The Homeless Sexuals - Episode 2


I have a partial transcript littered with comments because I was listening and chatting to friend at same time!
So for all you “millennials” too lazy to listen to hour long podcast, here you are, my selected typo-filled and somewhat inaccurate transcript. If you wanna get the FULL REAL STORY, you gotta listen to it!!

blake: i dont’ care whether anyone lieks this!!
blake: oi don’t care if you liek it. i cannot afford ot care. cuz if i care, i get all fucked up
erika: aw man
blake: i am smoking a cigareet and i DON’T GIVE A FUCK! at this fucking neutered age
erika: you’re crazy…!

blake: somebody wrote comment and i didn’t post it… it’s in moderation, but it says “i don’t think i can really listen to an horu long chat. can you post a transcript” and no i can’t. so i fuckin trashed it
erika: peopel dont’ have time
blake: what do you mean!!
erika: it was probably a millenial
blake: fuckingb milennials!!

friend: blake we like to reads!!
friend: isnt it usually old people whing about millenislas dont read? hahaha
friend: tell him that

blake: i dont’ do drugs anymore…
erika: i dont’ either
friend: erika. dont lie
blake: i just reached a point i couldn’t handle any drugs. morning coffee… and cigarettes. i coudl be havinga panic attack and i’ll still have coffee…
blake: i take it mostly with cream and sugar

prax: i will agrere with this blake
prax: this si the correctw ay for coffee
prax: i shoudl post THIS transcript
prax: of our chat

erika: do you grind your own beans
blake: yeah. i grind my own beans

blake: if i don’t feed my dogs it’s a very disturbed vibe
erika: u make ur coffee liek a hispter. i think you’re a hispter and odn’t even know it

friend: all infj is hipster erika
friend: the true hipsters
friend: before being bjipsters was cool

blake: i learned htis form somebody who definitely not a hispter. he was defintoiely old and from russia…

friend: but blake
friend: that is a hipster tjjg to say
prax: this is true hispeter
friend: yes HAHHAA

erika: phew you work for your coffee
blake: yeah i work for my coffee now. but it’s so much better than the drip coffee or single serve things

friend: nothing beats onstant korean coffee '-'
prax: i just drink INSTANT MAXWELL HOSUE :3
pax: oh, i also liek instant nescafe
prax: bot maxwell cheaper
friend: korean coffee so yum
prax: HAHAH
friend: so creamy
friend: i use 2 packet so nice and stronk

erika: you’e doing ti wrong! you’re doing activities before yoru coffee!
blake: i do it in a very sleepy state. i do things that dont’ require thought.

blake: soemtimes i even meditate or do yoga in the morning
erika: before coffee?
blake: yeah which is a real test for me. because the reason every morning i even get up is for coffee.

erika: do you ever do some hardcore rigourous excerisie
blake: yeah i have to do that. at 3 times i weak i have to do soemthingt o bring my heartrate up or i can’t deal with myself. i swim 3x a week. i do laps

erika: sometimes i need to just UHHH! you know… pump soem iron.
blake: i think anyoen who’s listening to this, you have to really figure out what kidn fo excerise is for you… i figured i really liekd swimming… i tried running and jogging…

friend: how nice!
prax: he mediatates 30 min a day
prax: forcing himself to… made a deal with himself
prax: probablythat’s his therapy
prax: he stopped in 2015 until by end of year he got really sick. body got sciatica or whatever problems
prax: because he has TOO MANY INFJ ANXIETIOES
friend: hahhahaha
friend: ya i think nfj anxieties take a big toll on the body
prax: erika also does bootcamp fitness stuff
friend: enfj kinda do these things in fits and starts usually
friend: they arent good at routine for routines sake
friend: unles its for proeject
friend: like running other peoples lives or being at work

prax: blake not even know tweeter hashtag stuff
prax: blake get onto trump’s twitter
prax: see for yourself
prax: what “entj” does this garbages
friend: how can you act like u know trump and kmow nothing abiut his twiiter!
friend: twitter was a good 50% of his campaign syratgey HAHHAHA
prax: erika explaining hashtags and twitter to blake now
friend: trump would straight up have never won election without it

erika: it’s how you keep track of trends
blake: i understand. it’s liek tags
erika: yeah!
blake: liek when i do articles. i dont’ do tags… but i know what they are
blake: [explains] liek sex tag…
erika: OOH SEX TAG. that coudl be a game!!
blake: … . liek how woudl you play that game. sex tag
erika: lol! i dont’ know…

friend: do you wanna play it with blake erika? lol
prax: add THAT to the transcript
prax: LOL

