The forum is for you but I'm in charge

So, in light of recent events (and some not-so-recent), I’m making some decisions with regards to the forum.

First off, I’m limiting posting for everyone. This includes

a. length of individual posts


b. amount of posts that a user may make in a 24 hour period.

Mass deleting

No more mass deleting. If you have something to say, then say it, but you are no longer allowed to delete a whole train of posts you made. I may set it at 2 posts a day.

This has mostly come up in regards to @nr.nom. And thanks to him, and @lunar saying that she is leaving the maze I’m now doing what I wanted to do a long time ago - institute some limits and order in this place.

First of all, if a member wants to leave, then bye!

As for me not giving a fuck, let me explicitly state that I’m not in a position to give a fuck about what every person chooses to do or not do in their life. You pay 6 bucks a month to be here. What do you expect for that price? You can get a cup of coffee for 6 bucks.

Things have gotten too out-of-hand with expectations placed on me. I’m not your husband, lover, or therapist.

And some of you are acting like assholes.

I wonder about the use of the forum to people. I’m not a forum-person myself and never have been. I created this forum because I thought it would be a cool addendum to my articles on Stellar Maze and that maybe a community could form around the indisputable coolness of MY IDEAS.

Personally, I don’t care if you are here or not. I want you to be, and obviously I have preferences for other people more than others, but if ANYONE chooses not to be here, then that is their freedom, and I espouse freedom above all other considerations.

Freedom is the best policy as far as I’m concerned.

That includes my own freedom to not be here, which of late has been particularly true, but I, more or less, am not really a forum-person. I don’t find it enjoyable to participate in highly-unfocused discussions, and in subject matter that I don’t care about. But, mainly I just don’t have the attention span for it.

A lot of people want my attention. I get that, but I’m ONE PERSON.

For 6 bucks a month, I can’t attend to everyone like they are my wife. I know that some of you care about me a great deal, and of late may be wondering where I am, but it’s my business at the end of the day. There are reasons I choose not to disclose certain information about my personal life. If you were in my position, you might understand.

I do care @lunar. However, it’s one thing to be a participant (and a highly-valued one at that), and another to be the host of the whole procession. The bottom-line is you are all here because of me. Because of the shit I wrote on Stellar Maze.

Which is good. I wrote some good shit and I want this forum to be a place for people that resonate with it to come together and have lively discussion and community.

I do monitor discussions that are taking place on the forum and currently am the only moderator here (and mostly always have been). This is another issue that I’m torn about. I don’t really think I should be the moderator because I’m the one who created this venue (and the reason for being here) and as such I have undue influence and bias on the proceedings. Like if for example, someone asks me what their type is and I say my opinion, then whether I or they or you like it or not, it has a lot of weight to it. Which I want it to, since I consider myself the foremost authority in such matters, but at the same time, it presents problems when it comes to…let’s say freedom.

In a nutshell, the forum drives me crazy and I can fully understand why it would drive someone else crazy. People come here and they get addicted. It’s internet addiction and it’s not a good thing and I don’t want to encourage that sort of behavior.

The answer I have arrived at to this problem is LIMITATION. How very Saturn in Aquarius (ie timely) of me. The discourse needs limitation in order for it to be more fruitful and healthy for the participants. I’ve noticed this over the four years that this forum has been extant. I’ve learned a thing or two. :wink:

And afterall, I’m in charge. I know this might come as a shock to some people, but despite my EXTREMELY lax parameters thus far on allowable discourse, I’m actually more of a hardliner when it comes to group discussion. Part of the reason I don’t participate more (and of late) is because I find most discussions lacking in rigor and sustain (Saturnian things indeed).

For example with this Saturn in Aquarius INQUIRY of late, I did find that interesting because I perceived that its object was to find more info about this astrological position from two members that have it in their birth chart. And there was gonna be @nr.nom playing the interrogator to @schlopadoo. I was asked to participate and I was happy to do so because I was interested in the topic and I liked the rigor of the format.

