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And Tracey did a follow-up to the Melaniabot sketch. Here’s both Parts 1 and 2 for maximum joy:


Just found this high quality version of my favourite Kate Bush parody, by the brilliant Pamela Stephenson:

Oh England My Leotard


What happens when Ti clashes with Te:


The crazy nastyass Honey Badger:


That’s brilliant :laughing:


It won’t surprise you to know that I’ve been in the same place as that expert more times than I care to remember. And I’ve only got Ti as my tertiary function!


Lol yes I was picturing you in the expert’s place thinking this must be what you go through on a regular basis! I know I deal with this certainly!

I’ve seen a lot more of this in recent years since I’ve been working in a corporate environment - it’s the classic client-designer scenario : “can you do exactly the same as x design…but not”

Ti recognise the Te but does it work the other way around, I wonder?


I think it does:

Unhealthy Te is much like the video, it thinks the expert should be like the teacher-wizards at Hogwarts. When the expert says something is “impossible”, it just assumes they’re being negative, lazy or stubborn (which may indeed be true when Ti is also unhealthy or stressed!).

Healthy Te actually listens to the expert before asking clarifying questions to improve its understanding. It may then go further and start a reasoned dialogue by asking What if…? or What about…? type questions. Sometimes these can be quite astute and to-the-point, and can open up healthy Ti to consider or propose alternative solutions that don’t require an actual magic wand!


Yeah that came out stupid I wrote that wrong, video is after all Te as it sees Ti - when unhealthy as you say. I think I was wondering if Te can recognise when it’s ‘being unhealthy’ (dumb) either self-reflecting or when pointed out. But I like your expounding to what healthy Te might look like in the same situation as that’s helpful.

Sad to say I’m not actually sure I’ve witnessed much of this in action where I work.
What tends to happen is Ti ‘nay-saying’ is ignored, Te goes off and does as it pleases then realised it can’t achieve what it wants the way it wants. Then days, weeks or months later employs the alternatives originally suggested by Ti and pats itself on the back for coming up with a new solution all by itself, thinks it’s really clever and takes the credit for it when praised.
If Ti is feeling particularly bold or mischievous it might call Te out but then Te is so unaffected (“one team, one dream”) it’s rarely worth it. Like you said earlier re. Ni? sometimes it’s easier you just keep schtum and get on with it. Or maybe this example is a Ni/Ti combo.


Saw this when doing a phone purge, you GOT to laugh…


Oh God, I think I’ve sprained a stomach muscle laughing at this!


Haha, glad you liked it! (You’re referring to my joke right?)

They’ve got some good ones. Avengers fan? Check this out if you haven’t already found it!


Here’s another British TV show I only recently discovered. It showcases the comedic talents of some of my favourite female comedians (and a few males in drag!)

Psychobitches is a show that sees some of history’s most famous women psychoanalyzed and talking about their thoughts, fears and flaws.




Ach! Another thing to keep me busy (distracted).


I’ve been quite disciplined lately, and have managed to keep my restless brain focused on work by limiting the time spent chasing internet memes (for the most part!).

What seems to help is waiting until I get home before indulging, which turns it into a reward to look forward to (instead of a distraction from what I’m supposed to be doing).


Yes that’s a very good way to control and minimise superfluous viewing. It works for me when I need to get house chores done - dangling the carrot to get me motivated to start something useful. - I used your line up of videos as a reward at the end of the day yesterday!
But it’s a distraction at bed time - it keeps me awake longer than I should be!
I’m reading ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ but it isn’t as captivating as I need it to be to pull me off internet!


Yeah, I haven’t mastered regularly getting to bed at a sensible time either. It doesn’t help that I’ve always been something of a night owl.

In fact I’m delaying right now; supposedly putting laundry away before going to bed, but taking forever while I watch old Kate Bush videos on YouTube and type out this reply instead…


But at least I rediscovered this classic video of Kate’s 1978 live performance of Them Heavy People