Te & Ti runs amok. Very good! (formerly: Flat Earth, Spirituality, and the nature of Reality & Epistemology)


take it as a grain of salt.
but if you watch with an open mind
still interesting.

The Beautiful and Predictive Round Earth Theory

Did you watch your own video? So bad, it debunks itself. I liked the first one @johnonymous posted, left out Pluto and I’m not even mad. But it wasn’t necessary to go out into space to figure out earth is round. Greeks did it based on simple observational methods over 2000 years ago. I’m sure someone on this site can explain precession of the equinox better than I, and that is the answer to his question at 4:45. Stars and navigation, different constellations can be seen north vs south hemispheres, circumpolar orbits, star trails, Polaris is not poised like the top of a tent. Here’s a video

Here’s a better video


If a person finds flat earth appealing then this video drops a bunch of little separate broken pieces of arguments to feed that. This video actually pisses me off. The voice narrating it nauseates me.

Oh my goodness my son is watching Thomas the Engine as I type and it’s George Carlin narrating it!?


Oh snap the first video is quite interesting.
I did find a channel where you can actually do the math and try to debunk flat earth theory

this channel is anti flat earth and I’m trying to look at it from round Earth perspective too to debunk flat earth.

the video you showed me is interesting but I need to debunk more.

because flat earth theories gave me so much convincing argument it’s hard to let it all go.


Now, that is amazing! My kids watched that long ago; how could I have not realized that.

Both from Hamlet:
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a
king of infinite space—were it not that I have bad dreams.



this is helping me debunk the whole flight path and stuff.

still looking. still searching for accuracy.

i still find flat earth theory interesting regardless.

like I still don’t know how moonlight emits cold temperature.


so here you go,
another flat earth video that ‘debunks’ The southern hemisphere sky.
the logic is pretty convincing from their perspective.

it’s almost like believing in God.
flat earth theory is very cohesive on its own.


is it really so bad?

here’s a thing.

we all grew up learning in school about the ball earth in science class.

and suddenly people on this Earth have compelling arguments about flat earth theory,

you can’t just say ‘oh that theory doesn’t make sense, see, here is one “proof”’ or a few.

because the ‘proof’ or ‘proofs’ you presented can again be debunked.

then you have to find another ‘proof’ to debunk the debunk.

who doesn’t want to just believe in round earth spinning on its axis navigating through grand universe and galaxies?

it’s such an awe-inspiring idea. don’t you think flat earth believers once thought the universe is grand and awesome? or do you think they just woke up one day and said “i think i’m on a flat earth, derp”

but when consistent logic is proposed by the other side, why can’t we just hear about their perspective without automatically rejecting the idea?

leave that to religious people.

most people in their own religion doesn’t want to learn about the other side.
and even if they attempt to listen, they are already highly doubtful and suspicious nothing is going through.

there are people out there spending hours trying to prove whether the earth is round or flat.

are they wasting their time?

that’s a subjective statement.

it’s pretty clear so far people on this forum does not want to hear about flat earth theory.

it upsets people. it makes people furious.

but why?

you can’t say you don’t believe in the flat earth theory until you’ve explored all their perspective.

of course you can. that’s your choice. but is it fair? is life fair? is anything fair? hahaha, but seriously.

that’s like someone seeing one negative side of your personality and completely rejecting you as a whole person and not giving another thought to observe you from different perspective.

like "ugh you’re ugly so i don’t want to talk to you"
so did that person made you think ‘you know what, i’m going to judge people the same way they judged me, but using whatever measurement i think is the best, because that is totally my free will and it’s completely up to me’

so if you are completely fine with the idea of someone hating you because they do not like one or few traits about you from maybe few minutes to an hours of interaction, then you can go ahead and stop wasting time on flat earth videos.

when making a statement like this, you should have enough evidences and proofs on your own that can debunk flat earth theory, and also try to see it from flat earth perspective.

because that statement is also subjective. and almost untrue.

because from all the religious organization i’ve been affiliated with, belives in expanding universe and it emphasize so much on grandiosity of God through creation of inifite universes.

and that is taught in almost all the religion on earth.

i don’t know any modern religion that teaches flat earth.

maybe if you can present some few modern religious group that adopted the flat earth idea, then i can see why you would say that.

okay i think it’s time i stop talking about flat earth.
it’s upsetting people and some find it too stupid to even try to comprehend it.

but before i exit this thread,

let me just say , when you present a different argument coming from your own perspective, despite whatever the topic may be, and if someone responded with disregard of your argument, seeing it as unimportant, and even stupid, and even get mad at you for seeing it that way, and doesn’t want to deal with it anymore, by being angry or calling it foolish, i hope you can just brush your shoulder and move on :]

by the way. i’m not offended by any of your responses. it’s very expected.

i’m just slightly disappointed by the seemingtly auto-reject mode of thinking.

why can’t we explore both sides together?

it just seems like me(the crazy conspiracy loving flat earth theoriest) vs everyone(obviously the round earth, we learned it in school remember?)

i was hoping we can all explore round earth vs flat earth.
and come to some conclusion closer to the truth.
me? still exploring. don’t know which is the truth yet.
i thought the earth was round too until someone told me about flat earth,

but anyhow. no more flat earth. no more round earth either.
because talking about earth in general makes me wanna talk about both sides. hence, the flat earth


I have seen you use this before and I think it’s kind of one of the methods of that video.