And because my participation was respectfully requested. If you treat the host of the proceedings disrespectfully, then don’t be surprised at the result.

Why would my participation be requested in the first place?

Because I am the author of Stellar Maze and as such am an authority on the subject of astrology.

Now because I’m the lax and freedom-loving person I am, I do ALLOW other people to put their two cents in on the subject of astrology, but what I do not like is when @JaMisa comes on and does a whole chart interpretation for Schlops because of

a. THE LENGTH of the fucking post
b. I don’t enjoy astrological interpretations, period, even if by a very seasoned astrologer
c. JaMisa is (self-admittedly) a novice astrologer (even if having a knack for getting brilliant hits, which in my opinion she does and has in the past).
d. In short, what bothers me is anyone offering very lengthy astrological chart interpretations in MY FORUM.

So, this is likely to be another actionable rule. No chart interpretations on the forum. We may discuss (with some reasonable degree of brevity) astrological positions (such as Saturn in Aquarius), but for an admitted non-authority in astrology to be offering chart interpretations on Stellar Maze is not cool with me.

And I don’t even offer them (for money or otherwise) and I know more about astrology than anyone you are ever likely to meet.

Which is why you are here.

To be clear, this is not because JaMisa is bad at astrology or anything like that. It’s more because my policy on people getting their charts interpreted AT ALL is just a bad business in my view.

It would be better if a person would learn about the basics of astrology so that they could BEGIN to interpret their own chart.

Which is why I like the Saturn in Aquarius inquiry. I liked that it’s framed as AN INQUIRY.

Indeed, what might this astrological position mean from two people that have it.

And if anyone here has to be an authority on the subject of astrology, it will be me. Case closed, end of story.

But I would rather people inquire into things intelligently.

So, to recap, there is going to be more limitation as a solution to some of the shit that’s been ailing the forum.

Also, as regards some of the people getting addicted and overheated on the forum, leading up to them losing their sanity and then leaving, I have a solution for this too.

Rather than having to ask me to be suspended, which can be a good choice in some cases, there is a less drastic solution that has to do with what are called TRUST LEVELS, an inbuilt feature of any DISCOURSE forum (this forum is built on DISCOURSE, a particular brand of forum software).

Any new user that comes into the forum automatically has a TRUST LEVEL 0. As they read and post a certain amount the TRUST LEVEL goes up to 1. And as they do more, up to TRUST LEVEL 2 and so on.

To make a long story short, I can lock a person at TRUST LEVEL 0, which gives them ability to still post and reply but it’s very minimal.

I first stumbled upon this solution when @nr. nom made his brilliant first appearance on the forum and started heating it up like a motherfucker. I liked his presence here but I thought he was having an overheating effect on certain members + he started wanting to mass delete his whole presence.

So, I locked him at TRUST LEVEL 0 and that seemed to cool him and things down.

I then unlocked him and he went back to his previous TRUST LEVEL.

So, I can do this for @lunar if she wants to stay and still participate, but at a minimum level.

Again, I think limitation is the key to a lot of the issues the forum is experiencing. Limitation is good.

Lastly, in the Curious Case of @nr.nom, I personally am on the fence between appreciating your presence here and wanting to ban you. This seems a somewhat separate issue that may warrant its own thread and be open to the community to weigh in on your presence here. I know you may claim you don’t care and are on your way out, but I think you do care and in typical Saturn in Aquarius fashion are afraid of how hungry you are in this area.

However, I will not tolerate your provocation towards me. You fuck with me or my procedures and you will be gone.

That being said, I think you could be a valuable contributor here but you have some things you need to learn. I’d like others to weigh in on this.

For time being, I have taken nom to TRUST LEVEL 0 because he’s

a. gone too far with provoking and challenging other people such that I see his influence as almost purely destructive and non-helpful. I do think it is beneficial to have some of that influence in a community but too much of it is bad. Moreover, I just see an intent to harm others out of his own pain and hatred. This I will not tolerate.

b. I told him personally that I’m not a fan of mass-deleting and he has gone out of his way to mass-delete apparently with some intention of doing it just to fuck with me.

