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I’ve always thought Monty Python and the Holy Grail to be one of the funniest movies ever made, but lately I’ve become unusually obsessed by two particular characters from the film:

”Brave” Sir Robin (played by Eric Idle) and
Tim the Enchanter (played by John Cleese)

I think my psyche is trying to show me how I tend to flip-flop between aspects of these two archetypes in my everyday life; on the one hand becoming overly anxious and cautious towards perceived “threats” like Sir Robin, and on the other shifting to a more flamboyant, fiery and eccentric persona like Tim. Or perhaps I’m simply reading too much into this, as usual!

Anyway here are some clips showcasing these two very different characters:

A Big Band version of The Tale of Sir Robin


The Knights of the Round Table meet Tim the Enchanter:

Tim leads the Knights to the Cave of Caerbannog:


More Psychobitches:

Queen Victoria:

The Statue of Liberty:

Maria Von Trapp:


Carmen Miranda:

Lucille Ball:

Salome opens Pandora’s Box:

Nina SImone and the Bronte Sisters:



Mary Pickford:

Miss Muffet:

Mrs Noah: