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Leading Lady Parts:


Haha, very good :+1:


I’ve always thought Monty Python and the Holy Grail to be one of the funniest movies ever made, but lately I’ve become unusually obsessed by two particular characters from the film:

”Brave” Sir Robin (played by Eric Idle) and
Tim the Enchanter (played by John Cleese)

I think my psyche is trying to show me how I tend to flip-flop between aspects of these two archetypes in my everyday life; on the one hand becoming overly anxious and cautious towards perceived “threats” like Sir Robin, and on the other shifting to a more flamboyant, fiery and eccentric persona like Tim. Or perhaps I’m simply reading too much into this, as usual!

Anyway here are some clips showcasing these two very different characters:

A Big Band version of The Tale of Sir Robin


The Knights of the Round Table meet Tim the Enchanter:

Tim leads the Knights to the Cave of Caerbannog:


More Psychobitches:

Queen Victoria:

The Statue of Liberty:

Maria Von Trapp:


Carmen Miranda:

Lucille Ball:

Salome opens Pandora’s Box:

Nina SImone and the Bronte Sisters:



Mary Pickford:

Miss Muffet:

Mrs Noah:


Okay. This is really embarrassing. But I couldn’t stop laughing.
He is sooooooooooo… Israeli, no matter what.


Oh my!

Am I introducing another Billie too soon? Will the Universe collapse? Mom, is this thing on?

So yeah, another Billy. But she’s much older and is known for being a drunk neighbor!

Some of my favorite vids.

This is my favorite vid on the channel. Mainly due to the way Billy runs at the end of the video. Classic.

My intro to the channel was actually the first video! But I found this channel in like, 2018.

This video is funny but also has sentimental value.

The whole channel is pretty funny, but these videos are the stand out ones for me.