You wanna fuck with me then get the fuck out.

If that was your intention all along, I can expedite your departure.

I find it hard to care if you don’t care. You get what you put in. You shall reap what you sow.

I’m not your daddy. If he fucked you up, it’s not my fault. I will not tolerate rebellion against me.

As far as I’m concerned, I could nuke this whole forum and go back to being a solo operator. My articles, your comments. Or my articles, no comments.

I’m doing YOU a favor by being here at all and offering what I’m offering. I don’t have to be. And some people seem to have some weird expectations about what they’re entitled to for 6 bucks a month. Or really at all. It’s a disrespectful attitude. It’s alien to me. I would never dream of treating someone I respect in the way some of you do.

Now, if you don’t respect me, that’s a different story. But, in that case


I don’t have time or tolerance for it.

If you want to leave, then do so

You’re free

And so am I.



I can’t be arsed to discuss every single point and blah blah. I think I just fundamentally disagree with you and am done making an effort.

I don’t think my continual presence here was intended to lead to this result, but if so, have it your way.

I’ll just CARE somewhere else. It’s literally probably the best option for someone like me. Just do YOU. Because you run it here and that’s the best end result you can come up with. Whatever, fine. I’m done sticking my neck out or thinking I’m actually doing something helpful when such an unhelpful and shitty viewpoint is what you came to.

Have fun everyone, I’m done. I’m not inheriting or maintaining this shit anymore.



I realized people give a fuck about me and might have questions. I’m just NOT going over every point here because I can’t be arsed. I’m not gonna contribute anymore than I have at this point. Not wroth the damn investment for me anymore.

So I will respect people and respond, but don’t bother to get some weighty insight or whatever the fuck out of me because I DON’T CARE. I care enough to respond and respect the presence I’ve had here and all that jazz, but this is my personal limit on this nonsense. I’ve reached my limit and will just taper off accordingly.

That’s all I wanted to add.

Thanks for this post, and I think the idea of limitations is an excellent idea.

However, you wrote this:

I understand 6 bucks is really not that much, but I don’t agree with what you said here. We are customers at the end of the day, and a deal should be made with expectations clear on both ends. I have to say that I didn’t find your expectations very clear.

For example, on the main website, you bullet pointed a number of things you promised to offer to subscribers, some of which have not been fulfilled.

So then how much do we expect from you for $6?

I agree with you that it doesn’t make sense to expect so much for such a low price, but the problem here is that, again, the Te boundaries were not clear in the first place. Thus, I didn’t find it fair to mention the $6 argument to tell people off for expecting more interaction with you on the forum. But yes, I agree that discourse on the forum can be improved and that disrespecting you shouldn’t be tolerated.

I think the overall point I’m trying to make here goes beyond the subscription fee. The forum seems to run like anarchy because of the lack of Te. Like a set of clear guidelines for posting can be made pinned, for example, and not just when you’re logged off but even when you’re logged in (that’s a major glitch I took issue with). Rules for what incurs banning/suspension should be made clear too. The good thing is that you have introduced some of these rules/limitations now. The lack of Te relates to the incident with lunar. While she did lose her cool, I thought she had some valid reasons for concern. Maybe they were not voiced properly because emotions got muddled in the mess, but what I saw was that she didn’t know what to expect from you (as it wasn’t clear in the first place), and then a sudden flip-flop in your apparent attitude towards whichever standards you desire in the discourse confused and annoyed her. I think it just appeared that way after your long period of absence/silence (can be misinterpreted as apathy - that you don’t care what happens here or if a certain standard isn’t being met), followed by a sudden re-appearance leading with a criticism. It looked like a random flip-flop in stance without forewarning, which could understandably annoy/anger some people. If guidelines were made clear in the first place as well how much interaction we should expect from you, she wouldn’t have had an issue in the first place. And indeed, in the subscription page on the main website, you claimed that we would benefit from increased interaction with you if we were to subscribe. I understand you did add a parenthetical comment “in Blake Space,” but I have to admit that I found that part confusing - why make it parenthetical if you really just meant increased interaction only in Blake Space (and I’m presuming you meant “only”)? Also, I didn’t remember seeing that bit the last time I checked that list (or my memory is faulty), so it’d be worth letting people know if amendments are made to the list.

