The Art of Consistency: It's a serious business being a child


Ha ha !!
I don’t see it as a challenge, only fun and partnership for motivation!

The struggles and burdens of life can easily drain the brain! Makes me forget my true child/artist nature within. Don’t you feel that @Irene ?

As Blake says in Play INFJ Play:

“It is common when becoming an adult to forget about the things of childhood. To put them away and grow the fuck up.”
Hey @Blake, why using such an inappropriate language???
Oh, maybe the answer is:
“Therefore, they can safely dispense with this ISTJ-type bullshit.”


Rules are for ISTJs


I meant little tiny Te minimum. But word rules freaks me as well. Okay, I’d check this channel tomorrow and tell if I’m in :wink:


What is Te?
All my beautiful LISTS I used to do are R.I.P.:pensive:
Nothing I can cross off the LIST :frowning_face:
I was in love with the LIST :sob:
Nowadays it looks like that:


Finely, I succeeded to make a list. Hooray!
It looks like that:
Sleep at night
Straighten some of the mess

Stellamaze falls in draw&paint category.
What can I say, my mind does these weird connections.

Today I found what was left of my old paintings and put them in my studio. But I’m going to start everything anew.


Your studio looking da bomb! Which means blow it up because it’s about to be lit.


Thank you so much!
I always wished for everyone else except for myself, I’ve been afraid to dream, not believing in my rights to dream and to have.

It reminds me of the sabian symbol of Sagittarius 26, “A Flag Bearer”:

“…the flag held high is both not a weapon for defence nor attack, yet it is at the same time a most powerful item/symbol… one bringing honour and requiring courage…
Be still in the open space, for there is where creative powers stir, searching like the breeze that moves a flag for who you really are…”