TEST/POLL : how well developed is your Se?


just wanna get an idea of how intuitives are well adept to Se

  • I really enjoy driving vehicles and I am aware of my surroundings (cars, road, weather condition, random animals crossing, change of traffic flow). Also I can drive to my destination while I’m contemplating on something else in my head
  • I have to focus on driving if I am behind wheels. Things such as food, talking with passengers, and sudden change of traffic distracts me from driving.
  • I prefer not to drive. I believe in public transportation. It is much safer.
  • Other (Explain.)

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  • If the table I’m working on is sticky, I have the urge to wipe or clean it before I start working. I am bothered by this very much.
  • I can focus on my work despite my table being sticky. Whatever the substance is, I’ll just clean it later.
  • What? Sticky? I don’t really notice if my table is sticky or not.
  • other(Explain)

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  • It is very difficult for me to sit still. I have hard time concentraiting when I have to keep my body still. I’m better at focusing while I’m moving. Whether it is my hands or feet moving. Or my eyes constantly shifting.
  • I tend to get jittery but it doesn’t necessarily help me focus better. I probably suffer from a mild ADHD
  • I can sit still and focus on a thought. I use this method to meditate on specific subject sometimes.
  • other [explain]

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  • I am very aware of my surrounding atmosphere. I can sense the smallest shift in someone’s mood by their body language, facial expression, and tonality.
  • I am aware of people’s mood changing, but it doens’t depend on their physical changes.
  • I am almost aloof when it comes to people’s dynamic. Either I don’t care enough, or I’m just not aware.
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  • I have very good reflexes. It’s actually better than cats. I can sense something coming my way and quickly act on it. Whether it is to dodge the object or block it.
  • I have somewhat decent reflexes. If I pay attention, I can try to react as soon as I can.
  • My reflexes are poor. If someone tried to punch me, I’d probably get punched exactly where they wanted to punch.
  • other[explain]

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  • I am very sensitive to smell. I am usually the one to notice hint of smell before anyone does. Whether it is someone’s fart, or unpleasant burning smell from a car’s engine. I can also tell who farted by the smell of it. And I can smell my own breath.
  • I smell things like a normal person. I am aware of good and bad smells, but I’m not the first one to notice smallest change of air quality.
  • I have poor sense of smell. People tell me my breath stinks before I notice it myself.
  • other[explain]

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  • I am very fast at making decisions when it’s urgent. If there is a fire, I quickly take action without panic.
  • If there is a fire. I panic. Then I decide what I should do next and either call the Fire Department or think of ways to put out this fire.
  • If there is a fire, I’m probably going to burn. I’ll just cry and let it burn.
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  • I can mimic human movements exactly as I see it. It only takes me couple of seconds to observe the body movement and mirror it. Whether it is dancing or martrial arts.
  • I can attempt to mirror body movements. But it takes few trials and practices. Then I can probably master it.
  • I feel like I live out of my body and I’m clumsy all the time. I can’t even fully control my own body, how can I mirror someone else’s?
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  • If I have resources such as money, I immediately try to make something out of it by starting a business or a project. I use these resources as much as I can for my benefit.
  • If I have money, I prefer to save, or invest in a safe stock where it grows slowly so I can enjoy it in the future.
  • If I have money, I don’t have anymore money in few days or weeks. I know where I spent it on(I think), but I don’t know how it disappeared so fast.
  • I don’t know what to do with money other than paying bills and feeding my family.
  • other [explain]

