Te-id (Must be 10 Characters)


i think that applies to ESFPs too actually.

i used to think a lot of my traits were associated with being an ESTP type, but a few months back i met a real ESFP girl and she was alpha as fuck.

yeah this is quite true from my own experience as well.

if you look at the “cashmeousside” girl, aka danielle bregoli, she’s an ESFP that comes off like an ENTJ because of Se-Te looping.

i told that ESFP girl that she reminds me of this girl and everyone laughed(cuz it’s kinda true) but she was offended XD


…And the Maestro bows to the audience, as well as stage right and stage left as he gracefully exits…



since this thread is about Te… id.

@johnonymous you still catch up on UFC?
what do you think about the upcoming match between undefeated Russian vs McGregor?

and here,

joanna jedrzejczyk, five times Muay Thai Champion,
undefeated 14-0 in UFC and kept her champion belt and successfully defended 5 times in a row.

Rose Namajunas, had a record of 6-3, came out of nowhere. and it was her turn to face the champion.

this piece of interview changed my life. have never seen anything like this before.

and she fought Joanna again later, and won. still champ.


I haven’t kept up, but I did watch the fight (at ESTPs place duh haha). And watched that next one with the lovable heavyweight guy where he got predictably manhandled by the friendly heavyweight champ. Are all heavyweights just teddy bears? Can’t find anything to fight about besides fried chicken


I gave my stellarmaze handle to an IRL friend and then got stuck rereading my own old threads and stuff to assess the damage. Noticed that I actually never saw this entire post in which you mention your bible read and jail time and also this comment I’ve quoted.

In my case I think you’re correct, yes, my upbringing in particular created a sort of sheltering, or more generously a niche-ness to my general philosophical knowledge bank. With me the gods were like “what would happen if we made everything go well for him and made sure his parents instilled a deep sense of love and personal worth, but also provided some limits and some boundaries, and also, why don’t we douse him with like a bunch of caring elementary school teachers to prevent any misunderstandings about his rambunctious curiousity which otherwise could have negative consequences for him in the public school system, and let’s give him the skill of reading at an early age, and also, his father should always come home from work in a cheery attitude.” And one god was like “weird but okay. Can we at least throw him into a kind of weird religion” and the others were like “yes but on the condition that when he exits he will find his parents respect his boundaries.”

So the outcome of this is kind of like, well, I dont have a lot of trauma in my childhood to work through. So I have mostly sought philosophy and intellectualism out of sheer curiosity rather than necessity.

And sure I think it’s true that “everyone has difficult things to work through” but only in the same sense of something like
… “all humans experience hunger.” Some humans definitely get hungrier than others.

Oh I was about to take a cold shower and realized I wanna edit and add. So, when I’m in a healthy mode it tends to have a bit of intentional self restriction or, imposed limitations I guess. Or just reminders of the stark brutality of reality. So like, in an analogous way to how those with more brutal realities need to take time for self love and stuff I have to occasionally take time to appreciate the brutality of reality. WHIch is why when I’m doing well I’m taking cold showers. Which I call reality showers.

Warm running water is not part of real reality and it’s good to remember that daily.


Well said