The INTPization of The World via The ENFP (Collectively Speaking)


That title in a nutshell is what I’m talking about in this larger political and cultural sense.

It all started with the personal computer. The personal computer (any computer really) is the INTP type made manifest via a machine.

This all started around the time of Microsoft and Bill Gates (INTP) ascendancy into your life with the personal computer ubiquitous OS of Windows.

But, before Bill Gates it was generally the time of the computer coming. He just happened to be the one that is most responsible and successful at bringing it into everyone’s home. Everyone has a PC. It started with business applications like Excel.

The thing was the computers were mainly associated in culture with geeks ie INTP type.

But, the ENFP is the main type responsible for making the geek cool. Remember (if you are in a position to), it didn’t used to be like that.

And it is primarily the social component of the internet and by extension social media that the ENFP is most interested in.

Arguably, the ENFP type is the most social of all types and the most socially savvy of all types via things like social networking, marketing, and in general, just making things look cool and trendy.

I think the birth of portable communications devices like smart phones and the social media networks have been the ENFP form of Utopia.

Somewhere in the main gist of all this enters Steve Jobs, the main cultural figure in the form of an entrepreneur that is most responsible for the creation of the modern day figure known as the hipster.

You see, now I get it. I look at types collectively, not just personally and individually. In culture and society (and politics inescapably) certain types come into ascendancy, which changes the social, cultural, and political climate around us. It changes the context.

For example, I have written about the role of ENFP in the sixties, but, this was not in an INTP context, and hence, has them looking quite different from the ENFP of today.

You can read my article on ENFP (Hippies, Hipsters, and Hypocrites) to understand my take on them in that 60’s context, which, was really an INFJ context more than anything.

A lot of these ENFPs that made the sixties popular and cool (mainstream) eventually sold out and became the yuppies and then espoused the opposite ideals of commercialism, marketing, corporatism, and so on. They were still liberals though, more or less.

So, the new generation of liberals (which I assign to ENFP temp) are again young and idealistic, except this time instead of operating in an INFJ context of art, ideas, revolution etc. they are in the context of the personal computer age with the internet coming into ascendancy in the late 90’s in everyone’s home, just like the PC had started to do maybe a decade earlier. They’re in an INTP context.

Which I think has led to ENFPs morphing (they’re really good at this apparently I’m finding out) into this receptacle and context so that they can reflect the new look, the new cool.

You see, I was confused before and it’s all because of the ENFP temperament. I was looking for those ENFPs of the sixties who look more like INFJs.

The new ENFPs look more like INTPs. They have adopted the INTP look and of course as per their main motivation of being cool and hip have made it cool and hip to be a geek.

This type of new look came on my radar in the late 90’s. I covered some of this in my Donald Trump Lightning Dream article. I’m pretty much referring to the new ENFP type when I talk about new liberals/hipsters.

In the sixties, they were hippies, in the new millennium, they’re hipsters. That is the primary difference between the new and old ENFPs in two words. Both of them are hypocrites, but, well, they just can’t avoid being hip I guess.

INFJs were the beatniks rather than hippies. And INTPs…well, they were always just true geeks rather than cool geeks or hipsters.

So, I don’t know if any of you remember, but, I do. It was around the turn of the millennium that this new ENFP/liberal started to come into its ascendancy.

I remember it particularly and firstly with this kind of appropriation of the grunge look of the early 90’s, but, instead of the true grunge look, which wasn’t even a look because people from that place genuinely dress in flannel and are unkempt because they live in an economically depressed area of the country and work in blue collar professions such as logging.

Anyway, I started to see the carefully coiffed bed head look. That was the first thing I started to notice. These were the first hipsters. I don’t remember there being a name for this at the time (late 90’s/early 2000’s), but, upon retrospection, there was this new look coming in that was like a slick grunge look.

O, yes, and most of these slick grungy kids with the carefully crafted disarray were skinny whiteboy teenagers to twenty-somethings.

Also, it was the grunge movement in music that was the last true rebellion against…well, these very ideals that these ENFP hipsters hold dear.

You see, the ENFP is a difficult type because it is an Idealistic type (NF) but it is the mutinous member of that category.

And they LOOK LIKE the epitome of whatever true rebellion is going on at the time. Like, they bring whatever movement is going on into its full flowering and ascendancy and they inevitably end up fucking that movement up because they have superficialized it and made it decadent. This is exactly what they did in the 60’s. What is most known about the 60’s to most people? What the ENFPs did with the 60’s – peace, love, flowers in your hair, free love etc. That’s the image of the 60’s in popular consciousness now. ENFP did that.

