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I did ask myself who was this antihero you
mentioned. Frank Sobotka is a great character. I thought you meant Omar Little. I do think that The Wire contributed a new invention of antiheroes, a genius one, I dare say. Until The Wire the facts about the main character were what made them the antihero, were the cause for their tormented soul. But here the antihero is just because… the tormented soul has nothing to do with the objective world, the society’s costumes or rules, or how he is perceived by others.

  1. Lithuanian girls are known to be pretty.
  2. Those hookers weren’t pretty.

I wasn’t not happy either though. So I guess, whatever. :smiley:


So you’ve never gone the hooker route then?


I have nothing against hookers, if that’s what you’re asking. If they’re hookers by their own volition, of course. Although I imagine having a really deep Fi id problem if some ENFJ friend of mine would decide to become an escort or smth. One of my very close friends actually thought of it.

Anyway, yeah, I’ve gone the hooker route many times when I lived in the Netherlands in 2009. Practically any route I took with my bike led me through at least one red window.





Back to the wire. Pryzbylewski gaining his wits.


Watched Killing Eve - really good :blush: what a character. You read the books?


Looks like I gotta get watching the Wire for real, my friend’s been on at me for years to watch it but I just thought street gangs, hard core - might be too much hard reality for me?

Unlike Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix which is pretty entertaining. If you don’t mind muscle man grunting & bloody punch ups.

Can we get Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) & Billie Russo (Fellow Britt Ben Barnes) - characters & actors - on The List?

Spoiler if u ain’t seen it but not too many hot compilations beyond the trailer.

I’ll start by throwing in some sort of ESTJ/ISTP and ENFJ type for the characters?




I watch it [though not done yet with second season {we watch it as family when my husband is here so I can’t just blaze through}] and am seeing Jon’s character as ISTP for sure. Of the ESTJ’s I have known, no, definitely not seeing that.
I have watched a couple interviews of Jon and think he is probably the same irl or possibly ISFP. I think Ben shows some ENTJ tendencies in the mix, causing confusion for your estimation of ENFJ, but possibly due to the writing or the fact that those types can look alike, just like INFJ and INTJ and ISTP and ISFP. Ben [in show] makes a lot what I’d consider ESFP selfish/headstrong moves that clearly lack insight or the consideration the two N choices above would employ. Probably just the writing though.

And the girl in second season, total ESFP. Has been rubbing me the wrong way from the minute she showed up. Had to fucking push past my eye rolling to watch. Talk about dumb fuck moves.
And therefore, no way I could consider Ben’s character ESFP for realzeez.
… Ben seems too calculating and charming for ISTP. Just had to run it for a minute… but no.
As for IRL, I think Ben Barnes is ENFJ. But I have not seen interviews. Just going by what pervades within his characters.
These are my initial impressions though. I have not really mulled them over and might reconsider with more time given or more devoted arguments heard/seen.To be honest though, I probably won’t put more energy in as I am too busy NOT doing what THE PRESSURES around me are CALLING FOR and feeling really NONFUNCTIONAL and unworthy and all I want to do is HUNKER AWAY alone lately.
But I wanted to answer you.


Cool, thanks for replying with your initial take, I like reading your thoughts.

Ok so I’m not so far off with my guestimations so far. Also ready for any anhilating counter attacks on how wrong I am, lol. It’s frustrating still being at typing 101 level but gotta suck it up and ask for others’ input else I’ll never get anywhere!

Yup, Hair is definitely irritating as, but Frankie slaps her into shape a bit, so to speak so she’s more tolerable (Slightly) as series goes on. Just finished it tonight actually.

ESFP seems a good fit. Mouthy, opinionated and gunho, attracts (creates?) drama. Reminds me of someone I worked with. Somehow they get you on side no matter how irritating you find them, lol. Brought out an honest, straight talking side of me that I liked. Hardy. They can take it, always with humour.