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  • I am very aware of aesthetics. I notice how they put on their clothes, hair, and makeup. And I also observe how their face and body looks and internally decide if they are good looking or not. And it matters a lot if they’re good looking. I might even like them more even if their personality sucks.
  • I appreciate good looks, but it’s the person’s character that matters the most. It doesn’t make me like someone more or less based on their good looks.
  • I can careless if someone is good looking or not. All I care about is their personality and their soul. That’s the only thing that matters.
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  • I can count up to 5 or more at a time. Things such as pills, coins or other objects are laying around. (5, 10, 15, 20) (If there are 36 coins, then 5, 10, 15,20,25,30,35,36)
  • I can count up to 3~4 at a time if I try.
  • I can try counting up to 2 at a time.
  • I prefer counting one by one. I’m afraid I might make mistake. Sometimes I count twice to make sure I’m right.
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  • I have a very high sex drive. I can have sex 3 times a day and still feel energized. Actually, sex gives me energy.
  • My sex drive is pretty high but after 2 times I’m mostly done for the day.
  • I can do daily sex. one time is plenty for me.
  • How can someone have sex every day? Maybe once a week. At most, once every 3~4 days.
  • My sex drive is almost nonexistence. I don’t like sex.
  • I may have sex once or twice a month. Due to my hormonal changes.
  • other[explain]

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  • I am impatient. I need to see results now. It’s all about effiency. I like getting results fast and I make it happen.
  • I can be efficient. Not the best. And I can be patient.
  • I like to take it slow. I am pretty patient. I’m not so concerned about immediate result. It can wait.
  • other[explain]

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  • I like to be physically healthy. But even if I don’t exercise, my body usually stays in a good shape. And I enjoy physical activities. And when I workout, I get faster results than most people.
  • I also like being physically sound. I often exercise and do stretches. But I’m not concerned about having the sexiest body or being athletically talented.
  • I don’t really take care of my body. But I take care of my soul. That’s all that matters at the end of the day. Even if get sick, I’ll be fine. I have a good soul. just kidding. I want to be healthy, but I’m not as motivated and I don’t have enough energy to go through with it.
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  • I’m very flexible and spontaneous. I can decide to go on a trip today or tomorrow if I want to, and I can make the most out of it more than people who carefully plan things out!
  • I enjoy being often spontaneous, but I prefer having at least a short notice so I can gather myself.
  • I must plan everything before taking action.
  • other[explain]

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  • since I am highly aware of shifting of mood and small changes in their body language, I use this skill to manipulate/convince someone to get them to do what I want. Or even have them.
  • I am pretty good at convincing people, but it takes an effort for me to try.
  • I don’t notice people’s body language. Even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do or what to say to convince them somehow.
  • other[explain]

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uh… that’s all i can think of so far.
i think there’s more but i’ll just leave it at this.

can someone make something for Ni? any INTJ out there? INFJ?
how about Ne? @johnonymous can you make one for Ne?
i’m really curious what Ne even looks like. and make sure it’s N E. not ENTP.
make sure ENFP can be like oh yeah i definitely use Ne.
i’m not gonna ask INFP to make one for Fi because i think you have to use Ti to create a poll and i don’t wanna stress you out. but please if you can i’d really appreciate it.


Money; other: I save but I don’t invest in stock. And I like to spend my money. Balance. I like to buy massages, pedicures, books, go out to lunch, I like makeup stuff. But I also save. I don’t go into stores to browse, unless I’m really bored. I have a mission. And I usually check to make sure a store has what I want in stock before going. I do the bills for my husband and I and I can get kinda possessive over our money.

Sex frequency; other: I have sex probably twice a week. And it’s usually on the weekend. I am so incredibly busy during the week, there literally is no time. I used to have sex multiple times in a day. I can’t do that shit anymore. Normal circumstances, I’d still only want sex twice a week. Maybe just spread it out a bit. That doesn’t mean I’m not susceptible to sexy things. I’m open to my husband waiting for me when I get home with dinner made and a willingness to rub my clit till I cum, whispering how much he loves me and adores me.

Body language/manipulation; other: I don’t like your choices. Ha. Cause the one I was gonna choose sounds bad. I am good at reading people’s body language and eyes. It’s all in the eyes. The way I usually use this skill is to cheer people up. If I notice they’re feeling down, I tell a silly story of how I spilled coffee on myself or how a bug flew right down my shirt in a nice restaurant, causing me to flail my arms a bit. Just a bit… If I ask people to do things for me, I am very thankful and try to repay them. I’d say I use my powers for good. And I get an awful feeling in my gut if I feel like I’m making someone do something against their will. If they’re on the edge, I push. But I never coax them to the edge.


tertiary Se is definitely interesting
it seems like a good balance of Se
i wonder what others have to say

edit: this is actually really cool. how Se works for Tertiary function. you basically have the second best Se in this forum. and this all makes sense. because sometimes you would say Se stuff and I wondered if you are ESTP for like a brief moment. but then I remember you don’t use Ti so is she ESFP? but then you have very high Fe so I guess it makes sense you’re ENFJ. I guess tertiary function is not so weak after all. it makes sense why I have pretty developed Fe. as in being social and making people feel good.
can you make one for Fe??