I hope I didn’t anger you in any way, and I do want to make clear that I personally pretty much agree with your thoughts/sentiments overall. I just wanted to provide an alternate viewpoint that is likely to be held by other forum-users here, especially newcomers.

Also, I appreciate Non’s presence, and think that he should be kept here. I think there should be a bulletpointed list of rules about mass editing and what standards of etiquette one should expect, when would a person get a “warning” (or demotion in trust level), when would a person get banned temporarily or permanently…etc. Compile and pin with clear headlines “RULES AND GUIDELINES.”

Finally, I think people here love the forum because they experience a kind of “friendship” they would almost never get anywhere else. You tend to attract people who “don’t belong” and wish to relate at a deeper level, and here these “misfits“ finally get to bare their souls and share intellectual ideas too. That’s cool. The problem is the addictive texting-style interactions that can go out of hand. I can see how it’s tempting to do so when people may lack the kind of interpersonal interaction we find here as compared to those of the real world. It could be good to make scheduled hangouts for example where people can engage in more conversational fun without compulsively texting during inconvenient hours, etc. Maybe it’s a stupid idea, but I’m just gonna leave it up there for others to decide. Also, pinned advice for how to avoid/manage addiction might be worth making. I’m not saying you should do it all yourself, as I’m sure we can all chip in and share resources/ideas.


Also, just to let you know to be that real pain in the ass @Blake

I know that you pinned this thread “globally” but despite this, I’ve noticed there is a button down in the bottom that says “Unpinned.” So for some reason whatever global pinning thing you do doesn’t work perhaps due to some sort of bug on this forum. I had to change the setting to “Pin globally” myself for the effect to take place, but I noticed it unpins itself again at some point, maybe when I edit or make a new post.

And I do find it relevant to mention this because the forum is likely to continue behaving like chaos unless rules/guidelines are made clear and accessible to everyone.


I’m all about all of that constructive criticism but I gotta say your major point kinda only seems to highlight Blake’s point about expectations. Especially if they are Te expectations.

Let’s be honest. Te is not what fucking brought our asses here.
And it ain’t what motherfucking keeps us here.
A place with naturally perfect Te from the start would probably be a fuckton less interesting to us.

You describing things like you do schlops (so motherfucking beautifully) only helps me to realize how necessary these sorts of changes are, but also how reasonable it is that these sorts of things aren’t perfect in the first place…. Here of all motherfucking places.

I personally appreciate Blake’s attempt to adjust the forum’s skeleton going forward. And I don’t underestimate the fucking pain and agony it must take to make adjustments to this fucking skeleton in the first goddamned place.

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Also, I agree that it would be good if Non were allowed to stay.
I think everyone should fucking stay because my Venus in Pisces wants to keep lovin on everybody and my Pluto sole dispositor wants to see some motherfucking transformation.

Annnnd Schlops I think your moon should be moderator :blush: :star_struck:

Are you saying he isn’t being paid enough to maintain certain Te standards?

This is where I think a moderator should come in and help Blake out.

Or we help Blake out by making a set of rules together. We can set up a word doc that’s accessible to people who are interested, finalize, and pin.

I’m not asking for perfect Te. Just a minimum standard to keep order, which there hasn’t really been at all.

