Te-id (Must be 10 Characters)


Actually I had to do some backtracking to figure out what all the hubbub was about you being a dick, I thought you were charming and fun haha

I think tis important not to get too demanding of an entps tone because probably an entp who enjoys writing is like, basically doing what an estp who enjoys dancing is doing.

Which is dancing

And there’s a lot a ways to dance


Could it be that you’re just not good at it? You definitely have an interest in talking and being heard.


theology? fuck yeah it’s full of shit. it contradicts itself all the damn time.

but before i do, i’m curious what ex-atheist @johnonymous has discovered that made him believe in God again


And I don’t mind dancing the way people prefer. I’m just preparing the dance floor and waiting for the music to queue me in…

If it switches up on me, I’ll improvise, as someone who knows it takes two to tango.


yeah it does. a dose of Ni is like “woah! did you see that shooting star?”


In all seriousness my Isfp ex broke my brain, I used to be smarter but I have to dedicate like 35% of my energy to not getting assasinated these days.

I think astrology is like a big bucket of water thrown over a ghostly subconscious. What sticks is like a message from yourself. I don’t actually believe in it mechanistically. But I do think it works. One of my best friends (prax) believes in it a bit More than me? And another of my best friends beliebes it may be somewhat demonically influenced, so she also believes in it but sees it as a bit dangerous. My little sister @jessie is getting better at it. REUP THAT SIBSCRIPTION AND TEACH LE about stars Jessie!

Blake is a great source for it, I think honestly you’re at the right place if you wanna learn more. Although good astrologers are like skilled workers so the ones who work for free seem to disappear! Prax, piggie


sure if that floats your boat.
that’s as if you are judging a person’s ability to sing when they are talking(not singing).
but if that’s your logic, it just sounds like “i see what you are saying. and i hear your voice when you talk. but you’re not really good at singing”

but it could be that from your perspective, all chatting can sound like a music in your ear so you will judge it from musical point of view even if the “performer” had no intent of playing the sound.

see what i did there? all i did was point out your flawed logic from my perspective, yet tried to understand your point of view. and that attitude has been consistent in my posts in this forum. that’s who i roll baby


how did she do that?

does she have a religious background? if so, i actually found out astrology(astronomy) actually came from Ancient Hebrews FIRST and then the Egyptians stole and implemented it into their paganism.


She had such a visceral hatred for my expressing myself, reading, doing any Ti, or considering anything she said as anything other than absolute truth, and the consequences of standing up to her were so violent that I never did. I just bent into a shape that would fit into whatever space she left me. I only came to stellar maze as a way of complying with her subconscious demand that I not Ne or Ti. It was my only outlet.


damn. this is theoretically very sad.
just imagine that my imaginary tears are running down my cheek.

but no. i don’t believe you are less smarter than before.
i’m pretty sure you will get back on your ENTP brain and challenge any ideas head on.

i can sit on my ass for 5 months straight doing no physical exercise. and when it comes down to physical activities, i’ll outperform almost anyone even if they have been hitting the gym every other day.

yes. i’m stroking your Te id. get outta here genie. unleash that energy


Hahahah well this is probably true yeah, that I have the same capacity. But very sincerely I think I have CPTSD from my ex, I believe she’s a sociopath, not merely an Isfp, and so I just do have a lot of energy tied up in keeping safe and trying to build a safe life for my kids. I’m the best they have and I’m needing to exert consistent mental energy on keeping my life balanced for them and…I do think that has been a great lesson to learn. But yeah my ex wants me dead, imprisoned, or with her. period. And I know that’s true even tho it probably sounds dramatic. So I have to be pretty wary.


i can actually believe that dude. especially seeing how much your whole demeanor has changed when you were with her vs now.

i’m realizing you had this weird “victim vibe” before, now that i’m comparing your whole demeanor now.

you came across to me as a “fish trying to breathe fresh air” because the water was so potent in your tank.

now it seems like you’re swimming more freely.
before you were just flopping around like a diseased fish.

meaning, you were talking a lot and being super wordy but not making much sense.
but now you say less but makes more sense.

also, this is just my guess but you hanging out with ESTP friend probably rubbed off on you a little bit.
there’s an air of sensibility you have around you. the “no nonsense” vibe.


Yeah I’ve gotten better at holding My subjective sense of self And not overvaluing what people think of me. I DO rely Heavily on close friends feeding me lots of Love and encouragement but like, I’m learning to overcome my Si inferior anxieties about getting chewed up by the system and such. And really I’m overcoming those by participating in the system. By working with lawyers. By turning in the paperwork. By photographing my receipts. By doing some Si stuff, dotting some eyes and crossing some tees

I think Ne dom has real anxiety about the Si system chewing them up. And I’ve been learning to reconize it as a game. It’s not real. It’s a way that people with bad Te try to approximate power haha. Like contracts. Paper approximations of power. So you do the work in that system and take your losses and don’t treat it as “real” when the judge rules against you now and then on the lies of a sociopath. Just keep going.


I feel that dude. And in that light I would feel like a dick… If I didn’t also have an inkling that you could understand me and my motives.

Interestingly enough, I recognize your applied Ti (abstractly and in practice) in this forum and you’ve done well establishing and nurturing relationships here. I think you likely need that ability in your life right now; as well as, as many people on your side as possible. (Don’t think I’ve ever used ‘as’ as much in a sentence).

