The Art of Consistency: It's a serious business being a child


It seems that I’ve been starting a new spiritual self growth journey for quite awhile (a middle age crisis and all…) and now I’m more than ever aware of the changes I have to make and steps toward the only goal I can think of in my life and that’s being an artist.

“Artist? An artist is a person who has to create and express. Has to. No options.”

I really need a place to share; thoughts, creativity ideas and philosophies, artworks. You know, I show mine and you show yours … and I like this place a lot. Play INFJ Play is the best article ever!

I have these ideas popping in my head, but I’m going to do it very slow.

With all due respect to Saturn almighty, the children eater: I’m giving you my middle finger

  • you’re not gonna eat my doc martens, ya hear me?

“Play is the business of a child. And they are expected to play.”

  • who says so? Sat. Roars.
  • Stellar maze’s author!
  • and what does it consist, oh my sweet child?
  • mmm hooo ahmm

“Look, I don’t have the specific logistics for every situation every INFJ in the world has gotten into. I have a general tenure. I can give an impulse. It is up to every individual INFJ to put it into practice in some way. Or not. I’m not your mother or father. I am not your caretaker. Gonna have to figure this shit out largely on your own.”

First key:

  • well then, natinka, you have to eat to strengthen your “playing abilities”. What’s your favorite food?

  • LOVE



I feel like a proud papa :blush:

Now, roll thunder, child!


And give me a cookie!


I remember, when I was little, I’d put my head on my mom’s belly and wish I could just disappear. Go inside to the outer world.

Always searching with my eyes, looking carefully at everything and anything, asking for clues, where are the connections in between the negative spaces around me. It didn’t do. The opposite; it made me irritable, frustrated.
A child withdrew. Gave space to the old soul, an adult in a child’s body.

On the same day that I wondered and asked what’s the deeper meaning of making a choice, the sabian symbol of Scorpio 28 read:
“Since to be human, one re-creates reality each day upon waking. Therefore, be mindful of how you greet the day… you can choose for yourself.
Memories may flood awareness for many. If so, know that so-called history is somewhat plastic and moldable as well, and forgiveness is the catalyst for making great change.”

  • no way! I thought. I don’t want to forgive my mother!
  • it’s not your mother you should forgive, a gentle voice whispered inside of me.
  • then who?
  • the child who grew up faster than she suppose to.


In the search for the positive space - some 1 min.
Gesture drawings


Beautiful, natinka!!!


Thank you @Ankh

I’m with you in my heart, following your journey…


Gesture everyday


So my daughter enters the room and says, gosh, I’d like to have a lion cub. And that’s after she brought 3 more kittens to join the one we already have.
At the same time, I say, gosh, so many mistakes and problems I can see in this drawing.
Which one should I throw away: my bad mood, my daughter, the kittens or the drawing?

“The actual things that inhabit the water are of the introverted thinking element – extraverted feeling knows not what it harbors. Flotsam and jetsam may come issuing forth on its currents, but so may pearls and exotic treasure. One thing is certain – there is movement. These are not still waters.”

“Herein lies a clue as to how INFJs fall into their introverted feeling id function – via their Ti tertiary function.”

Decision made: keeping the FLOW. No matter what, I’m staying strong with FE; and with said daughter, the kittens and this shitty drawing.

  • here I’m adding (editing):


This is my first attempt (there’ll be hundreds of it - I’d like to promise but I never keep them) at understanding of formulation and anatomy beside the gesture.


“There are two pivotal tools in creative recovery: the morning pages and the ARTIST’S DATE. A lasting creative awakening requires the consistent use of both.” (The artist’s way)

One man fears of being alone among the crowd,
One man fears of being alone in the wild.
“For is the tree of the field a man…?”

Where the nature is meditating, no cars and digital sounds are allowed.
Contemplation of the rhythm of life, rustling leaves and rippling water are music to my ears.

“And then there comes a point when what I have created begins to speak to me and call its name. It has a consciousness of itself. It calls out: I am an abstraction, a semiabstraction. I am a tree, an apple, a person, a stormy night.” (The creative path/Carolyn Schlam)

And what I have to create is fire!
So I turn around, look for the house with the fireplace ('cause I don’t have in my house, yet) and get to the fun part.
An important note:
Teaching a child the art of making a fire is very educational and good for his mental growth. Sometimes more than doing homework, I dare say.


My table is two meters from a fireplace like this right now.
Winter is my favorite season since I got this apartment.
Sometimes I just sit in front of it and stare/meditate.



Lucky you. One day I’ll have that too…
Love winter always.


It took me hours to translate these abstract concepts and Semitic language:

I could have a heart attack just for not feeling anything. That was the day when I got the vision.

After years and years of asking myself: What’s so fucked up with my emotions?
according to what the logic says, there’s nothing to indicate to why not to feel.
Everything’s perfect…
Endless love…

Sitting in front of a blank paper, blinking at the computer where an artist’s model poses. As did a Greek (FE) or a Roman (TE) statue. Let it be a human being, but it doesn’t feel or think. It’s just it. A FORM. It’s not pretty nor ugly. It has no life of itself. No meaning.

All those who have aimed at an absolute perfection have usually ended up in a deadness.”
(Herold Speed, rhythm)

And what do I ask? For the inner, the deeper of most. The truth. Only there I can find love.

For I can create a movement, a gesture, an expression.

For it is beautiful in the eye of the artist.

And you! Yes, you, with your dreamy planet in the 4th house: stop fidgeting and start existing. Not in my dreams!..


Good work, Natinka :eye:


I have no knowledge of anatomy, no technique skills and I didn’t take a time.
But I felt the flow (***), had fun and was at peace.


a sound of a shattered glass, kids everywhere - shouting, laughing, running.

  • c’mon mom, this dude has no underwear!
  • when are you going to draw instead of scribble?
  • oh mommy! It’s beautiful!

Okay. Consistency. That’s what count right now.



I didn’t feel the flow, actually.
You can’t feel it or think when you’re in the flow.
It’s above the duality.

Rudhyar (Virgo 10):
The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality:


Practicing less than one minute gesture.


Someone interrupted me with this last one…


Is this some app for drawing, natinka?


It’s the YouTube channel of the best art academy site (in my opinion, experience and intuition).
“New Masters Academy”
Check it out and join me on this journey. Please?


The site’s lessons cost money but there’s more than enough in the YouTube channel.


Wow! That’s a challenge! Will we set some rules?