ENFPs simultaneously make things cool and IN and destroy the true ideals of them. It’s not rebellion, but, the look of rebellion that’s important to them. It’s not true radicalism and change that’s important to them, but, the sound of radical talk and the talk of change. Believe me, all they’re going to do is nothing except walk around and talk around and spread it via networks.

ENFPs are genius marketers. I think that is their quintessential claim to fame.

They could take anything and make it cool.

Shit, look what they did to the geeks. These motherfucking ENFPs actually made geeks the IN thing. It’s fucking amazing to me.

Dude, geeks used to be the very opposite of cool. They were the dorks, the nerds, the math heads, the one’s that made computers, the ones that programmed computers, the ones that wore those thick black-rimmed spectacles (which ENFPs have appropriated big time in their new look). They were socially retarded and hung out with each other in math and Dungeons and Dragons clubs.

Man, ENFPs have done these INTP geeks a huge favor.

And somehow this all takes me up to present day with the recent winning of the presidential election by Donald Trump. It’s all ending, this ENFP domination of culture and politics via INTP context.

It reached its height with the winning of the 2008 election by Obama and has been getting crazier and crazier with each passing year.

All this outrage we are seeing from the liberals right now is a result of this extreme ENFP death gasp.

And again, it was the ENFP type (collectively, as a collective type) that has caused and planted the seeds for their own death.

Though, the question remains in mind if the collective ENFP has done a favor to the INTP type or not. By popularizing ideals, they inevitably sell them out. In the case of the INTP, I don’t know that this matters. And perhaps, they are indifferent to it. Not as true in the INFJ case, I don’t think.

Also, one has to take into account the natural relationship that exists between the ENFP and the INTP type. Again, this is not usually done in the Myers-Briggs form of Jung’s work. It is done in Socionics, another branch of Jung’s work on Psychological Types.

So, basically, the ENFP type looks up to the INTP type. The INTP is the natural father/superego (positive version of superego) to the ENFP. I think ENFPs generally wish to impress the INTP type. One of the ways they do this is by taking on more of the traits of the INTP (or trying to).

The trait I’m thinking of that many of these modern ENFPs have tried to take on is introverted thinking in the INTP mode ie computer thinking.

And I think this has made ENFP virtually unrecognizable.

You see, an ENFP can take any mode or function and try to emulate it and try it on. So, if you were expecting to see the ENFP that had that Sixties look of the more intuitive and feeling hippy type, you will be looking in vain.

They now look like INTPs.

Look for thick black spectacles, a calm detachment, and a very subdued and reasonable demeanor. They tend towards thinness, many of them have smart phones (iPhones mostly because they are into brands like Apple and Steve Jobs is their religious leader), some of them I noticed have started to hold their phones at eye level to their face while they are walking in public places. This is basically the ENFP equivalent of telling you to go fuck yourself (wow, how rebellious). Look for a snide, snarky, yet, reasonable demeanor. They are being careful in this age of the INTP to not appear too emotional and irrational.

And so this might be why I can’t type Obama as I revealed in last post (audio recording).

You see, Obama might just be one of this new breed of ENFP.

Also, see my response to a comment on that post that kind of sums this all up in a way (scroll down past Lunar’s comments to see my response to original commenter Kevin K.) (no offense lunar, I love your comments:laughing:).

I will be very curious to see what the ENFP collectively does in this new and coming age of Trump.

Because when Bush came along after Clinton, the liberals (ENFP) couldn’t appropriate him, so, they had to make fun of him. Another thing ENFPs are good at is satirizing the living hell out of famous figures.

But, Trump presents a bit of a wild card that way (I would say). Yes, he’s Republican and yes they have been satirizing the living hell out of him up until the election, but, I think there is something interesting in store for this ENFP collective type.

It’s almost like a confusion for them in a way. Since they like to be on the side that is winning if that is at all possible without sacrificing being cool and hip and free to do as they please.

I mean, Trump is like The Fool archetype (from Tarot) that already has built-in self-satirization. So, the ENFP primary weapon of making people they don’t like look like idiots has failed and I think will continue to fail because Trump is already outside that scope. His victory and continued efficacy does not depend on that.

As a matter of fact, one of the primary reasons he won is because of the very reason that people are sick of this whole ENFP hyper-liberal empty protest type thing.

ENFPs have run out of gas and need to find another type to appropriate.

Alright, I’m starting to feel crazy, so, I’ll stop here and leave it open to consideration.

One image or one word for each type
I'm unsure about my Myers-Briggs type

“no offense lunar, I love your comments:laughing:)”

It’s ok. I am laughing too. Very important to laugh:)


"Look for thick black spectacles, a calm detachment, and a very subdued and reasonable demeanor."
There was already one of these in nearly every one of my literature classes, ten years ago. Christ they pissed me off. One of them loved the word ‘indexicality.’