I guess from my POV, it didn’t make sense to say things like, “you should be grateful that I’m even offering something” or I’m “not your husband, lover, or therapist” etc. That’s irrelevant to me. Money is involved here. It is a business. That’s a fact. So the deal just needs to be made clear to everyone, and then Blake can succinctly refer to the deal if people complain. Painless.

Again, maybe it’s my INTJ moon speaking here.

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An excellent summary of the current issues relating to this forum, @schlopadoo

But now I’m left wondering what, if anything, I’m “allowed” to contribute here. Part of me is now feeling like a naughty schoolboy who’s been sent to the headmaster’s office for giggling in class. Which is absurd for a man in their late 50s with a lot of type expertise and astrological insights!

Let me be clear that I am not some internet dilettante, but have patiently and steadily built up my knowledge over many years of study and training, most of it undertaken at my own (considerable) expense of both time and money, all while holding down a demanding and responsible job.

I’ll admit to enjoying the social aspects of the forum, but that’s hardly surprising for someone with a well-developed Extraverted Feeling function (something else I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort working on over many years as a way of compensating for the one-sidedness of dominant Introverted Intuition).

But I also deliberately use the fluffier, fun posts and attempts at lightening the mood via humour as a means of building rapport and trust with others. I do a similar thing in “real life”, as experience has taught me it is the perfect way to create an atmosphere of trust and openness that makes other people feel comfortable coming to me with more serious issues and problems.

Most people who know me well understand that I will never turn away a genuine request for help and advice, nor will I “judge” them for any perceived weakness or character flaws. Rather, I will listen intently, ask clarifying questions when necessary, and will continually check that any advice or insights I provide are relevant and helpful to their situation.

I also freely share stories and anecdotes from my own life, especially if I feel they may provide a better medium for imparting advice than simply stating “I think you should…”.

If that is not what this forum was intended to be about, then fine, I will no longer do so. I’m mature enough not to drop out entirely in a fit of offended pique, but until the rules and guidelines are made clear to me, I shall refrain from posting for a while. One of my strongest personal values is to treat others with respect and so I feel considerable remorse when I unintentionally say something that upsets someone.

But part and parcel of that value is that I do not generally enjoy antagonist, argumentative styles of discourse. If a conversation I am part of begins to head in that direction, then I will most likely drop out immediately, only continuing if I have a deep level of trust and rapport with the other parties, or can see that this is appropriate for the topic in hand. Very English of me, I know, but there it is!

But if the original intention of this forum was merely to engage in critical discourse of “serious” subject matter under a strict set of rules, with immediate penalties applied for any breach of said rules, then I may have to seriously consider whether I have anything more to contribute. I have to suffer enough of this nonsense in my professional life already, thank you!

I hope that isn’t the case; there are few enough venues in the modern world that understand and appreciate the true strengths of an Fe-based approach to communication and leadership, and I would be sorry to see this place become yet another, dry Te-dominated desert where oddball eccentrics like myself are simply not welcome.

It was more a point about expectations of how things are, not how things should/could be. As in, this is sort-of an INFJ centric place. Created by someone with that sorta shit going on. So it’s likely gonna be great in INFJ sort-of ways. And maybe lacking in non-INFJ sort of ways.

I used the words “naturally perfect Te” to be dramatic. I should have been more straight-forward. That’s my bad. I certainly don’t think you expect perfection in any way, Te or otherwise.

Basically, I was kinda saying “it makes sense that the Te isn’t off the fucking charts—that things are the way they are”.

I’m still all about the improvements. And appreciate them.

As far as I’m concerned, the money is a completely different and complicated issue. I don’t think Blake gets paid enough for his articles alone, so no I don’t think he’s getting paid enough to maintain the forum, particularly with any sort of Te precision (damn it, is that too close to “perfection”… you get what I mean).

But that’s all coming from someone who finds his shit pretty motherfucking valuable.

I agree. I’m happy to pay more!