I bet a lot of my explanations will be: im lazy lol

Due to possibly aspergers, but probably still Se-inferior, I can focus very well and extreme. I will focus one one task for 6-8 hours without food or bathroom breaks if I am “stuck” in that mode (maybe it’s art, maybe it’s bjust reading, maybe it’s chatting). This also means I get annoyed or confused by my own body because I suddenly feel a painful hunger, bladder, or sleep trying to take over. I also get angry at interruptions by other people because I want to continue my “thing” .

Poor Reflexes:
I can catch things that I accidentally knock off the shelf, etc. But I notice a lot when someone tries to scare me or suddenly grab me I just blankly stand there in an unfazed fashion. haha So who knows. If I am in fight or flight, I could possibly fight, but if I am just doing nothing, I’d just get hit.

Fire/Fast Decisions
I don’t panic. I just stare at the thing that is happening and decide the danger level before doing anything if anything at all. Sometimes things catch fire in my toaster oven or spark up in my microwave because I was testing fate, but I just usually “hmmmm” stare and decide “it’s an oven. it can withdstand this a little” and methodically turn it off or open the door, etc.

Sex Frequency
I don’t think it’s hormonal. I am just lazy because I don’t like sex prep or cleanup lol I think if my husband could have it his way, it’s be every other day.

I am usually already doing what I want to do, so I don’t like it being interrupted by a “spontaneous” probably not-as-high-on-personal-priority thing. There’s always plenty for me to do so I am not bored enough to crave and deeply appreciate spontoneity, I think.
On the other hand, I am an opportunist. If I think the opportunity is that good, I will try to make the most of it.


I asked my husband these this morning too. Poll answers are for myself, but here’s ISTP vs. INTJ- for science. (I may be mistyping myself, he is unmistakably ISTP).

  1. He likes to drive and enjoys going for drives just to see the sights; he does okay with distractions except he gets really aggravated by traffic jams. He will try to get out of it and take a different way. Good reactions for anything unexpected. I do not like to drive and especially not with distractions. If going someplace unfamiliar or distractions I have to focus and it’s very stressful, if I’m by myself and familiar drive sometimes I’ll zone out and miss my turn or something. If we had good public transportation here I would take it.

  2. Neither of us can understand how the hell anyone could try to do work on a sticky table.

  3. He eventually learned to sit still if necessary, but he hates it. He failed second grade mostly because he couldn’t sit still. I’d rather not sit for a long time, but I can do it. Sometimes my mind wanders, but I physically stay put.

  4. Maybe there’s some other element than Se to this one, he’s great at scanning things in environment, but not so much with people. I’m not very good at either, but sometimes I do pick up almost an auric vibe if something’s wrong.

  5. Pretty much what you’d expect, ISTP super fast reactions, except he thinks he’s old and slow. I can do okay if I’m paying attention, or that might be a lie. I live with young people and an ISTP, I’m pathetic, but compared to females my age maybe average.

  6. We’re both pretty average, maybe age. I noticed all the young people voted for sensitive so far.

  7. All fires will be consistently extinguished quickly and without panic, if emergency services or an evacuation is required that will be executed with military precision.

  8. ISTP, absolutely, he’ll do things like watch accomplished skiers and adjust his own technique accordingly. It doesn’t even occur to me to things like that spontaneously, but if it’s a lesson or something I can do it eventually.

  9. We’re both fairly conservative with money, but he’s a little more likely to splurge on things.

  10. Same- we notice looks, but character determines more

  11. We’re both pretty good at this, also math or making change in our heads. Maybe a skill people are losing with calculators always available.

