The 90s were coolio


Do you guys remember the 90s?

I was just 3 years old at the end of 1990. My sister was born in '91. I remember these days. Filled with awesome shows on TV and awesome music. Cassette tapes. VHS. Oh yeah. Good times.

Spice Girls
Britney Spears
Smashing Pumpkins
Butterfly hair clips
Silver-blue nail polish
Coffee Shops
Vans (shoes)
Pipes (Jeans, does anyone remember these? I wore them)
No Doubt
Pigtail buns
Crop tops
The Craft
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Movie and Show)
VH1 - Pop up Video (remember this?!?!)
Starship Troopers (just saw this the other night! It’s so bad it’s good - I LOVE IT!)
R. Kelly
Usher - AKA Ursher
The Beastie Boys - KICK IT!
All the teenage “romance” movies
Scream - FUCK YES, good movie

There’s just too much to list…

This was a good time. I wish I would have been a little older during this time. There are a few time periods that I’m really drawn to. The 40s because of the swinging slang, cigarettes, hard liquor, and swinging jazzy music. I wish so bad I could just go back in time to see a big band play at a sweet little joint while I’m in a half-moon booth, drinking and smoking, dressed to the 9s. Another time period is the late 60s/early 70s. Why? Music, no bras, mind-expanding drugs, lime green shag carpets, mystery machine vans, beards and mustaches, the sense of freedom, road trips, guitars with owners with no homes. And finally the 90s. Think of all the diversity in the types of groups in the 90s. You’ve the got the valley girl really coming into her own - probably development starting in the 80s. You’ve got the sexy grunge folks with their shredded jeans and tossed hair looking all sexy and shit. Oozing sex and a fuck you attitude. Then you’ve got the rappers like Dr. Dre and Snoop D O double G creating a crowd with baggy pants and “I’ll bust a cap in yo ass” language. Oh, and how I could forget? The Goth folk. Living in the dark…praying to the devil. Practicing Wicca and watching The Craft on repeat. Haha. I love it all.

And where was I? Well, let’s see. I was born in '87. So, 1997 I was 10. I was drawn to it all. Didn’t pick just ONE thing. I listened to rap and got off to some of that music - ha. I embodied the skater kid at that age. I wore vans. I wore jeans, wide leg. My jeans were usually ripped at the knees because I played on my knees. And usually just a plain tee. My hair was super long, like probably to my lower back. I loved the vampire movies. I wanted to be bitten and live forever! I loved the spice girls, cause girl power and shit. Just good times.

I’m listening to 90s music right now that’s why I’m amped towards this decade right now.

Where were you guys in the 90s? Did you feel the culture shifting? Did you like it? What “group” did you most identify with?


i love talking about this, but at the same time, I don’t.

because eras are slightly biased.

everyone thinks their generation is the best one.
and the new generation is to be mocked. ridiculed. hated.

when I was young, adults were telling me how they used to walk miles. and I get to use transportation.

and now we hate on new generation that have iPhone at like age 8.

but, speaking of the days.

but seriously, my first phone was the Nokia indestructible phone with snake games on it.
and had to pay for each text messages!
and remember pushing buttons to text? and tried our best to squeeze in all characters and use acronyms to save space!

we had to pay for "hahahahahahaha"
so instead we used lol.
so we can say more things! oh man.

remember aim? AOL instant messenger?
ASL? oh man.
age sex location. talking to random people.
catfish was huge back then too.

so many toys. we played with physical toys in the 90s.

hip-hop was big. Everybody dressed baggy.
but girls were ehhhh.
I do appreciate the 2017 style though. with instagram helping girls do their makeup.

i can go on and on about this.
but I don’t feel like Si - ing right now.


Oh, I am so old, graduated high school in 1988.

I have been on a grunge redux since death of Chris Cornell at least we still have Eddie Vedder. I had friends in garage bands- was into punk/grunge/industrial, rap and hip hop never resonated with me a few songs were fun. I did like Beastie Boys- now my son likes it- he’s helped me realize Eminem really is a songwriter and trail blazer.

Back to 90s, college bar and club scene was much less safe and sterile. Underage girls could walk down the street and be drinking free beer at some random keg party pretty quick on a Friday night. No cell phones till about mid 90s. Leather jackets, sweaty mosh pits, epic hair and makeup. The city did put up cones and caution tapes for us so hammered students wouldn’t stagger into traffic.

MTV was better in 80s when they just showed videos. Culturally it was a big deal because small town kids started picking up trends they saw on videos, stopped watching it in 90s.

Yeah, VCRs and cassette tapes. For a love interest or good friend you’d spend hours waiting for the right songs to come on the radio and make a mixed tape for them.

By late 90s we had home internet and cell phones. I used to post on Usenet newsgroups. My first internet provider was Prodigy.

By late 90s I had geekier friends too, we still did some clubs and shows, but also Wednesday night Magic the Gathering games and we got together to watch X-files. Britney Spears and Spice Girls seem more like teen phenomena; I thought they were lame. I did like Seinfeld.


Ok, guys, I’m starting to get freaked out here! First @supernokturnal posts photos of Italy and Florence, where I’m currently enjoying a side-trip from my UK holiday.

Then @Ankh posts on how cool the 90’s were, a few hours after we had lunch in a restaurant that played '90s hits nonstop, including many of my favourites. Now I’m showing my age again, but the 90’s was the decade when I was most heavily into clubbing, so it was a real trip down memory lane for me. My mental jukebox is currently playing this song at full volume: