The Art of Consistency: It's a serious business being a child

Thank you guys. I was lucky to find and participate in these sessions. And it seems that everyone there was in love with the model. She’s fun to draw and paint.

The heart and the spring

And there is a Mountain, and on the Mountain stands a Stone, and from the Stone emerges a Spring. Now, every thing has a heart, and the entire world also has a heart, and the Heart of the World is a complete structure, with face, hands, feet etc. But the nail of the foot of the World’s Heart is heartier than the heart of anything else. And the Mountain with the Stone and the Spring stands at one end of the world, while this Heart of the World stands at another end of the world, and the Heart stands facing the Spring, desiring and hoping continuously, exceedingly, that it should come to the Spring, and the longing and desire of the Heart to come to the Spring is just extraordinary. It screams nonstop, the Heart, to come to the Source, and the Source longs for the Heart too.

Now, the Heart has two things that make it weak. One, because the sun pursues it exceedingly and scorches it (because it always yearns and desires to come to the Source), and the second thing that tires the Heart is due to yearning and desiring, that the Heart constantly yearns and wishes; it keeps pouring out its soul for the Source and screaming and so forth, as above, so as to come to the Source, for the Heart is always standing facing the Source, and screams Please! Woe! and keeps on yearning most exceedingly for the Source, as mentioned.

However, when the Heart needs to rest a bit, so as to draw a little breath then comes a Big Bird and spreads its wings above it, shielding it from the sun; then the Heart gets a little rest. But even then while resting it also looks facing the Spring and still longs for it. But since it longs so much for the Source, why does it not go to the Source? Only, as soon as the Heart wants to go close to the Mountain upon which is the Source then it no longer sees the peak; it cannot look at the Spring — and as soon as it would not look at the Spring it would expire, for the Heart’s entire vitality is only from the Source, so when it stands facing the Mountain then it sees the Mountain peak where the Spring is, but immediately as soon as it wants to go to the Mountain, the peak no longer appears (for such indeed is the way with a tall mountain; standing from afar the peak is visible, but upon going nearer the peak is no longer visible). Then it can no longer look at the Source and could — Mercy save us! — expire, and if this Heart — Mercy save us! — would expire the whole world would be destroyed, for the Heart is the very vitality of every thing, and how can the world endure without the Heart? Therefore the Heart cannot go to the Spring; it only stands facing the Spring, longing and screaming without cease to be able to come to it, as mentioned.

And the Spring is completely timeless, for the Spring is not within time at all (in other words the Spring has no time at all, that is, because it is completely above worldly time). So how can the Spring exist in the world? (For in the world nothing can exist without a time.) But all the Spring’s time is simply the Heart giving the Spring a day as a gift. And when it comes time for the day to be let out and terminated — and should the day go away the Source would no longer have any time and would depart from the world — then when the Source is no longer, the Heart itself would also expire, Mercy save us, then the whole world would become nil, Mercy save us, as mentioned. Thus, when it gets very close to the end of the day then they begin to take leave of each other wishes and blessings upon departing — the Heart and the Source — and begin saying wonderful riddles, poems and songs to one another — very fine riddles and songs — with great love and tremendous yearning (one for the other, the Heart for the Source and the Source for the Heart).

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Did you draw the guitar?

I’ve been enjoying all your doodles, paintings, photos, etc. Gives joy to the kid that I am. So keep sharing.

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Hey! This is My Guitar!! :grinning:

In the beginning there were only colors…

"Last time I spoke of the necessity of engaging the INFJ color sense. Attention to the primacy of the objects about you.

INFJs love color and paints and sculpting up the evening."

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In a fucking process 'cause, man, being a child means being expressive and it’s super essential.

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Drawing and painting is something I can do only after I have “that talk” in which I convince myself



Another start, more oxygen.


That’s beautiful

Thank you

Consistency is a true adventure
And I’m a persistent explorer.
There. I fucking said it.



This is awesome!

I like… a lot!

Thank you! A lot…!! :tulip:

So, I started working on something new. And decided to draw no less than 45 minutes every day, (almost) first thing in the morning. Still, there are days I’m not home, that’s why I bought a little sketchbook that I can take with me. Unfortunately, no drawings yet. I’m a bit shy about bringing it out in public! The pages are unblemished, blank and…nothing. so I give myself a lot of pep talks. Under all the layers of fear there’s a brave me. Right?
Posting here helps. I hope to finish this one within two weeks.

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You’re extremely talented! I love seeing your work, and your style is quite lovely, inspiring and refreshing.