blake: i think being a hispter requires eitehr being on facebook…
erika: i think being a hipster requires doing… the opposite…
erika: they’re supposed to be trendsetters but not want to be trendsetters…
blake: i think hispters evolves out of hippes and then beatniks… they are basically countercounet. i’m countercultural, but i’m not really hisper. but i think what hispters do is they do things that they think woudl be cool that they think otehr people woudl really like even though it 's supposed to be rebellious… just for it’s own sake, but they don’t really have soemthing ro rebel against. which is a problem with this generation. they want to be rebellious btu their rebellion is empty and is actually more confomrist than any generation…
blake: cuz if they’re rebelling against the babyboomers… it hink the babyboomer generation were true rebels. and the generation befroe that
erika: they’re trying to find themselves they’re different… BY THE WAY DID YOU KNOW THE MILLENIAL GEN GOES BACK ALL THE WAY TO 77?? holy moly…

blake: that’s anotehr thing, erika. the spokesmen for the generation…
erika: i’m not a spokesperson
blake: yeah, i dont’ think you really are. you’re too isolated a person. you’re not a social… you’re not really ivolved…
erika: i dont’ have a facebook account… i have a stellarmaze account is what i have…
blake: if youw ere a typical millenial type, i wouldn’t probably be talking to you because i don’t… get along with them
blake: they’re always leaving comments on my site… i know these… milennials
erika: you can find something… some sort of connectiionnnn
blake: alright i’m trying!! i’ve been trying for years!
erika: i can help u! i can translate! i can bridge that gap!
blake: i think you coudl probably do it better than me… i think what’s going one with the tump thing is a wake up call. and a wake up call for this generation.

prax: ya, it’s called complacency and hepping up everyone’s anxieties leads to rise of facism because people start looking for “big strong authority” to calm things down
friend: yea erika is not a good picture of milenials hahhaha

erika: who’s trump? lol
blake: lol trump… hashtag fuck trump! # die! this sucks. this fucking sucks…t his fucking blows…!
erika: i got real concerned because these hardcore democrats… meillneials ar egoing out and protesting and they have this look to them … liek they dye their hair crazy colours… and i was concerned bc i wanted to dye my hair… have a little fun but i didn’t want to be labelled as a crazy person…

blake: please don’t go out and protest
erika: no… i would never …
blake: all these people who are protesting are gonna look stupid 20 years form now
erika: i know

prax: tens of millosn of peoepl will lose their health insurance, rights, or lives. these are not stupid things to be protesting about

erika: well… protesting is fine. it’s fine. go ahead and do it. it’s your right… but… make sure you’re educated about the topic… and i hate it when people vandalize things… liek what are you trying to say?

erika: lol well, it woudl be a great time to also be like… “i hate my neighbour” and go out and smash a car… and everyone will just think it was a liberal
erika: yknow i hate talking abotu this with my sister because she’s extreme right wing… and she will just… she will giev you a heart attack in a sec. she’s just so educated about this and it stresses me out. ugh. i dunno what happened. i was born from a right wing family. and i’m a leftie
blake: yeah i’m not a rightwing person…

blake: hastag politics… you specifically told me, we’re nto goingt o talk abotu politics on this show… it’s just goingt o be about homeles sexual…
erika: there’s nothing for me to bring to the table here. i’m not educated at all because i don’t watch it, i dont’ pay attention to it at all. yes i voted, i paid attention to who is running in this or that thing, but i’m not someone who… is crazy. teh…
blake: we’re supposed to be talking about coffee…
erika: yes i loved that! i looked at the clock and it was ten minutes in of blake talking about how he makes his coffee lol
blake: that’s what i did on my former blog of what would happen during my day. i made some of it up. half of it was real, half of it was in my imagination… and it kinda yeah… yeah… let’s talk about nothing… like seinfeld
erika: yeah! yes… i love that show…!

erika: grasshoppers so so cute! you’d be happy if a grasshopper were to land on u
blake: i’ve never been happy about a grasshopper landing on me… EVER
blake: i mean i wish i could have that feeling… to have one land on me and be like… "cool"
erika: see what’s interesting about them is they have these sticky claws… like they hand on you and hang on your clothes and it’s hard to get them off
blake: see… that’s not helpful. that’s not helpful… that they have sticky claws… that great… >___>;;

blake: the insect world… they’re smell… when they’re small… it’s fine… but when they get to a certain size… i’m like… fuck you guys, man…!

blake: life feeds on life. hashtag. that’s stellarmaze. look it up.

blake: I want the predator to get the prey, and I want the prey to get away.


This is hilarious. “sticky claws”!!!

I am so glad you and your friend see that Blake is INDEED a hipster!

And…I will play “sex tag” with everyone and anyone who wants to play!!


what???!!!?!?! You transcripted this thing? Do you have a lot of energy?!!


i made art so i gained energies.
maybe i am infj after all
(i defintiely am not lol)


I was actually going to ask if you did that of the art high;)