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And it’s not really a big deal if he’s not engaged to the same level as before. Hate to use mbti jargon again, but I think I hadn’t SE-ed that he had chosen to remove himself. So maybe I experienced it as a void without SE-ing a void. Now, after all this, I’ve definitely SE-ed it and it just doesn’t even seem like a big deal anymore. And the feelings are just stupid. I definitely understand needing to take care of stuff in real life. Breaks are really good. If you’re an introvert, it’s already a duty to manage energy to deal with the outside world. I really relate to it, because often I need a break from the maze, just to have a basic order. And that is for basic. If I want more than basic order, it has to be a long break with possibility of no return. Any variation on the theme makes sense to me.

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