The Body, the Brain, the Mind, the Soul


Just saw this article about some people wanting to research if stem cells can revive medically braindead patients! A lot of the trials will probably be in countries with lax ethics laws, so it will be experimented on poor people first, which is kind of sad, but this is also exciting!

i know a lot of people believe the brain and soul are connected in some way. @supernokturnal for example believes that the souls dies with the body and that the brain and soul are one and the same or necessarily connected.
I kind of believe that the entire body “generates” the soul in much the same way it might generate a “aura” or electromagnetic force, but they could be different things/have different uses. And I do think they are all pretty connected to one another so that changes in one “area” would impact other areas (e.g. soul being ill would affect body’s energy or initiative in some way–but is this a problem of duality or are they just in the same thing?).

So what say any of you?
Do you think that a “resurrected” person would be the same person? Or would the regenerated brain create a new soul or personality in them? A lot of times when a person has extensive or acute brain damage or even a tumour, their whole personality can shift.

This can be a breakthrough for neurodegenerative diseases, but what happens to the “person”?
Would you want to undergo such a chance for regeneration and “life after brain death” if you could? And would that even be “you” who is being resurrected? Or would it be a new person taking over the spot of your old life?


The brain, mind, and person start to develop in utero. And I don’t just mean physically. All of this would depend greatly on the age of the brain/person you decided to “revive”. Reviving physically, doesn’t mean revive. I would assume they would be an adult baby. There are many stages of development that a human goes through.



I was wonder if just regenerating the connections would regenerate “memories” or even… create false ones! Or false habits! Etc. If enough brain function is half alive and they are able to reconnect the other ones to revive the person, I am wondering how that would mesh out and how much of “them” would still be present, much like a person coming out of a stroke and having to relearn how to talk and walk and even remember that they had a family.

And if so… if they were totally not the same person, just a renewed existence… do they… legally… have the same old obligations and debts? That wouldn’t be fair… or… would it since they might also inherit quite an amount of assets upfront… hahaha.


Yeah, it’s definitely an interesting concept. Maybe it would work on babes that had an issue OR someone who grew up normal then had a traumatic injury. Because if someone is brain dead their entire life and let’s say at age 30 they (someone else) decides to do this, all that would be “regenerated” was the brain and neurons. Not the connections that the neurons make. It’s kinda fun that you posted this because I’m reading a book that is roughly talking about this in the current chapter.



What are the legal implications of…
Bringing an adult into consciousness after a life of brain death…
Would it be wrong to date said person who is basically a newborn? hahhaa… terrible ethical quandries! (Not that this isn’t already kind of a dicey area when it comes to people with developmental/cognitive disabilities!)


Consciousness is tricksy and poorly understood.

Matter is a type of energy, a brain is a type of matter, a mind has sentience. When we cut things up to see what they’re made of, we can lose the whole, putting a computer back together may be different from a mind. Plants don’t have a brain, but they have sentience in being able to reach out to seek sunlight; if you ask very nicely they might tell you more.


I’m kinda with you on this, but what do you mean by entire body?
how about someone that is amputated? without legs and arms. I think they still have a ‘whole body’ because of seven Chakras. it’s all in the center of your body vertically. So whether you are amputated or not it shouldn’t matter.

kinda like you can’t live without a blood, in bible the blood is symbol for life.
and brain, can’t live without a brain.

but, can you live without a body?

well, it’s debatable.

so. what ya think?

yeah, exactly. having certain type of food can even change your personality short or long term.
having an upset stomach can have an affect on someone psychologically.

there’s a term in certain culture that relates personality to liver size.

I’d ask the same question but I just wanna see it being done first.
talking about possibilities that hasn’t yet happened is like doing an advanced Ne for me. which is my 8th function.

i personally believe it’s impossible by only using a stem cell.
and come on Prax! astrology! that will change everything in itself!

so even if they create a person it’ll be something or someone else.


Yeah, this type of sentience or emergent property of the whole fascinates me and I like thinking about it!
Reminds me of Pando, the quaking aspen that is the earth’s largest organism and at 80k+ years old, creating an entire forest mostly but cloning/spawning more shoots of itself. Though apparently it’s thought to be dying?? :0 Kinda wanna pay a visit to the guy!
And I don’t know if they can be said to have a localized brain, but maybe plants still have an emergent “mind” of some kind. And an overall spirit of being alive. Similar to some nightmare fuel sea creatures like jellyfish and sponges and starfish.
A lot of the time I associate plants with dreamers.

That’s interesting that you think maybe it’s more centered in the body core. Could be true! Since it holds the necessary organs and spinal cord. I guess limbs are more just helpful branches.
But I guess I still think it helps generate part of that personal energy. Maybe it’s so interconnected I can’t even say the soul hasn’t “changed” after you get an amputation. Your whole psychology has to be rewired to not get phantom limb syndrome, or maybe you still have that, or even worse, neuropathic pain (where the nerves still feel pain and it’s as if your limb is burning or something even though it’s not there!). It affects the psyche and soul of a person.

Normally, I do divide the “parts” of human existence into the 4 categories so they match with the elements though.
Earth = physical body
Water = emotional/soul
Air = mental/mind
Fire = spiritual/life?
So I do want to say there’s some sort of division even if they are extremely linked (more in like a triangular pyramid link with 4 vertices, not just a straight line from top to bottom).

So can the soul be cut up in pieces? Maybe! I think so. Maybe that’s why some religions heavily go against ingestion of blood or organ donation? There’d be a lot of “mixing” of parts that may not only be diseased or incompatible biologically, but also soulfully/spiritually in their minds.


I think it might be possible to graft onto a person with only a bit missing… but yeah, not sure you could make a whole new human unless it’s like… a baby in adult state.
The universe may “imprint” a new destiny astrologically, but it’d be on top of an old shell. I think there would still be remnants of the past on it. lol But maybe someone’s astrology would even predict that.


I know that by digesting some foods, other’s personalities around me change. It’s usually short term. But like, a huge burst of a personality disorder directed at me after digesting a certain type of food. Like nuts.


I imagine it would be a lot like if someone was deemed disabled until proven otherwise by a medical professional. For realz, this person would be a baby adult. This person would not know a language. This person would not know how to communicate properly. Very confused. Violent perhaps. Probably not actually. His muscles would not be up to par yet. It would be a baby adult.

I’m thinking they are talking about introducing this treatment into patients that had a fucking rod impaled in their frontal lobe or something. Or perhaps people that have an issue with their occipital lobe, impairing their eyesight.


Perfect timing!! Because of course I’ve been waiting forever to mention microbes on Stellar Maze again:


Oh yeah this is so on point
I’ve cured my mental sickness majorly through eating healthy.
a lot of processed food and different chemicals can cause some mental dysfunction and commonly, depression.

do you mean :poop:


Okay guys it’s been decided, I must have some disorder from eating too much fast food takeout…be careful @Ankh or I may direct it all at you :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah this person who receives a donated blood or organs would have different DNA mixed in with their own.
so it’s possible they could develop some type of new or mixed psyche.
so this original person would be “impure”.

like imagine if someone donated a penis because the other person’s penis was chopped off in a car accident.

so if this guy with new (to him, but used) donated penis have sex with his wife, would she be fucking another man?
would that be considered cheating?

if he masturbates, is he stroking another man’s penis?

if this new penis was a virgin, can he be going around saying he’s now a virgin?

this is what happens when I try to Ne.

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