Having said that, Blake wrote that subscribers would get one article per month (Starlings only), and we haven’t gotten that for a while. I’m not necessarily demanding more from him, and again, to meet that standard for just $6?!!! Oof no. Charge more! My point is that if Blake doesn’t want to write one article per month, then that’s cool with me. The only thing is that the list should then be amended, and customers should be notified. I think these little things do add up and give off an overall impression: If customers do not feel a certain standard is being met, then they may get the impression that no standard is expected from them either - that Blake does not care what he gets from them. And thus the anarchy and the faltering in quality of discourse, and perhaps surprise when Blake suddenly re-appears with a criticism after a long period of quiet. Again, I hope I don’t sound like I’m against Blake. I agree overall with his sentiments. Just trying to provide a more “objective” POV. Also, this is not directed at you. I’m just elaborating on/re-explaining my previous points now that the opportunity brings me.

And I gotcha with the clarification! :wink:

I also agree that $6 per month is little more than a nominal fee, and would be more than willing to pay more (within reason!) for my subscription.

Yeah girl, you definitely better at that than me. In general & for sure with Blake.
Fucker. :heart_eyes:

To be clear, I’ve never felt targeted or attacked by you. Probably not possible. Cause you got all the sense.

To be clearer, you can direct your sexy ass my way any time you damn well please.

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Yeah guys, I don’t think I’ll add much value (not that I ever really did anyway) going forward if this is the type of tide that’s rolling in. I just came here to learn more about MBTI and astrology, and interact casually with people who are also interested in the subjects. But since it seems like this place will become a strict, no nonsense community of well-versed discussions, I doubt I’ll have much to say/add.

I have very much enjoyed “hanging out” with you guys, though. Truly I have. All of you are all amazing people, and I’m so glad I got to experience this place. But, yeah, I think my subscription ends around the 20th or so, and I’m thinking that’ll be the end of it.

Um, I agree. An agreeable feeling was birthed for me as I decided what I will do moving forward, so I think I will elaborate what I think at some point when I feel compelled to do so.

I think everyone else who is more advanced in astrology is being unfairly punished because of a minor inconvenience I provided by my (as I like to say!) advanced amateur natal reading of Schlops chart.

Yes, I can be stuck up my own ass, but I IMMEDIATELY thought of you, nirdre, and Batshitty for the whole “natal reading ban” because you guys are WAY more advanced than me in this stuff. I don’t understand Blake tooting his own horn about how advanced he is when doing this stuff isn’t a service he offers and seems to be something that impedes on his own freedom via what others project on him and not being a forum person.

Okay? But what of those who aren’t like myself in astrology. I don’t say this to save my own ass, but to be blunt. There were astro readings abound to the point people would want natal charts of people not on the forum analyzed. I’m overwhelmed in the sense that he took such decisive action and really only seemed to base it off of dislike for my post and my level of advancement in astrology. I know he hedged it here and there, but this is a longstanding issue that is being highlighted and acted upon by my ONE, and only ever chart reading on here, which is absurd for me and used my post as some kind of sacrificial lamb in this regard.

Well, he mentioned other stuff, but it doesn’t hold up to snuff to me. Okay, it was long. Okay, you didn’t like it. Okay, the new or maybe longstanding hatred you have for others making natal chart reading on here is now something you want to take action on.

I have more to add on that, but I’ll do so when I have more energy for it.

I don’t want to offend your English sensibilities, but that irritates me pretty strongly due to how much of an unrealistic jump it is in action, to just ban something you don’t like with some vague talk of “bad business”.

Now I feel like I have to humor some sensible talk when this whole development for the forum that seems nonsensical to me. I need to cool off and make sure I understand what’s happening. I’m sure I’m leaving, but I’m nice enough to actually try to understand what people mean when I want to lead with my more abrasive input (if that’s even the word for what I feel).

Um, I honestly think Blake’s post is emotionally manipulative. You don’t care, but you have preferences for people you’d like to stay, but fuck this forum because you could really be a solo cat if you want to be. What the fuck? Too much flip floppity nonsense.