  12. Nunya Bizness

  13. He alternates between getting a lot done quickly and letting things go. I’m more consistent and will pace myself with an idea of how much work should be done in a certain amount of time, if there’s a deadline then I can go faster, but I almost always plan for that not to be necessary.

  14. ISTP- we really don’t know what would happen if he didn’t exercise, but if he does slack off a little he can start training harder and make quick gains. I do it for health and stress relief, but really seems like a chore to get started and it’s very hard to get stronger or faster.

  15. Everything planned for me, he’s more spontaneous, but not a total free spirit. He picked at least short notice.

  16. He does what he wants and other people can do what they want too, he might state the practical reasons for doing something but there’s no manipulative element. I’ve convinced myself that if people properly understand why something should be done they might be reasonable and agree, I’ve tried to educate myself on body language (partly because I have to do education at work), but that part is not natural for me, manipulating them for my own benefit isn’t either.


This seems so sweet and wonderful @Ankh. I feel suddenly kinda really bad for never being nice like this to you! Is it weird to see other people not doing this? How do you cope with seeing people use emotion against people all the time, use their powers for evil??


Driving is complicated. I really enjoy driving vehicles because it’s a nice way to be alone, and I know I can’t be interrupted. Nobody can just walk into my space and start asking me questions, and I’m even justified in not responding to phone stuff. Its like how I can’t work in an open office, and I can’t work if I’m not in the corner facing the room. An empty car is the ultimate corner facing the room.

I am unable to focus on details of the road in any conscious way—I’ve tried lately because I have this thought of “I wonder if @supernokturnal would be noticing his surroundings if he were driving right now” but I probably don’t know what that would mean; I can focus on specific things only for a few seconds at a time and it seems to make me less safe.

I’m safest with a sort of blurred focus, looking very far ahead and projecting all the various cars’ speed and behavior and stuff. I usually know when someone is coming into my blind spot because I can feel the road energy saying “center lane is open” and I know me and another guy will crash if I go for it at the same time.

I often am on freeways with a lot of traffic, but the traffic is unambitious, like, folks sometimes don’t spread themselves out properly into extra lanes, and also lots of turns and bridges, so I’m watching far far far ahead on a many a turn to see the movement of larger trucks relative to smaller cars in lanes nearer me, so I can see which lanes are slowing/speeding on the turn, and can judge how spaced apart cars are in each lane and account for larger turning radius on the outside lanes and thus know that my lane is about to speed up or slow down and I shouldn’t/should change lanes. I play this sort of game all the time without really focusing on anything intentionally.

And I’m not jetting around, jerking from lane to lane, though I did when I was 16-22 (now 31). I just take targeted opportunities and usually know three or four options at any given point.

I’m pretty damn sure that tuesday mornings it’s best to take the right lane for a couple miles into this one traffic heavy area; M/W/Th, not true, it’s best to stay in the left lane that whole way; Friday doesn’t matter because the traffic spaces out and Waze will always overestimate it by a long shot on friday morning.

When I drive for uber I pay almost zero attention to anything except the people in my car. My lizard brain does the road management. I focus on getting the volume right, and keeping my turns and brakes and such to some sort of rhythm that doesn’t fuck up the vibe; also now I wait for the opportune time to switch on the flashing purple lights I secretly installed for when the beat drops. I get a lot of people snapchatting me into their group and trying to get me to hang out with them. It’s a progression from "shit, a minivan, and we called an Uber XL, to “oh this guy is funny, and minivans are big, who knew, and not shitty with leather,” to “ohmygod an IPAD for me to use to choose music mounted here in the middle its AMAZING” and then the sound is better than people ever expect and they all think nobody has ever played gnarly rap music in a minivan before, so they all start dancing and shit. Unless I’m off my game, I usually end up with people twerking and snapchatting in the back of my minivan. This is my preferred uber experience.

I think that answers the question for the driving. lol. I have an interesting way of thinking of the road and such so I thought I’d share. I did select the “I like driving” but I guess in a way it’s more like “I like being alone and I like hanging out with people for 12 minutes and I like seeing if I can make weird shit happen in my 08 sienna.”