I have witnessed you leave things hanging in this discussion which is fine I guess. You said you hate science fiction?

Couldn’t you anyways have consistent logic that just doesn’t describe what you see with your eyes? Like couldn’t a model be internally consistent but have nothing to do with what you can verify for yourself? For example flat earth implies the moon’s apparent size in the sky as it moves should change pretty dramatically (forget glare when recorded by video) if you accept what they give as the distance of the sun. So even taking a few pieces of the flat earth picture directly implies something that isn’t what you see with your eyes unless we change everything we know, which is weird how do they even fly planes or do anything but guess it could be lol…so the flat earth theory requires just as much suspension of disbelief.

To me much more, because basically there is too much conspiracy required for it to hold up.

I think determining that Earth is round was simply an awesome achievement. Maybe there is some trick of our brains and round doesn’t even exist you know. Maybe there is no such thing as a ball. Maybe we are all in somebody’s dream where laws don’t really exist, we’ve been tricked while trying to explain.

In that sense, I really think anything is possible. I can totally buy that we are completely off about something. Like someone is dreaming that we solve the mysteries…:slight_smile: but it’s all nonsense.


I once heard an interesting argument from a Buddhist that Christianity and atheism are pretty similar because they both agree that things exist with the main disagreement being whether god exists, where as in Buddhism it’s all illusion and nothing exists.


hm? which part? maybe i’ve missed it.

the typical sci-fi movies.
i don’t like, ‘hate’ it.
i just hate watching those movies.
why? because it bores me. that’s all.
nothing personal. many people around me love star trek and star wars.
i would go to the movies and watch it, but i don’t find it that interesting .

hahahah this is a cool idea. maybe we can talk about that.
actually i think i’ve seen this idea in movies back in the days.

and i remember someone saying “i hope Harry Potter doesn’t wake up in his dream and say, oh! it was just a dream!” hahahaha


i had a Buddhist friend in middle school and asked him bunch of questions regarding this matter.

it was brain fucking me and i had to get answers.

and at the end, it was about becoming nothing. that was the whole englightment.

to me, it seemed like bunch of monks, probably INFx or something , wanted to escape the reality because of all the cruelty and crazy shit going on, so they just find their own peace and forget about all the negativity that is going on in real life.

that’s just how it sounded to me.

it just seemed like some form of escapism, and not wanting to deal with real life problems.

but, according to them, real life problems are not even real. so why bother?

hmmm. interesting



i fell asleep at like 6 in the morning. and woke up about 4 hours later typing on this forum.
yes. i need to catch up on sleep.

but hey, if it even interest you, i’m going back to Niagara falls tomorrow and will be doing the experiment on Toronto skyline again.

and no, i’m not going there just to do that. but it’s like 15 minutes from where i’m staying so why not.

hotels are cheap as hell there. and Canadian money is so cheap compared to US, and their food is fresh because they use better ingredients.

and there is one restaurant i discovered and i think i went there 5 times in 3 days.

and i can’t wait to go back. probably the best food ever.

maybe i’ll see prax in Toronto


but yeah… this discussion makes me happy, just thinking what crazy shit reality is.

like quantum physics seems completely ridiculous. but hey look at computers. amazing that it even works.

those physicists that appear to crack something, some kind of code, find something that works.

mind boggling.

everything gets thinner faster…if you’re not part of the industry it looks so fake man…


and if you never see the landfills doubly so. but some people live right by the landfills, handling toxic materials to repurpose and make a living. so strange how their reality is compared to someone’s who does not interact with landfills.

wouldn’t it be weird if we could have had news streaming in our living rooms to brainwash us through a totally different contradictory path… like another type of physics, different parts of math, etc. with a similar result. it would make it seem like the actual thing that is reality isn’t even the physics. like physics is just intelligence but isn’t anything in and of itself. etc

like some animals develop longer legs. these other creatures just magically develop computers. they have a whole way of seeing it to themselves but on the outside it just looks like as theory-less as longer legs.


Have fun! Have you ever done St. Lawrence Seaway and 1,000 Islands area? One of my favorite trips ever.


Right, we should shut all the earths in Schrodinger’s box and take a cat nap.




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Woah there is an illusion of upside down text ,(how on flat or round earth did you do that )


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