While we both have this ability and employ it well (in my humble opinion) we nevertheless have different motivations behind it and for that reason it gets expressed differently. Don’t care to guess what your reasons are (they seem apparent) but my own are currently aimed at penetrating biases, dogmas and maxims to get at the deeper connections I could possibly have with people. This forum has been constructive because I can see where my personality triggers responses in others; and, people also seem to be more honest and open here which aids my observational introspection. Whether they be angry, embarrassed, happy, sad etc. I need to use this arena as a litmus test for my experiences in the interpersonal world. And I’m getting a better understanding of the way people think in the contemporary frame. But, the other reasons for needing to employ Ti I’ve stated elsewhere here are also true. (Sorry everyone, not trying to make friends and lifelong associations here. Although, if it happens, that’s cool).

[My apologies also to everyone reading this. I don’t view you as lab experiments (looks that way for sure), albeit, I think we’re equally subjects and tools of psychoanalysis any time we engage with one another. Conscious of it or not]

Haha! You’re so loveably full of shit. But you’re also endearing so I like you. I recognize you have a fragile ego to protect yet simultaneously stoke. Besides, if you remember your own words, I’m just giving you what you wanted you little voyuerist. The fact that you say “your logic” is also cute and should be instructive for you to contemplate. But remember, you don’t care about that “meandering” bullshit anyway, just go dunk a basketball and you’ll feel better.

Also, realize deep in your bones…I am merely fucking with you and there’s nothing to get in a tissy over.

Besides, when people respond the way my words anticipate, it only confirms my cynicism and reduces my empathy. Whether or not it is apparent, I’ve largely been much more thoughtful towards others than they have been towards me in this space. But I’m understandably a weird mother fucker.

Btw, what happened to the Te-id discussion?


Holy fuck dude. There are some parallels here for sure, but not as stark (I’m not dealing with a demon-whore like you, so I’ve got a fighting chance, just some pedagogy to employ).

Furthermore, I don’t think we’re far off in age either based on what I remember reading.

…not far at all.


Yeah I’m 3 years older than you? I might also be two failed marriages and 3 children older than you though?

I’m not that different than I was at 29 but a little less … hmmmm. No a little more, a little more conscious of my spiritual rights and needs. Like the right to believe in things and to protect myself. I’m comparing myself to myself 3 years ago not to you.


Haha. I’m aware of that but the clarification is appreciated. I sense from you a bit of a tortured soul. It comes out in a cool, poetic “E. E. Cummings” kind of way though.

All of my nasty shit happened when I was young. And while it was really bad shit. I’m glad it happened then to prepare me for now. But I’ve also been fortunate since being a young adult. I feel a certain “ebb and flow” with the Universe now and just ride it.

I’m always going to be a nihilistic dreamer but I have a brighter idea of what that means to me now.

I’m 30 with 2 kids (boy, girl) and a wife. By objective measures my shit is pretty dope right now. But I never feel I truly belong. At least not to people. I do feel I belong to the Universe however. If that makes any kind of weird sense…

I’d like to be here for you to commiserate with if need be. Or at least just to laugh at. Because I would want someone to relate to in your position. Not on divorce and lifestyle obviously. But on a personal level. Feels good to meet kindred spirits and mirrors of yourself sometimes. Shows you you’re not alone in the Universe and that you’re just the reflection of some kind of strange and affable cosmic ego. At least for ENTPs anyway.


let’s not get ahead of yourself.

i think it’s pretty clear to anyone besides yourself that your Te id is very obvious.

and you seem to have no control over it. yet.

unless you’re being a hypocrite and telling INFJs to calm their Fi id meanwhile you’re throwing your Te id diarrhea everywhere and trying to compensate with tertiary Fe later. it doesn’t really work that way.
it’s very disingenuous and can’t be taken seriously.

and as much as you try to give others criticism in a harsh way, like saying “get over your emotions”, you don’t seem to display any sign of agreeableness in that when it’s given to you.

it’s not going anywhere.

and here i’ll give you another run for your Te id,

as i’ve said above. you’re a singer who’s judging other people’s singing skill when they’re just talking.
but from a listener’s point of view, your singing kinda sucks tbh. it’s not impressive at all.


can you admit to that?

can you handle that?

what is the point of your “singing” if you can’t move anyone?

compared to the amount of posturing you’ve been doing here, there’s not much substance.


there’s literally nothing constructive or helpful about this comment above.
but maybe it’s a good example for this specific thread:
that’s an example of Te id there buddy. ENTP Te id.

all that talk above to me is “ENTP one-upmanship”

so ask yourself why you responded that way.
again, you can’t try to cover up your shit with tertiary Fe.

hahahahah what is this shit
fyi i don’t like basketball XD

let me try to replicate and regurgitate back to you because i think i have to show you because


haha you ENTPs talk all big because you have nothing to show. i guess the only thing you can do to compensate your existence is pretending until a fool believes you. it’s okay, i like you though. i’ve always wanted to have a talking parrot to play around with. they sure know how to talk a lot of shit. but hey, get it out of your system. where else would you do it if it wasn’t here? don’t worry, daddy’s got you :slight_smile: and let’s hope that someone buys your posturing

that’s what it(Te id) would look like if i did what you did.

it’s not constructive or productive.
the only helpful thing i did(hopefully) is to show you what it looks like when you’re doing it.
that’s the point man.
so going back to my original point.

that’s not it at all.
the problem is. you’re not Lebron James. he’s a legend. he’s at the top. you’re not.
don’t glorify Te id man. jerk off to it in your room. don’t do it in the public


how does that play out in theory for inferior Si?
do you get ‘blown away’ and excited by Si stuff too?


very interesting podcast.

yeah i think that’s precisely accurate that you said it’s an ESXP .
because Ares sounds like ESXP with no auxiliary function.
it’s a pure embodiment of Se in dominant function though.

and this is sort of enlightening in a different way because ESTPs are usually seen in the MB community as almost purely Ares.
in the lines of ESXPs in their adolescent years who’s probably only engaging in Se.

this is an excellent podcast if anyone wants to learn about Se in the dominant function.