I don’t really have an emotional connection to Blake to care if he does this or that. I mean, it really doesn’t bother me if he didn’t like my post, whateves, that’s fine. But taking overwhelming and nonsensical action to formalize that dislike and to use me as a scrapegoat for something that’s been going on for a long time on the forum? Bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

I will return with a more formalized response when I feel like it. I wanted to fuck off, but I realized maybe I owe myself and others a more honest response, which is going through this clusterfuck of a post Blake made and responding accordingly.

Ugh, not to be too rude to him, I appreciate him hedging and clarifying things he said in his post, but the fact remains, my post is being used as justification for a ban that seems like a short sighted fix. I just really have my doubts about this course of action, too sudden and unreasonable in my mind.

Oh, and don’t ignore the fact I felt the anal retentive energy in the thread and kept bringing the stuff back to the original premise in my posts (all if not most of the time). Which is why I just liked your crazy freaking post saying Uranus was going over you ascendant when I said it was going over my descendant, WTF. I wanted to freak out about that, but the vibes were just, a little too harsh for my liking.

Ugh, well I need to pull away and formalize a bit more of what I feel, I UNDERSTAND what Blake and others are alluding to and trying to do here, but it feels like the kind of heavy handedness that backfires and creates an even worse environment than the one that we started with, that is my honest opinion, to the point I don’t care to stick around to be proven right.

But yes! I need to zip my mouth and try to make more sense as well. I owe people that, but I’m not gonna hold back in my bluntness at this point. That’s something I at least thing I owe myself after sticking around after all this time.

Mkay, mouth zipped until further notice.

For what it’s worth, I have never found you to be anything other than polite and considerate! Like myself, the strong nature of your Feeling function manifests as occasional bursts of excited enthusiasm, but that’s a vibe I find exhilarating rather than antagonistic…

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There is a solution to the undeniable chaos that’s been evident here (which is merely reflecting the extreme uncertainty and unsettling events that are literally plaguing the whole planet),

My suggestion would be to divide the forum into a number of zones, each with a simple title such as “Advanced MBTI Theory” or “Freeform Social Chit-chat” and with their own rules and guidelines

I vote that non should be ignored for as long as possible, and ultimately forgotten.

Why should I care so much for your forum, if you don’t, Blake. I feel like a fool. Why did I even put in so much effort? Your standards mean nothing to me, if they are going to be planted in such a loose soil. The feet of your men will slip and fall, and they will tread upon one another, and will not know where to go.

I will continue deleting as I said I would, as I have been, and you, sir King or Emperor, block or demote me however you see fit…as you are always free to do, and have been; for never a moment were you liberated of this freedom.

2 deletes, per day. Okay. So 1000 posts will take 500 days. I’ll put it on my schedule.

Cool, you’re blocked.

I agree, however, in the time since, it has become clear to me that I can’t be super-involved with a person for 6 bucks. “Increased interaction with me” meant responding to people’s queries and such in the forum if they subscribed.

Edit: And that has proved to be unsustainable at this 6 dollar a month price point.

Here’s how I look at it. 6 bucks is as @Stewart said a nominal fee. It’s nothing in today’s world. It’s a coffee.

Is what you’re getting on Stellar Maze worth less than a cup of coffee? My issue is people complaining about what they’re entitled to for 6 bucks. This is my view. I understand not everyone feels that way.

But I can’t do things the way everyone else understands them. Or else nothing happens.

Your point is my point. Te. Yes. Some minimum of it. Obviously that is not my strength. I am doing this all alone.

I agree. The Te boundaries were not clear. I am very lax by nature. And yes, I did come in suddenly leading with criticism and I can see why this was taken badly by @lunar and @JaMisa.

It has reached a point where I feel my expectations need to be stated CLEARLY. And also, and moreover, what I INTEND to do about it.

Yes, perhaps, but at the same time I find 6 bucks a pittance and you can easily try it out and unsubscribe if you are not getting the interaction you want. The starling articles alone are worth the price of admission.