Strangely, I can’t recall meeting an ENFP. Hm.

I think my friend may of been one. She was cool. She doesn’t have the new breed vibe you are talking about though. She was goofy with shade for days. Lol, cool friend.

But, I just realized something about the NFs. Everyone except INFPs seem to have Fe in the dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, inferior, or Id position.

ENFJs are Fe doms. ENFPs have Fe Id. INFJs have Fe in the auxiliary position. As for the INFP. Nowhere. No. Nada. Or, in the words of someone from my generation, “bish where?”

Literally though.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Cause I ain’t laughing.

But back to your article.

Well, there is one ENFP who I watch on Youtube. She’s a Youtuber. I don’t really keep up with her much though cause she had that whole hypocritical thing going on, and I wasn’t here for it. I would say that ENFPs are cashing out on being a Social Media Influencer. They have Fe id, so I guess that makes them have a strong and natural social impulse. On top of that though, they make it look cool, so now every young person is plotting to be a Social Media Influencer. Plus the looking attractive thing with the whole Fi realness, so yeah, they fare quite naturally in this position. Lol, and I can’t tell you how many times this ENFP has posted on Snapchat. Like, I literally have to go through her story for minutes (which is actually quite a long time). The horror!

My thoughts on the INTPish breed of ENFPs and their future with Trump as the president? Can’t really say. I mean, I don’t think Trump is gonna bring out the guillotine on them, so they are safe in that manner. Well, considering how you mention how ENFPs can morph, I think they will get along with the times. Unless they plan on turning into revolutionaries, but I don’t think that is their strength, so probably not.

Also, imagine the amount of people who had to sit by and watch Obama go through two terms when they were plotting to make someone else their president. I mean, in situations where there can only be one president, someone has to inevitable win or lose. In this situation, Trump won. I had voted for the Libertarian Party, so yeah, poor me that my presidential candidate didn’t win. But this is the way things go, there is a winner and multiple losers. ENFPs can complain, but people always are complaining about something, so that’s nothing new. (Though all the raving going on on social media was probably something I should’ve took my popcorn out for, noooo.)

Anyway, I remember going to school the next day and feeling like the world ended. Realistically speaking, yeah, the LP didn’t stand a chance. But it wouldn’t of hurt as much if I hadn’t taken a bus, walked in the rain, munched on some fast food while walking in the rain, and had to ask the janitor in the building where to vote. Then I ended up having to vote on all these other things, cause everyone wants to just talk about voting for the president like you don’t also vote for other people. Shame on them! (Though yeah I should’ve known but I didn’t think I would have to google voting so don’t judge me, cause at the very least, I gave you a story to laugh about.)

But yeah, for all the raving people were doing about moving out of the country and saying they would be angry if Trump won, school sure was quiet that day. Lol, why people be lying?

It’s easy to be pretty detached from these ENFPs though. I have heard and seen the people you are talking about. In fact, they were probably the people walking around campus advocating for everyone to vote. I literally was pressured into voting. Not my best moment, but telling the person to fuck off probably wouldn’t of been a better moment either. So yeah, so the story goes. Generally though, the ENFPs are pretty much out of sight and out of mind for me until they have some cause to bother you about. Then they swarm around you like moths to a flame.

People are gonna be okay though. If Trump starts killing everyone, then obviously not, but I genuinely don’t feel any fear when I look at Trump. He seems like a ballsy kinda guy who is determined to have things go his way. I may not like what he stands for, but at least he stands for something, and I can respect that (Is this my Fi being receptive to Te? Nooo, I don’t consent T_T!). I think some ENFPs have actually been saying things along these lines too though. The whole, “I don’t like him, but hopefully we can work with him to get the things we want.”. Eh man, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Alas, the world still turns, the sun still rises and sets, it’s cold as shit outside, and ENFPs are still plotting. LOL, top of the world to ya!


Forgive me, I am a bit high on stress. This shizzy just popped into my head since reading this.
ENFP as ESFJ, if you can’t beat them [Trumpsies] join them. Grab your board, swim out and ride the surf [internet] for all it’s fecking worth. Be a media star. Make money with your gorgeous funny. Shake your booty. Have good times! Maybe they’ll ‘teach the world to sing in perfect harmony’.
Is the cause, Strive? Does that ring with the circular thing? The cyclical thing? Can’t remember the name… don’t remember where to look for it.

Be humored by my whirrings if nothing else. G’night and great thanks as always!


ENFP as a collective are gonna turn–if they haven’t already that is–into ENTP-ENFP. They will become care-about nothing trolls. A lot of the entertainment industry is already embracing this kind of edgelord trolling as cool, where every terrible thing is “just a joke” /“telling it like it is” until it isn’t. Because the thing that supplants feel-good by being a champion for others is feel-good of being validated for being entertaining to someone in some shocking “unique” way. It will become more mainstream and popular than even now and lots of ppl will die and then said people will wash their hands of being culpable and move onto being pioneers of outer space image.

That’s my prediction. lol


Tiny Yellow Tree,
do you know I mix those two up sometimes.

I also mix up entp and estj sometimes: Here is one from Science goes to the Movies
The girl, Sarah, so lively, so enthusiastic, so articulate too. She is as articulate as an estj. But as lively-minded as an entp. Or is this an enfp. Yikes.


I don’t know what Sarah is, but I liked her. She reminded me of a friend I had years ago. Very lovely. Good video too, I enjoyed listening to her.


I wish I could sit and puzzle it out, but I am having to continually kick myself into Se… today it is not working and I am in such a funk. I feel like I am standing outside of myself this whole Holiday season and just saying WHAT THE FUCK is this??? And yet I keep on keeping on. Ugh today. At least Star Wars is at the end of it.


That sounds dystopian. I’m skeered.


I think there is going to be a lot of “what the heck…? geez…” as a reaction to the chaos and misinformation in the world. We are moving form the ideal of INTP Ti-focus into Ni-delusions perhaps! Or Ne zaniness. I think this will reflect the mroe concrete move into ENTP domain (which I am sure we are going into right now), where it will become Ne focus of exploration into the edges of human imagination and even morality but with Te-id fallout of really bad consequences.
Maybe the most interesting part to observe will be when rallying ENFP try to imitate good Te-use that ENTP crave for while at the same time having Ti-Fi aux clashes.

What would be the mark of an INFJ or INTJ era? Are we long overdue? Don’t they just spring from violent revolution or something? lol


I like this article @blake. You and I spoke last month and we discussed my likely use of extroverted intuition and probable entp type; I was that day pulled toward considering other types that I can’t even recall now.

And this article and my experience around intps and trump And Obama to some extent and then some other stuff over the last 24 hours make me think that I make sense as an enfp more than as an entp. Enfp is a type I typed as a decade ago before I understood the theories around cognitive stack; I would describe my rejection of that type as closely related to my recognition that the hippy dippy mode was repulsive to me. The Steve jobs of liberal arts college, barefoot and fruititarian? Yuck. trying too hard. I was going to be the recklessly certain Steve jobs of later years. And I didn’t understand extroverted or introverted feeling frankly. And I was good at school and math, right? Good at school, politically. Top notch.

I think my reaction to Clinton losing, which was sudden involuntary vomiting, was one of a few moments I’ve been not controlling my image in my little life. But I came up from the toilet and looked in the mirror and had this thought: oh wait. I’m a white guy. Why do I feel like i just lost something important? I won. Trump is my president.

I forgot that I was choosing to support Clinton because it only made sense. I forgot how thrilled I felt on 9-11 at the idea that something important might be happening. I forgot that I’m not actually afraid of getting hurt or dying and that like, basically, I’ve been waiting for the end of the world to start happening since I can remember. I forgot none of the stuff that matters to liberals actually truly matters to me, that I stopped telling myself I could possibly be losing sleep over other people’s suffering a long time ago, as I only lose sleep over my experience (which I one time interpreted as real compassion for other peoples’ suffering but then realized wasn’t at all, it was like I was angry that people were suffering because it didn’t feel good to me–stop suffering, you people!) and that on my death bed I’m not going to care what happened in the world in the past 80 years, nor will I care if anyone is around to love me, or what anyone thinks of me. I only care what you think or do as it constrains me to do exactly the things I want to do, and when the doing is done, when I’m going to die, the caring can’t be pretended any longer. For now I care a lot since there is lots of living to be done, lots of your constraining to avoid. I find it particularly important a goal to not end up in prison or universally despised, but am acutely aware of the likelihood of both being a little higher for me than average.

So it has been pretty important to be a liberal. But yeah it’s getting dull.


Sudden involuntary vomiting? That is awesome, just had to say.


Yeah. I throw up like once every couple flu seasons. Mike pence walks out on stage, I’m in bed staring at the TV my resident istj (or something) has positioned straight ahead of our eyeballs, and I have to jump up and run for the toilet. Resident istj is like, “omg now I’m terrified, never seen you so upset.” I’m like, it’s cool, it’s cool, let’s do like we did the time we went to the giants game At Oakland with those Craigslist tickets 6 rows behind the As dugout and start cheering for the team that the guy with the prison tears to my left is cheering for. Go As! (And we won! The As I mean.)


Enfps that looked like infjs hmm. OK