Thank you, Blake!


There’s this meme on the internet somewhere that reads something like: At a family gathering, a grandma starts to giggle. And when asked why she’s giggling, she responds with, “All of you are here because I got laid.”

All of us are here, meaning this site, because of Blake.

We all found Blake’s site or decided to visit from a reference for one reason. That reason is - we are searching for something. Perhaps we found that something or just a piece, because afterall, life is a process.

Maybe The Stellar Maze helped us figure out something about ourselves or someone else, or maybe it helped us understand or reinforce theories about people. Maybe it made us look at ourselves in a different light. The kind of light that makes us laugh at our imperfections and realize it’s okay to be a little strange (or a lotta strange).

I know nothing really about typing and my motivation towards learning it is nill. But I have grown a shit-ton from consults and interactions on this forum. Without Blake’s courage and persistence, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. And I know I’m not alone here. Those of you who have consulted with Blake or those that have just read his articles, have been touched by his wisdom. Even if you don’t agree sometimes, Blake’s insight makes us look at things differently - think of things differently.

I’m feeling particularly mushy this evening and would like to dedicate this thread for all the thank you’s to Blake and his presence.

I am thankful for him and his awesome site! Join me in thanking @Blake for his comittmemt in making the world a better place!

Thanks, Blake!!


Hear, hear! Three cheers for @Blake!


words cannot be found

maybe one… Joy. What joy inducing descriptions of personality by Blake. Joy inducing presence as well.

Also is the maze real?

Pinch pinch, it’s still here. No comprendo.



Very nice gesture Erika. And thank you all. :purple_heart: