podcasts by personality hacker about Aries, I think it captures the trajectory of growth for ESxP really well. I told him to check it out and it blew him away.

admittedly everything kinda blows you ESTPs away Hahahah. Baby inferiors Ni gets so excited about refining it all into one grand theory of self I think haha


This isn’t lost on me. I’m just not engaging in this mode. But I can also cool the jets if I’m being unnecessarily inflammatory. There’s a lot of jest and beguilement in my statements here with a large amount of immaturity. I want to have fun but I’m down to “grow” as well. Your wisdom @johnonymous strikes me and I can read that. I acquiesce to it if my taunts are too childish and we want to bring it to a more subdued and sanguine pace of germination.

There’s giant respect here beyond the challenging nature of my stance. I just want to see where I can improve and this is the “fun” way for me. But everyone has their preference. I’d rather it all be mutual. So if I’m being ridiculous and it’s unwelcomed. Call it out. If you’re cool with it, then let’s spar like kittens.


Gods in Everyman Ares


shut your slimy ass up ! hahaaha

i don’t even know why you made that statement.
it’s like “hey you are good at this, but you suck at this”

as you’ve noticed, i have no interest in “arguing” about anything that’s unproductive.
and when i say unproductive, i mean if i can’t get any material value out of it, i don’t give two shits.

philosophical meandering is just a cute little hobby as you see liked skateboarding.

if you wanna “argue”, you can pick at @johnonymous for that. he will talk you up for hours and hours about a topic

and i’ll sit back and enjoy two little ENTP parrots going at each other