The answer is I just need to change my business model. I really knew very little about business when I entered into this…um, business, but now about 5 years later with some experience under my belt and being exposed to things like 80/20 sales and marketing, I’m in a better position to know what is feasible and where I should target my energies.

And you’re right when you say “it’s a business”. It is. I’m earnestly trying to get better at this in at least a “minimums” sense. That’d be those Te guidelines and bullet points that state what I expect and what you can expect.

However, this place is never going to be a Te-heavy place. I don’t want it to be. And what @bad_rat said. You ain’t here because of that.

I love how Libran and equitable and balanced you are.

Yes, the forum CAN be improved. It is my fault that I didn’t state clearer guidelines for it’s operation. But I didn’t have any idea how to operate a forum when I started it. It’s been 4 years now and I’m just beginning to get a clue of what to do.

Limiting posts lengths and amount of posting within a 24-hour period would cure much of the problem of the forum (as I see it) which is

a. people getting “overheated” and “excited” and “wee, fuck it!”. This is a personal thing and my expectation. I personally don’t care for communication when it gets TOO MUCH. I actually like Twitter’s character limitation because it forces the user to BE PITHY when they post.

I’m gonna be blunt and state that I’m pretty much not personally interested in anyone’s posts when they go over a certain limit (per post).

All I can think is “Jesus, would you have some consideration for the reader!”

I’m ADD. I can’t do it.

So, character limit is coming. I’ve yet to decide what that limit may be. And me being the open chap I am, I’m open to all your input.

b. Amount of posting would force the user to consider what is worth saying and what isn’t. I think a forum (which is partly for other people and posterity) should take this into consideration.

Again, not everyone agrees with the posterity thing. I haven’t stated my expectations and so I can’t expect people to know.

It strikes me that a lot of people are just genuinely selfish and self-involved and in it for what they can get out of it. I guess this is fine, but at the same time I see it more as

a. public (unless it’s private, but it’s still public to the other people that have access to the private threads). This is not interpersonal private communication. Other people can read what you are saying.

b. interactive. Which is part of the reason I do not like mass-deleting. It’s fucking inconsiderate to the other users who replied and responded on the thread. Like, duh.

For example, with nr. non. He comes here and lights everyone up, get’s people engaged, some people start taking an interest in him and “his plight” and then he’s like “fuck you, I can’t handle it, bye!”

Shouldn’t have come in the first place if that was your intention.

This will have to be made clear in a guideline format in the future. I’m not going to tolerate this sort of behavior. I find it EXTREMELY rude and inconsiderate to other people on the forum.

You’re either on the forum or not. And if you come on the forum and post a bunch of shit, it mostly stands as you posted it.

To use myself as an example, I haven’t deleted one thing I have ever said, either here or on the main site (and if I have, it’s next to nothing, if you’re gonna get super-punctilious about it).

So this is my expectation for users - stop being such a pussy! Mass-deleting is pussy behavior. What you can dish it out nom, but you can’t take it? (he can’t respond now because he’s blocked, but I’m pretty sure he would respond and then delete all his responses).

In any event, I won’t allow the forum to be used like that. My expectation.

If you don’t want your presence to be registered here, then don’t post or respond to stuff. If you choose to interact, you don’t just get to delete your presence.

I’m going to need a guideline about this because I think some Millennials don’t get it. Also, there is some law in European Union I think about having to allow users to delete their entire presence on a forum or similar if they request it.

I don’t agree with this law. It’s very cowardly and encouraging societal behavior that encourages people to act shitty and unaccountable and then just “bye, I was never here!”

Schlops, if you could look into this law more and see how I need (or don’t need) to comply with it, I’d appreciate it.

But yes, Schlops, I agree with you in general about the Te and the guidelines needing to be formulated and put in place so people know what to expect and what they’re getting. I’m doing that now with the limitations I stated in my original post and any others that you guys suggest that may be helpful.