The Horrors of the Human Body!

Yes, but I need to update it.

Who wants a gravesite? I want to be cremated.

I’ve had this secret image in my head for years of a dead body on display in the forest encased in glass so everyone can see the decaying process.


I’d love to take a shovel and bury myself once I’m dead. Hmm. In a forest :slight_smile: or dig the grave and just kind of fall in at the end

Amerika (sorry I used your real name until edit!!!), I don’t know if you relate. I often picture temperature of body/temperature of ground. Cold earth can have me and I go cold, but it feels warm inside to go cold…talking about death on forest floor or out on a field, always in nature and involving the soil. It’s comforting…a transfer of heat. I would rather be left to rot in nature than encased in a concrete box/cremated. Lol. Will: assets go here there. And leave to rot in the forest. Bury up to the head like blanket.

Yes, transfer of energy.

Lunar, you be fun to get stoned with.

I do ~!

My period has been MIA since April 25th (and I only know that cause I checked my period app lol).

This is like, maybe the second or third time in a couple years where my period just… Dips out.

It’ll leave for months and then come back all peacefully.

I think when I’m in this part of the, cycle (if I can even say that), it’s usually chill. But randomly, sometimes I’ll have a vaginal discharge or will have on/off symptoms from my period (cramps, headaches, sadness, fatigue) and expect my period is coming or started. But then I look downstairs and nay, no blood.

Oh wait!

Then sometimes, my period goes on for like, MONTHS.

And that sucks!

Jesus, my cycle is… Completely unregimented.

I am at least excited to see if it comes back around the 25th of whatever month.

But yes, my period in definitely irregular. Maybe the way I eat is the cause because when I had my first period (at freaking 10!), my cycle was was regular until maybe my mid to late teens. Then my period would be on for months and then off for months or maybe be normal for a couple months until it just goes long or disappears for a while.

My symptoms are generally on an on/off basis and really are chill or mild. I think the worst thing has been a restless sleep from a headache and maybe a cringe inducing moment here or there from cramps. But typically, I only have cramps on the last day of my period.

So that’s my cycle in a nutshell

I haven’t written one but I’m in my grandpa’s will :smirk:

LOL, that’s messed up. But I haven’t written a will, sometimes my grandpa asks me for advice for certain things in his will, and that’s the closest I’ve come to contributing to a will in any way.

But that’s a hopeful thought, maybe I’ll have things of value in coming years to write a will for :smiley:!

I’m hoping to be cremated! I’ve been thinking of funny things for my ashes.

Scenario One:
I could die in the 2090s, and by that point, some New Ager has probably found a way to have ashes added to facial or body clay for family members who want to feel closer to me. And so, that’s the way I’ll go out. Infused with botanicals and wiped away off of family members faces or asses.

Scenario Two:
This is so absurd, but I thought of like, instead of having ashes saved in a discreet box, I could be in a glass dildo. It doesn’t have to be hyper realistic but it’s kind of ironic, I partially have come from a penis and now I am entombed in penis form… This should be in the will :sunglasses:.

Scenario Three:
I could have my ashes have essential oils and flowers added and be scattered on a beach.

Scenario Four:
My ashes could be added to an ant farm. That sounds fun!

Scenario Five:
My ashes could be put in an hour glass!

Scenario Six:
Okay, this is the last one.

It would be cool if my ashes could float in an anti gravity chamber. Or if my ashes could be released into space :heart:.

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Oh! That’s a funny story, I laughed at that.

Oo, that’s cool! If if woke up with gray streaks of hair and kind of looked like a vampire, I’d actually be down for graying early :partying_face:.


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Oh, my period! That thing that I always forget about until it hits me again next month and I’m like: ‘ah right, it was about time. Just when I was making myself comfortable not thinking about this….’ Then here I am trying to manage the flow, never able to anticipate accordingly, being overly cautious when there is no need and dangerously careless on the wrong day. And by the time I get back in the habit, gone again it is lol. I guess I’m pretty lucky and most of the times there’s nothing too extreme, not too much pain (unlike when I was younger). Except for some moments when my IUD decides to make its presence felt and it feels like I’m being stabbed for half a second. By the time I manage to catch my breath it’s over. What pain? I was never here. :smiling_imp:

A will, wow! My first reaction was: ‘like those people in American movies’ haha. In the world I come from, that’s almost nonexistent. House gets passed on to the new generation, arrangements being made on the way. The boy stays in the house, the girl moves to her husband’s. Ok, I’m exaggerating. But seriously, my parents got the formal papers for their house less than 10 years ago.

When I die, I would also like to be able to become one with nature without the concrete box. Except my funeral will not be for me, but for the ones left behind. Whatever comforts them will be fine. If they need to get the priest and comply with useless masochistic commemorations every X-weeks, Y-months and Z-years after, so be it.

exactly. every time. thought it was coming, prepared. nothing. moved on. then 2 days of not sleeping still did not connect dots. boom period started this morning. goal: connect the dots next time. fucking period is probably why my son’s drawing made me cry. lord.