Ben - quite light character compared with his acting roles. Comes across very charming & chatty, laughs easily, enjoys centre stage. Leo Sun. Definite focus and drive. Seems a lot younger than his years.

Anyhoo thanks for pulling out of your nonfunctional pit to come out to play. Any further thoughts welcome but otherwise hope you get to enjoy a little hunkering time!


Haha, yeah. I’ve been humbled in this area for sure. As you say, this is how we learn.
I probably will look into Ben Barnes. Eye candy, he would not be hard to watch and listen to for a while.
Yeah, Hair as you call her, has redeemed herself a little bit. We are maybe half way through the show.

Apologies for deleting some of this.


I’ve already plugged the excellent new Titans DC Universe show on the Soul Albums thread, but the follow-up spin-off show Doom Patrol has already started screening and promises to raise the bar on superhero-genre TV shows even higher.

The wonderfully outlandish and freaky Doom Patrol characters were introduced on episode 4 of Titans. The highlight of the episode was this hilarious dinner party, set in a gothic mansion where Rachel/Raven of the Titans gets to meet the members of this oddball “family”. Very Addams Family in tone and humour. Just watch out for the annoyingly loud guitar in the last few seconds of the clip!


The Doom Patrol comic has a long history, being first released in 1963, before even X-Men No 1 was released. The parallels between the two comics are unmistakable; leading some to speculate that Stan Lee got the inspiration for the X-Men from the Doom Patrol. I remember reading a few issues of this haunting comic back in the 1970s, but never though I’d one day see a live-action version of these eccentric misfits hit the screen!

Here’s the extended trailer for the Doom Patrol show:


Rachel’s empathic personality and powers are quite evident in this clip. She is surely a good example of a fictional INFJ, struggling to contain the immense destructive potential of her dark Fi-Id-derived powers.


A good Billy/Punisher mashup (that the right word?)


@natinka… I wonder what your thoughts are on Mossad 101 and Shtisel and the differences these show within the same country, especially in terms of men and women collaborating or not, as that is what strikes me in both instances, if you are familiar with these shows?
Like here, much in television can be inaccurate, but some is not far off. I understand the fiction element, I just am curious on your take or opinion. Not typing, mostly cultural interest.


I don’t watch TV at all but I know that unlike Shtisel that has realistic elements the Mossad show is absolutely fictional. I’m not your typical Israeli (!) Sometimes I think that I don’t understand the Israeli culture myself.
What do you mean


I mean in Shtishel the women and men are so separate, very divided but the whole culture/show is about the continuation of family. I was so frustrated I wrote a poem about it.
In Mossad they are more like here/modern. Like the show is Israeli, but much like one would see in the states in terms of made up spy stuff and relations between men and women.
I guess it is the sexual tension in both I am interested in. But if you do not watch tv [and neither do I, I get these on netflix with no adds and watch the whole thing in a few sittings]. Do you watch movies?
Maybe just tell me a little about what it is like where you are in terms of patriarchy and men/women relations.


Shtisel is a great show. Very accurate about daily life and details of the orthodox Jews, but Shulem Shtisel longing for love is all fictional. I understand your frustration, we, the nonreligious people will never understand how a man can get married without falling in love or being in love with a woman before the wedding (and the other way of course). Until I experience something I can’t judge it, right? It sounds weird but I know that there is beauty in this way of life. We see mostly the separation, yes, unfortunately we don’t get to see the oneness, but this bond between man and woman - it is there, it is sacred, it is shy and modest and it is something that people learn to build over time, it’s a lifelong goal of the traditional world.
The push and pull between religious and nonreligious cultures exist everywhere and have been existing for ever.
The Israeli culture is young, it doesn’t like the old traditional, conservative
limitations, you can hardly find the Jewish mother type anymore!
More and more people here take the sexual openness to the extreme, the freedom to be who you fucking want to be! Maybe like the video I posted here recently.