The Horrors of the Human Body!


Hey, this post is actually pretty timely with Halloween and everything happening this month.

So, this thread is meant for people to talk about some of the horrors that come with the human body.

This can involve vomit, shit, blood, piercings, piss, body odor, scars, sweat, diseases, bodily fluids, sex, weird physical anomalies. If it involves the human body, it belongs in this thread!

Haha. Basically, if you insist on incarnating as a human for the first time, ask Death for this thread so you can know what the fuck you’re signing up for :grin:

Okay, let the horror fest begin :smiling_imp:!


Alright. In the spirit of Halloween.

I was putting an earring through my daughter’s hole in her ear and it kept catching inside the apparently not well done piercing and I nearly gagged. Husband had to take over.

And…if your mouth has no room for teeth they have jaw wideners that you wind up and you can feel your whole head under pressure so someone else has to wind the damm thing up. It’s so mechanical and awful.

That’s a start.

Oh and my pediatrician was having way way too much fun removing my son’s stitches. She should take up sewing. Gross.



Ugh! So awkward. I have had to do that a couple of times with my ear rings. I take it like a champ though.

Indeed! That seems pretty horrific. It’s strange how we can manipulate our bodies at times.

I am crackling! How dare she? I am slightly shivering at that (not that I have room to judge with what I am about to say).

Yes, this is a good start Lunar :grin:!


When I was younger, I had a fascination with picking scabs!

I don’t know why! But I did.

My lowest moment was probably when I had begged my sister to let me pick her scab.

I don’t know what it was about her scab, but I definitely had wanted to pick it off. I think it was either long or it was very well crusted (prime material for picking off).

Ew! Why do I remember that :astonished:.

But with my own scabs, I think I liked feeling the slight bits of pain and seeing the new and healthy skin under the scab (which I guess is what helped made the whole thing seem harmless).

Now, imagine how hypocritical I feel when I tell little kids to not pick their scabs :grimacing:.

Lol, I’ve made better decisions.


Hmmm… I am in general a pretty gross person.

Something I like to do is pick my nose and wipe my boogers on the furniture. Yeah, I’m not joking. My husband will find them and be like, “Are these Your boogers?” And it makes me laugh so hard.

I used to have a belly button piercing. I took it out years ago, but the hole is still partially there. The center has closed but the ends of the hole are open. So, lint and shit accumulates in there. So every so often I have to clean that out!

3 week’s ago, I got 3 new piercings. All in my ear. Ugh cartilage takes for ever to heal. Not very vascularized. I have to clean crusties off of it a couple times a day. That’s not too gross.

During sex, my husband like to finger my ass no matter what the situation down there. After he’s done, it’s a running joke (to him) to push his dirty poop finger in my face.

Currently, I am very hairy. I haven’t shaved anything in about a month. Armpits, legs, pussy, asshole. I usually like to keep a furry bush though anyways.

Oh! Here’s a weird one. When I got my breasts done, I lactated for a week. I had to milk them every morning and wear breast pads…and I made my husband taste.

Speaking of taste, I tried to get my sister to drink my pee when we were younger. I peed in a Dixie cup and said it was lemonade. And she asked why it was warm…haha.

Hmmm…I’ll try to think of more.


I like picking peeling skin from a sun burn.

Scabs I don’t do, because they fall off when they’re ready. I let that shit work it’s magic.


How old is she? I say let her struggle through it on her own. She can feel her way through it. My mom did the same thing when I first got my ears pierced. I remember I was so excited to have dangly earrings. Ha.


My little sister ate her own poo as a baby ~ 1 yr and seemed content with that. So innocent…

And yeah booger disposal is a tricky business. Oh my god so funny how you shared that:)


I should give that a try. Maybe she can use the mirror and feel something.


Litter sisters and shit…
Mine took her diaper off and smeared her shit all over the wall. I guess she was painting. She’s the artsy one.

Yeah, piercings can be tricky because of the angle. You may not be able to feel the angle as well as she can. Ice cubes help too if she’s fussing with it too much and getting it hot.


She’s so excited to have dangly earrings that she went to school one day with only one (she lost the other one after 5 minutes of wearing it somehow).


One of my girls loves the dangles too and we put those little rubber stoppers from posts on the backs so they couldn’t slip through her lobe. We’ve also lost several, and luckily they were cheap.

My other twin did the opposite and pinched the back of a stud so tight to her ear on several occasions that her lobe puffed around it and crusted and bled and it was quite the mess.