If the table is sticky, I make an audible gasp and I shudder or bounce off it and then I don’t do what I was going to do, or I move to a new place. If I didn’t know the whole table would be sticky I’d just move to another spot on the table, but in my stage in life, the whole table is sticky so I have to clean it. By which I mean, make the whole table wet.

Sitting still: only as a complete intentional focus. It’s like not scratching an itch. Usually literally because often I need to scratch an itch. my jaw is generally humming back and forth like some kind of idling engine. Hummahammahummahummahumma is the sound of my molars rubbing together at about 200 rpms.I’ll time the rpms right now. 26 in 6 seconds. So at this tempo my jaw is doing “hummahummahumma.” 260 humma per minute.

sounds so stressful when I play that metronome but it’s not at all stressful as background noise in my head.

Awareness of mood or body language: I’m hyper aware of this but generally I sense it through changes in their physical motion speed, which I tend to register in low frequency sounds, which I feel as vibrations. So it’s like, far before my wife comes through the door, based on the cadence of her movement toward the door. ALSO I think I take a ton of other stuff into account, like I am always plotting people’s emotions forward into time based on stuff. Like if I my wife came out of her room right now I’d be anticipating a very particular sort of cadence and tone and hyperattuned to anything different than I’m expecting.

REFLEXES: This one was complex because I have very Active but imprecise reflexes. I won’t get hit by something lobbed at me while I wasn’t looking, but I’ll fall off a cliff dodging it.

Smell: I think I have a very, very accurate sense of smell. I notice some Sensors I know having a sense of smell that is at times overactive and at times underactive. Like it’s a sense they don’t weight properly, or something. I think I have a pretty objective sense of smell honestly. I ALWAYS smell my own breath/body before people mention it to me so I don’t usually go around people when I smell bad (lol I guess an alternative would be to take a shower, whateveR).

So maybe my ssense of smell is deficient but I am pretty dang confident in it because almost every time someone says “what is that smell?” I have the answer immediately; I’ve already subconsciously logged it and figured out what it was. It doesn’t seem worth commenting on usually.

What’s that smell?
"Plastic burnt by the toaster this morning"
What’s that smell, did the baby poop?
"No that’s coffee."
What’s that smell?
“Heater turned on for the first time this season"
What’s that smell? I think there is something rotten here in the fridge
"Yeah it’s the squash but I threw it in the garbage already.”

What’s that smell?
“That’s the smell of that restaurant who uses a lot of oil to fry stuff”

Lot’s of times I notice that my sensor wife doesn’t log this stuff well. Like she doesn’t know that coffee smells the same as baby poo, that restaurants smell terrible, that heaters have smelt like melting pennies the first time they turn on since the beginning of time. Meanwhile I’ve really noticed it a lot. My wife didn’t know that gasoline smells awesome (she thinks it smell bad, which is objectively false). I still smell gas everytime I see certain candies because of being a kid eating candy smelling gas. Lol.



Yes. Even when I’m in a sour mood, I never present that way. Unless I’m married to you. I like making people laugh and smile. And I never ask “what’s wrong?” Because honestly, no one cares. And we’re in each other’s lives for such a short period that the breath that’s being used to explain what’s wrong, would be better used laughing. [quote=“johnonymous, post:6, topic:439”]
How do you cope with seeing people use emotion against people all the time, use their powers for evil??

I don’t have to cope because I don’t care all too much. I can’t change it. But I can control my actions, so I do. I’ll admit, playing with the idea of evil power is fun. But in reality, it’s not. I just want to have fun and spread joy. And be kissed.


Nah. I’m good. Ask someones else? :innocent:


Sticky table: It depends on if I can avoid the stickiness of the table. Like can I feel how sticky it is? Does it repulse me? Is the entire table sticky? I don’t know why I decided this question merits an explanation from me.

Spontaneous: It’s an unbalanced thing, I’m fine being flighty and reckless, but I would get really annoyed if someone else springs it on me. Basically, I’m a little spoiled.


