Television thread


Is there a TV thread? Like a place to discuss television or movies and shows you’ve watched? Coz I’ve been watching HEAPS this past month.


Finally got around to watching Wolf Hall. I tried to read the book years ago but found it quite difficult and slow, though I liked it. I love Cromwell tho, ever an INTJ if there was one.


I haven’t had time to watch this yet, but it’s on my list as I inherited a love of all things Tudor from my mother.

And if we’re including movie recommendations here, I recently saw two fantastically great films at our local arts theatre. They’ve both received a great deal of praise from the media, and for once the hype was fully justified:

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Shape of Water

@Ankh, I think you’d especially enjoy the second movie, with it’s rich themes of love between outsiders. One of the most beautiful, moving and yet strangely joyous films I’ve ever seen.


It’s also a cinematic meditation on the nature of elemental Water, being filmed with a primarily green-blue colour palette, and underscored with a music selection that practically flowed like water itself.

There are even a few amusing references to the colour green in the script, little vignettes about Key Lime pie, green jello and the main villain purchasing an OTT green car to boost his ego, which the oily salesman assures him is not green but “teal”.

The watery theme struck me as primarily Pisces in character, with a dash of Scorpio bite to add a little spice. Simply marvelous!


Thanks for thinking of me, @Stewart. I caught part of SAG awards and saw clips of the movie that looked interesting to me.


Loved this bromance in Vikings. Reminds me of a friendship I used to have.


I LOVE The Vikings!!! Are you still watching it?!?
I miss Ragnar. It just isn’t the same without him.


Yeah. It was always gonna be difficult to replace Ragnar and the actor. But they did it as well as they could (and still had to follow the original myth/tales). Some of the sons were a bit awkward, Ivar the Boneless was well done. Bjorn was ok. The other three I can’t even remember their names.

The new Jonathan Rhys Meyers character is weird. Like he looked promising. But that they’ve kinda just turned him into this passive character who doesn’t really say or do much but is just like a better looking and better fighting Athelstan.

The current series is half way through (not sure when they’re gonna release the remaining 10 episodes). Haven’t seen much of Rollo. Historically Ivar the Boneless goes to Ireland and sets up there. Not sure if they’re gonna do that. But I think they’re gonna finish the series on Alfred the Great coming out of the swamps and reclaiming Wessex/England.


He has other sons, wa? Ha.

Totally! But Athelstan was much more pure. He is awkward. Just oozing sex without a purpose. Didn’t he play that one king that chopped off heads? :grinning:

I love Rollo. Hot.

And! Floki went to Iceland!! All accurate shit. I love it.


The Alienist, anyone?


Yeah, but I’ve never been really to get into the Tudors. I know him from his great performance as Steerpike in the Gormenghast mini series.


Last weekend the Jones TV channel was showing re-runs of Frasier. I found the show just as funny and relevant as the first time I saw it.

But what struck me this time was how much of the comedy and story arcs are centred around Introverted Intuition. I guess this should have been obvious when two of the main characters are psychiatrists:

Analyzing situations.
Dealing with outcomes.
Long story arcs that take place early on and pay off later.
Finding poetry and meaning in life.
Witty, urbane humor often focusing on taking a simple misunderstanding and spiraling it out of control.
An emphasis on how the long-term is more important than the short-term.

Frasier Crane strikes me as a classic ENFJ, with a narcissistic enneagram type 3 streak, while his brother Niles is surely an INFJ enneatype 4.

I hadn’t seen the Three Valentines episode before, but this brilliant portrayal of Niles sliding into full-blown inferior Se-grip mode whilst nervously waiting for his date to arrive had me howling with laughter:


Not really digging this new season of 13 Reasons Why. I’m up to the 4th episode. Does it get better? Probably not.


I watched that recently and enjoyed it. Think it’s the first time I’ve watched Dakota Fanning all grown up. Then watched Brimstone with her in that as well which was really good I thought. She’s very watchable.


Up to episode 6 or 8 I think. Had to stop. Normally I don’t stop a series half way through but I can’t be bothered with this pile of shit. It’s agony to watch. They should have just stopped with season 1. Why these corporate shills keep pushing for second/third/fourth, etc series is beyond me. Well it’s not beyond me, they’re trying to get $$$. But it’s retarded.


Now I’m just watching Game Of Thrones. Good stuff. I <3 Tyrion!


Yeah! Great show.
I really admire the character she portrays.

I was watching Killing Eve. First season is over now. That is a great show. And now I’m back to watching Claws because it’s back.


Oo, haven’t come across those but will see if I can get them and take a gander


Has anyone watched The Wire from the early 2000s? Just finished season 1 & 2, hoping to watch the rest within the next few months. That show’s da bomb. Love the realistic style. Very insightful with amazing characters. Baltimore, yo!

Amazing scenes, hehe:


This one is my favorite.
Didn’t see anything else afterward.