You know that feeling when your asshole really itches and all you want to do is floss your ass with a tree? Yeah, me either.


That is admirable. I simply did not have the patience as a kid to wait for a scab to fall off. In fact, I believe that when I finally did notice a scab fall off of me, I decided it was a harmless endeavor to just pick them off.

Hm, well, I did have enough patience to wait for the scab to became prime for picking.

This is why computers should of been made earlier. My fingers could of been typing instead :sweat_smile:.

No! I would be mortified if someone saw me doing that.

But ugh, I do that too…

Do you do this because you are too bothered to just get tissue from the restroom? I usually will just absent mindedly pick my nose, just to realize that I should of gotten toilet paper to do the the job.

Really?! My sister has a belly ring that fell out. Now I just joke with her about it every time I see it by saying that she now has another bellybutton (congratulations! You once again are an innie).

Oo, get better!

Do you become very flexible when leaning away from him? Sometimes I have random bursts of speed or agility when I am trying to get away from something (or when I need to occasionally save my life).

Story of my life! I have recently started shaving though. Eh, it’s pretty overrated though (except for the times I finally see my vagina again. That always makes me feel like a chaste maiden).

Scandalous! I love it :grinning:.

Aw, that is so innocent! I only have peed in cups for drug tests :astonished:.

Take your time! This thread will still be around.[quote=“TinyYellowTree, post:12, topic:534”]
My other twin did the opposite and pinched the back of a stud so tight to her ear on several occasions that her lobe puffed around it and crusted and bled and it was quite the mess.

Whoa! I believe that my ears are allergic to nickel (if my ear rings are too cheap, my lobes get bloody and puff up).

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of innocently wiping crust from your ear lobe, only to find it is crusted blood :yum:.

Aw, the shit appreciation on this thread is heart warming to see. I will probably affectionately stare at my shit the next I have to go the restroom now :slight_smile:.


Well, it’s true I guess

Girls really do have cooties.


Fuck no. I love picking my nose. I’m determined to find gold!

No. But, I have become very quick in grabbing his arm and stopping him.

Shaving IS overrated!! I’m gonna have to shave because I’m getting a massage tomorrow. Is it sad I requested a man because I’m tired of my husband’s touch? Off topic. Anyways, yeah, I like the bush. Makes me feel like Eve. But I shave my ass because that makes me feel like Adam. Hahaha!!! It’s amazing how manish I can be. I clean up well though, I promise.

Don’t you hate those?? I always piss on my hand. And it makes me pee-shy because they’re out there listening. And it’s like, please don’t fart, please don’t fart.

Boys love girl cooties. Don’t lie. You love pussies, tits, and menstruation.

Actually! @Helix, I have a question out of curiosity. (This should also go to @SoundDesiign and @Ignas too…@Srain@Kevin.K…Who else here is younger than 30… join in! I don’t talk to my age dudes, so I’m wondering what the thought overall is on bushes. Are they making a come back? I feel like they are. I’ll admit, I do clean up the undercarriage part for smooth entry (sometimes). But, above that, it’s a jungle. And my old-er husband likes anything. Sometimes he gets into really hairy moods and other times he wants it all shaven clean. And the impression I get from the younger generations is that they’re pussies and can’t handle body hair. Is this true? How do you like your pussy? Do you like pussy? - sorry, don’t know your sexual preference. If you like dick, do you like your balls clean or hairy? I like balls no matter what. I mean it sucks sometimes to get a pube in your mouth, but whatever, ya know? And I love man bushes. They’re comfy. Actually hair in general is awesome. You know what? Fuck humans, I need a wolf. Also, I had coffee this morning.


Haha oh my. This made my morning haha. Well I definitely prefer smooth entry but a little well tamed something on pelvis shows a little character :wink:

Just no hairs in my mouth please. I tend to love eating but it can be less enjoyable with hair in the way!


Dude. Prove thyself a man by burying your face in an unkept beaver. I triple-dog-dare you.


Haaaaaa believe me I have no shame in my game, but productivity is at a low when you’re trying to maneuver a jungle to find treasure chests.


Last time I did this I’m pretty sure I got chlamydia and I usually love going down south.

It was a fucking thicket, I still remember the pungent aromas. I felt like an adventurer wading through amazonian swamp lands. Pretty sure I heard parrots.

It’s fine though, I don’t mind hair, just keep them flapos clean.