@anhydrite it seems like either you have an obsession with Se or you’re not even INTJ.

your answer reminds me of ISFP.

are you sure you’re not ISFP?
like your obsession with aesthetic and abnormally high sex drive for INTJ.

i shouldve made one for aux Se because it’s different from how dom Se operates.

have you tried considering ISFP?

idk does this resonate with you at all?

I have my reasons to why I think you can possibly be ISFP but your answers are somewhat ISFPish like. And I’m recalling how I’ve interacted with you.
I dunno…

edit : ugh, now I looked back at your older posts and I’m really thinking it you’re ISFP. the way you said you hate tech even though you got into Microsoft. I know a few ISFPs who took on very technical jobs that requires lots of thinking and solving and they hate it so much. like I know one ISFP accountant and she hates the job but does it because she can and it pays well. but she considers dropping everything and going back to her passion which was some sort of fashion art.

at this point I almost wish you say you think you’re an isfp so I can ask you multiple questions about isfp lol

edit 2: btw, my ISFP wife tested as INTJ on socionics website and I knew she wasn’t INTJ so I thought maybe she was an INTP but later found out she’s ISFP. and apparently there are few ISFPs that get tested as NT types online for some reason.

Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?
Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?

Focus: I can sit still but I find my mind wanders a lot. I daydream so much that I need to do something repetitive to keep me focus, eg practise calligraphy, playing musical instrument, breathing meditation

Sex: Never have sex before, don’t know what to expect. I find it a bit scary to get that intimate with a person.


As someone who got herpes from the first person she had sex with, wait. Wait until you can’t wait any longer. Also get them tested?


Other, driving.
I almost picked first option, cause mostly it seems true. I am very watchful and brake for animals, butterflies even… birds often. Will sit and wait for squirrel to decide which way he is going… for sure this time. I feel like I can often read intent in traffic. I don’t know how to explain it. Even though like I said in another thread, my reflexes were good, I had an instantaneous warning like this before both near misses. I don’t hit things in front of me. I hit things I can’t see behind me, like low cement barriers…
I can zone out if I know where I am going. If I don’t and there is a lot of city traffic, well, husband drives, but if I must, I am very focused and tense and exhausted at destination, like driving through L.A. wipes me out, even on a good night.
I am terrified of speed though, unless it is me driving. Steep grades with turns on mountain passes, ack! Bodily tense up. I don’t do roller coasters at all. Did one, space mountain when I was eleven. Came out green. Dad had bruise on wrist from my hand. Enough for a lifetime. I don’t do ziplines unless they are little and close to the ground. There is no way in hell I will throw myself off a bridge tied by the ankles to an elastic rope and I am only jumping out of an airplane with a parachute if it is going to crash and burn. I did do a little class on paragliding though. And forgot to tighten my harness properly on the one time I actually got good air.

Other, mood
Feel like I am somewhere between one and two.

Sitting still, focus
This wasn’t other, but I really relate to @Prax 's explanation for this one.

I put decent reflexes, but I think it is the case of the transcendent function. It just works super well sometimes and otherwise I’d likely be hit by ball or fist, but maybe not exactly where someone meant to hit me. I always played outfield so hopefully it wouldn’t come to me. I dodged volleyballs, basketballs, kickballs, softballs so yeah, reflexes do work okay.

Have an very good sense of smell. Was confused about fart explanation though. I could tell if it came off someone cause it would be clinging to their pants/personal space, but not whose according to what they ate or anything, or their personal typical fart smell.
When I was pregnant, my sense of smell was superhuman. I remember going into Walmart one day and about passing out. I could smell everything in there, each, individually in departments I wasn’t even standing in. Now it is just really good.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve focused more on having money in savings or saving for vacations and investments. When I was a kid, I spent everything I had. Our paycheck does go damned fast though…
Also with the counting money, I put in twos but I am very likely to count one by one and recount. Depends on accuracy needed. Math/numbers not my forte. Will often transpose numbers in addresses or phone numbers.

