The Joy Zone - it is a silly place


I know right?! How many times have we done this? So thankful to not be recorded…haha…


More superb Eurovision self-parody from Sweden in the 2013 contest:


I really love humor that involves animals.

Yes, even in 2017.

Good childhood vibes.

I thought Ken had hair! I’m shook.

Talking food for days.


Can watch crazy frog over and over.
This one always gets me too.


Lol, I have never seen that! I wanna cry laugh so hard but I am in the library right now :joy:.

So, you have seen this too, right?


My nephew was watching the gummy bear over and over on his iPad but I’d only been listening, never seen the video.
And you have to click on the other video that came up with Erika’s dancing man post if you haven’t already. The ‘When your song comes on Vine…’


I love it! Lol, who doesn’t dance when cleaning :smile:?

But I can’t with being caught! I would be so salty, I always lock the door when I sing or dance :see_no_evil:.


What is salty?


Salty is when you feel embarrassed or kind of bitter about something. Like, if someone were to get the last soda when I wanted it, I would be salty. Hm, also a state of being I guess.


What region is that term from?
I almost never have the house to myself, and am not going to truly dance when people are here. And they are my own family, how ridiculous is that? I do so envy people who can just bust a move wherever they are.
But never mind. Let us be back to sillyness!


I just went to Urban Dictionary. The second definition says the term salty originated from Philadelphia.

I totally get where you are coming from with the dancing! Lol, I just instictually feel the urge to dance in private, no matter who is around! I guess I would suck at clubbing.

Okay, back to the goofiness :grin:.


my nephew too:) never got old for him. lasted like one whole summer I swear


Hey, doesn’t everyone dance while doing boring domestic chores?? :dancer:

And if I’m on my own in the lab where I work, I always crank up the music and dance around the benches…


I feel we are in dire need of some more silliness to balance out the doom and gloom of modern life:

So (at the risk of showing my age) let’s revisit the wacky world of my all-time favourite kid’s show:

And now here they are! The most daredevil group of daffy drivers to ever whirl their wheels in the Wacky Races, competing for the title of the Worlds Wackiest Racer:


Is it real? Is it fake? Nobody knows!

Alwaaays a classic for me. Hope y’all enjoy this :grin:.

Just straight comedy here.

That laugh though :joy:.


Oh, those were good fun, especially the “unique” rapping style of IceJJFish.

In return for indiscriminately spreading his peerless artistry to the darkest corners of Cyberspace like some kind of digital-age plague-carrier, I’d like to return the favour by introducing the Stellar Maze to an icon of New Zealand culture.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wing:

Wing’s gentle and sincere devotion to her fans was finally rewarded with global recognition when the creators of South Park devoted an entire episode to showcase her talent:

“My God, her voice is sooo beautiful!”

And now I need to go disinfect my brain…:fearful:


Hahah IceJJFish…


Stewart, I paid Wing to sing Happy Birthday to my mum on the phone one year…


What a wonderful gift! I would have been thrilled to receive such a call:


Yes. My mum is istj, Australian. It was just perfect…she enjoyed the wack of it:)