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Who likes angry Scotsmen?

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Not the English:

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Twit Light: The Dark and Mysterious Story of Lord Byron:

And now something from me; an homage to Boris Johnson’s “leadership” of the UK during the coronavirus crisis:

(Apologies to the Bee Gees)

Stayin’ Alert

You can tell by the way I use my pork
I’m a woman’s man, born in New York
Music loud and women warm,
I’ve dicked around since I was born

And now it’s alright, it’s okay
Just try to look the other way
But please don’t try to understand
This New York prat’s effect on man

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
You’re stayin’ alert, stayin’ alive
But the city’s breakin’ and everybody shakin’
Barely stayin’ alert, stayin’ alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alert, stayin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive

Well now, I go low and I go high
And if I can’t get either, I rarely try
Got the wings of heaven on my shoes
I’m a Brexit man and I just can’t lose

You know it’s alright, it’s okay
I’ve lived to see another day
But you lot just don’t understand
This New York prat don’t give a damn!

Virus’s goin’ nowhere,
Somebody help me
Somebody help me, yeah

Lockdown goin’ nowhere,
Somebody help me, yeah
I’m stayin’ A̶l̶e̶r̶t̶ Alive…

This is wonderfully silly:

All the absurd and ridiculous nonsense coming from the Johnson government in the poor, suffering UK seems to have stimulated my creative side.

So I’ve been working on a sequel to my Bee Gees parody “Stayin’ Alert”.

It’s inspired by the appalling sight of those poor people forced to cram into unhealthy and crowded tube trains in London, following Boris “Blackadder”’s vague and profoundly unhelpful instructions to return to work, maybe, if you can, or maybe not?

But public transport isn’t safe, so you should maybe walk or cycle or whatever??

Boris doesn’t seem to get that’s not really an option for the hordes of working folk who live in the poorer suburbs, and so have to travel many miles to reach their workplaces…

Anyway, here’s my first draft:

Slight Fever

Listen to the sound
There’s a rumbling underground
There is something goin’ down
But I can’t see it

On the waves of the air
There’s a danger out there
If it’s somethin’ we can share
We can catch it

And that sick-looking woman
She moves to the right
Invading my space and my soul
When you reach out for me
Yeah, and the feelin’s not right

Then I get slight fever, slight fever
We don’t want to know it
Feeling that slight fever, slight fever
We don’t want to show it

Here I am
Prayin’ for this moment to end
Ridin’ on the Jubilee Line
Wearing no mask
Don’t make it mine!

And here’s the original version from Saturday Night Fever, complete with medallions, high-waisted flares, synchronised Disco dancing and a young John Travolta:

Oh dear Lord, I should have known better than to revisit the Bee Gees classic Disco period, Now I can’t stop myself from seeking out every conceivable modern interpretation of their music. Such as this oddity, which is either very clever or just plain kitsch:

Unlike this, which is much cooler:

Aaand down the rabbit hole we go:

It’s finally happened; so-called “reality” has become so bizarre it’s now indistinguishable from The Joy Zone!

Here’s the video clip that proves my point:

And as a forensic drugs scientist, this falls within my area of expertise:

Chloroquine and it’s chemical derivative hydroxychloroquine are well-studied anti-malarial drugs with a range of potentially toxic side-effects. Do not take either of these drugs without proper medical advice and/or supervision. “What’s the worst that can happen?” is, literally, death! :skull:

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Luv it! Not having watched much of this show, was this taken from an actual episode or produced especially for the coronacrisis?

Forgot about this Stayin’ Alive parody from my all-time favourite comedy show, Green Wing, featuring narcissistic anaesthetist Dr Guy Secretan. Pity anyone he encounters whilst channeling John Travolta:

And that led me to this clip, with the hilarious double act of Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig (who later went on to star together in Episodes). This is an outtake with Tamsin unable to stop herself corpsing at Dr Secretan’s antics:

The scenes are actual scenes from the show (with a mash up of different movies for the hair cut bit) and dubbed over by voice impressionists Charlie Hopkinson & Zac Clayton for Corona. They have many more funny clips and good impersonations.

Thought both clips were Charlie’s work then realised there’s another talented impressionist on the loose - or maybe Peaky actors are just easy to ham up :laughing:

Lol haven’t seen that. He’s so good in this show, how she manages to not laugh in any of the scenes with Guy. Green Wing is f-ing brilliant, still one of my all time faves.

Episodes was good too, fun Brit insight into crazy Hollywood TV / production characters.

Michelle Gomez is in the new vamped up Sabrina as Madam Satan/ head mistress and I keep expecting her to burst into song or ride a camel or for a baby lion to pop out from under her desk in some strange surreal skit.

Ooh, ooh, squeee!!! I didn’t know Michelle was in the new Sabrina. Now I have to watch it!

Michelle is my all-time fave for playing those comic villains you love to hate. She was brilliant in Green Wing as the demented Sue White and Dr Who as the equally anarchic Missy. I like to think these characters are what I’d be like if I ever turned to evil (suppresses mad Bwa ha ha cackle).

Still don’t know why Green Wing isn’t better known. It really is one if the funniest shows ever made. The second season episode where Sue White feuds with the appalling HR director Joanna Clore is a masterclass in comic timing and buildup. I still start to cackle inanely to myself every time I time I think of the scene where Sue gets hold of the incriminating tape of Joanna and Guy. Sue ends up dancing on her desk singing Hallelujah! if I remember…

Oh and her Psychobitches skits are the most outrageously hilarious standouts in a very funny show.

Here they are again for those who may have missed them:

Mary Queen of Scots:

Margaret Thatcher “Value must be earned!”:

And my personal fave, Saint Hildegaard von Bingen: