The Joy Zone - it is a silly place


Even an optimist like me has to admit that the World is facing some grim times ahead in 2017. Terrorism, climate change, Brexit and Donald Trump are just some of the major issues that are creating anxiety for us all.

So by way of a counterpoint, I’d like to invite you to the Joy Zone: a place of healing where laughter is the medicine and silliness is celebrated.

I’ll start the ball rolling by introducing you to the renowned and prestigous Eurovision Song Contest. This annual event brings together the nations of Europe in peace and harmony in a celebration of National Pride and musical excellence.

Well, sort of.

If Europe includes Israel and Armenia and Aberbaijan. And Australia. Yes, that’s right, last year the Australians were allowed to enter a song into the contest for the first time.

And if National Pride means over-the-top campness and racial stereotypes.

And “musical excellence” means 3 1/2 minutes of silly formulaic Europop and outrageous costumes and bizarre attention-grabbing buffoonery…

If you’re new to the Eurovision phenomenon, this helpful guide will give you the general idea:

And now to the music. All you ever need to know about what comprises a winning Eurovision entry is summed up in this performance from last years contest, entitled “Love, Love, Peace, Peace”. Enjoy!


Well the first silly thing is that the uploader has not made this video available in my country. I heard it on youtube a bit but is there another link to the proper video?
Listen to me using the word proper. Should probably be banned in this thread.
Did you know silly was one of my nicknames when I was little? Of course you didn’t. But it was. If you can figure out why, I will give you a prize of some sort… I’m not holding my breath though.


Yay - two posts in and the silliness is already spreading!

Try one of these links instead:


And now I can’t get the annoyingly catchy “Love, Love, Peace, Peace” out of my head…


That was fun!
Somehow in the space of this afternoon I got called up to hear something something about Trump [WHO?] and the pipeline. Tears were beginning to surface and I had to ask for a change of subject, just wishing I were down here instead. Down in my cave. So I’ve decided that from now on, my response to WHO? will be WHO?
And I’ll sing the refrain in my head to drown out any WHO!

Peace love love peace! I am an ostrich!


Ostriches have the right idea - if you can’t see the drek, then it can’t affect you!

Sticking your fingers in your ears and going “la la la” works just as well for depressing auditory drek…

La la la, Love love peace peace…:musical_note::musical_score::see_no_evil:


I bet you used to pull silly faces. In England this is known as “gurning”; a suitably silly word for a silly behaviour!


Has anyone ever heard of or watched the Canadian prank show, Just for Laughs? I use to adore that show as a child.

Here’s a recent gem:


Okay. Taste is very subjective and I don’t want anyone cringing too painfully.

It all takes place at an adult learning school and you know that probably adult schools are full of characters.



I wanted to put just a smiley face, then got a message asking if body of message is a sentence, hence this sentence to make the body of the message.



The millenial in me wants to fill this place with dank memes.


Oh, wow, I thought the GIF would come up automatically :sob::anguished::confounded:


Have you ever just… Went to Starbucks, the day the best employee was there :no_mouth:. CAUSE THEN YOU WILL BE REPLENSHED IN A WAY YOU HAVE NEVA BEEN BEFORE :sob:.


Now let’s see something decent and Military. Some Precision Drilling.


That’s hilarious - its the sort of evil trick my ENTP partner would play!


I saw a notification about posting several comments at once…

Catch me outsside.

Somehow I don’t remember seeing this version on Tv… Weird :smile_cat:.

See is living the life :slight_smile:


Let’s not go to Camelot - it is a silly place:

And to notch up the silliness even further, here’s the Lego version:


Lol, no silly faces, or not really intentionally. I tend to be sillier when I am not trying. I love the term Gurning though, that’s noteworthy!

But I love lego mini figures! Ti’s a bitty obsession.
And I love Mr. Bean!


I love this area you created @Stewart! This is great! :slight_smile: Here is my contribution to The Joy Zone.


“And a man in a hamster wheel…” :hamster:


Love the dancing man!