When I was in my twenties, easily three times a day. I could wear a man out, even an ESTP though he was twenty years older. But I also occasionally go between wishing for a gang bang, ‘keep it coming’ when I am way wanting, and alternately sometimes I am thinking/troubled and don’t care, don’t need, can’t get to the want by myself, which means I probably really need to get laid so just do it, seduce me, fuck me so I can’t hold two thoughts together and don’t ask questions.
As for reality… once every day or two or three. Twice when time and wakefulness allow. Also have to go a week at a time without when he’s working. In that case I can either rub seven out in the space of a few hours or do nothing of the sort for a solid week. This feels like WTMI and at the same time, so what, who cares?

I can be efficient if I need to and speed up in short bursts. Often lots of cussing ensues though cause I waited too long and have to squish too much into not enough time.

Physical activity
I like hiking/walking but it is not consistent.

Mostly I like to plan. I like having much time to contemplate what is going to happen. I stress when someone says hey lets go rafting in an hour! ACK! No. Wait. How about tomorrow? Or next week? Let me become okay with it. Both my husband and before him, dad, are perceivers though, and I am okay with some spontaneity in a planned vacation. We don’t always book every night, we fly by the seat of our pants to an extent. The major things like plane tickets and ferry rides, tricky excursions are booked ahead though. What we are going to eat and when can be far more spontaneous. And I still have an idea in my head of what will and will not be acceptable without preparation [mental].

Convincing people
I have to do a lot of this with children. I have resorted to manipulation when reason does not work. I do not like to or try to do this with other people. If I had to. I don’t want to. I do feel I would need to think about this more though. Maybe I do more than I think, though I would always try reason first and usually for your own good. It is not really for me, but to prevent you from foolishness.
Yes, I can convince people sometimes as seems needful but I don’t think I abuse it.

Jesus this is so much. How did I write so much…


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Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?
Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?

no need to rush! and yes listen to her.

there’s some myth that if you stay virgin long enough, you can have some kind of super power. hahaha

what i believe is that sex is 100% energy. so don’t waste it.
especially if you’re not someone whose sex drive is very high.

and don’t over-expect it.
let it happen naturally.

and it’s okay that you find it scary to get that intimate.

because. it IS scary man.

and yes you’re right. it DOES get intimate. unless you’re completely numb to the act of it.

one of the reason why i think the bible says do not have sex before marriage is because sex is such an intimate act that when you have sex with someone you’re not even committed to, you can experience more anxiety and loss because you had sex (intimate energy exchange) with her if she leaves you.

so there’s always a good reason why people say save sex for marriage.

yes. marriage. sign that document and then you’re ready to go.
that piece of paper is sign of commitment and now i’m rambling but, yeah. wait for it.


dude i’d love to ride your minivan as a uber hahaha
btw. are you putting tax money aside?

this is hilarious because this is exactly what my brother said too
especially the audible gasp part hahahah

yeah i think your description is very accurate. like precisely.
do you sometimes think that Skunk smells like coffee?

i think Ne dom can smell stuff pretty well. maybe it’s just that they don’t care as much.

edit: and what do you mean by ‘others’ when it comes to aesthetic? explain

Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?

WHOAH! Wait a minute here. We are not glass figurines. And you have no business telling a girl to keep herself a virgin until marriage. That is her thing, or not. Only hers.
So we get hurt. So what. We learn. The experiences are worth the sometimes hard learning.
It is intimate but that is good. It would be scarier not to become attached to someone you were intimate with. We are built to do so, but it is not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out. People are worth exploring in every way.
Yeah, being careful of a transmittable disease is a good idea. In the heat of the moment, it may not happen even so, but this is life. Bad luck shows up in different ways for everyone. Everyone gets some of them ouches, someway, somehow.
@anhydrite, Be good to yourself, trust yourself, but don’t scare yourself. We are all just silly humans, trying.
Life is for exploring.


I think Hikaru is a guy… no?

I’m completely okay with people exploring hahaha
but if someone doesn’t feel comfortable I’d advise them to wait and wouldn’t want to push them to go explore either.

i think your comfort level has to be in the same frequency as the other person to be enjoyable.

and explorer type gets hurt or whatever but they move on

but those that are afraid of intimacy, once they open and get played, it scars them for years to come.