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Sadly, Wing has announced that she has retired from her musical career. :cry::sob:

Here’s a tribute to her talent:


Wing rocks.


I have so much I am supposed to be doing today, and my procrastinating gene is on overtime.


Didn’t know where else to post this…

They’re not funny, but the videos on this channel (Blank on Blank) make me feel light…


An old meme, but a good one:

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band’s name.

  1. Click random article again; that is your album name.
  2. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.
  3. Post a review of the resultant album.

Band Name: Civic Party of Montreal
Album: Grafton Street

  1. Bawku Municipal District
  2. Anim
  3. Million Family March
  4. David Mahoney
  5. Tunnel Vision
  6. Brinkburn Priory
  7. Polish National Badminton Championships
  8. Sameer Dad
  9. South Weldon - North Carolina
  10. Informational cascade
  11. Gastrotheca lauzuricae
  12. Emily Chebet
  13. Xenokleides
  14. Münchhausen
  15. The Mind’s Construction Quarterly

Grafton Street is the stunning debut album from the postmodern Afro-Anglo-Canadian band Civic Party of Montreal. The album is an eclectic collection of rock (Bawku Municipal District, South Weldon - North Carolina), folk (David Mahoney, Brinkburn Priory), electronica (Gastrotheca lauzuricae, Münchhausen), and the “just can’t categorise” (Anim, Sameer Dad, Polish National Badminton Championships). This experimental tour-de-force concludes with the outstanding urban trip-hop anthem The Mind’s Construction Quarterly.

Civic Party of Montreal’s upcoming world tour is selling out fast, based on the strength of this truly original collaboration.


Artist : William VIII, Duke of Aquitaine
Album : Lake Washington Rowing Club

Track 1 : Siege of Cyzicus
Track 2 : Stay (sculptures)
Track 3 : Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Want too Be in Love)
Track 4 : Morgan Colt
Track 5 : Bagnolo di Po
Track 6 : Gustavo Bell
Track 7 : Devon Clunis
Track 8 : Burmese Buddhist Temple
Track 9 : Kliment Boyadzhiev
Track 10 : Na`ab
Track 11 : Electronic Life
Track 12 : Pierre Wack
Track 13 : Rampage (roller coaster)
Track 14 : List of acronyms: G
Track 15 : The Carpet of Wood

Lake Washington Rowing Club is the swan song of the pioneer of historical rock, Jejune Gomez Alquilo, more commonly known by his stage name, “William VIII, Duke of Aquitaine”. He rose to fame when his debut album, Major Duke in Minor Chords, became a smash hit. It mesmerized people with lyrics that painted poignant scenes from Jejune’s epic previous life as the Duke of Aquitaine (so he claims). It wasn’t just the lyrical content but also the use of instruments like the bladder pipe, schalmei, rebec and sackbutt that aroused the curiousity of the masses. He is also famous (or notorious) for the mass outbreak of tinnitus in 1999, in Salt. Every single one of the 12497 fans attending his concert promoting his 3rd album, Tales of Torture and Dismay from Outer Space (stories from the years he spent wandering as an immaterial soul before he was sent back to earth) suffered from ringing ears for a whole three months. The outbreak has been attributed to his use of a chorus of screaming cicadas in the song Desperate Cries from Desolate Dunes. Fans refused to sue him because they believed their suffering to be miniscule compared to what his soul had suffered during its waiting period. In 2002, he abruptly announced that he was going to retire after his next album. The album was 14 years in the making and it has finally been released in 2016. Understandably, expectations are sky high. Unfortunately, a listening of the rather drably titled album reveals that Jejune is either stark raving mad or exceptionally special. He is now claiming to be all these men : Morgan Colt, Gustavo Bell, Devon Clunis, Kliment Boyadzhiev and Pierre Wack. He doesn’t stop there, he is, apparently, everything under the List of acronyms: G. He also claims that the punk rock band, Good Charlotte, stole their hit, Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Want To Be In Love) from his “future mind” in the year 2007. He reproduces the song here and, of course, it sounds exactly like the Good Charlotte version. As if that were not enough, Burmese Buddhist Temple comprises of a whole 23.5 minutes of pin drop silence. Although, there are a few saving graces, a few moments of serene lucidity (Stay (sculptures) and Na`ab for their atmospheric symphonies) on the album, I guess, enough has been said.


Truly inspired @piggie, I’m chortling into my cornflakes while reading this gem of a review :joy:

Am I weird because I now want to listen to Lake Washington Rowing Club?


Who loves Austin and the Stooges?? MEEEEE!!

I have good memories of laughing hysterically with my sister and dad watching the Stooges. My mom would just laugh at us laughing. Good stuff.


Oh, behave!


Look!!! It’s Fook Yu and Fook Mi!!!


I’very recently become addicted to this priceless piece of hammy acting from one of the campest, hammiest movies of all time, Mommie Dearest:

It really shouldn’t be funny given the subject matter, but I find I cannot watch more than a few seconds without tears of hysterical laughter streaming down my face. And it just gets funnier with each successive viewing…

Does that make me a bad person?

All together now:

No Wire Hangers!!! Evahhhh!!!


The obsession continues. Here are some more Mommie Dearest memes:

From an actual movie review of Faye Dunaway’s performance in Variety:

“Dunaway does not chew scenery. Dunaway starts neatly at each corner of the set in every scene and swallows it whole, costars and all.”

A hilarious mashup with Abba’s Momma Mia:

The Pepsi Cola Vision Mix Edit:

(“Tiiiiinnnnaaaa!!! Bring. Me. The. AXE!!!”)

I think I need help…


I’m thinking of using this for my epitaph:


Holy shit! I can’t believe that’s real :joy: :joy:

Can’t say she didn’t put in the effort huh… although she seems to falter a bit with the Evahhh :joy:


Legend has it that Faye Dunaway lost her voice screaming, “No Wire Hangers!!! Evahhhh!!!”.

According to the New York Post, Frank Sinatra rushed to her Hollywood trailer and spent 15 minutes with Dunaway, rehabilitating her voice.

But the damage inflicted to Dunaway’s career was far worse than the injury to her vocal cords…


look at this dog’s resignation. lol.


Should I, or, shouldn’t i watch this movie?


I was curiously drawn to it when I was a child. Watched it several times. I also recently rewatched and looked into the actual story it was based on and the actual mother.
Strange but compelling. Also in a way I hesitate to admit to, but will, I know something about losing your shit and going off on something that doesnt matter.
Was it you Stewart who were saying your sis in law might be INFJ and lost her shit over a towel? I can see that and it only kind of has to do with the towel.


This is based on a true story? I’m intrigued now…

Haha… I totally get this… someone misplaced my hair clip and I lost my shit… I was actually upset for an entire day…

Sometimes it’s worse… when I’m really stressed out or hungry and someone is being blindly inconsiderate, I feel this urge to bash a faceless someone’s head into a wall… would never dream of acting on that urge though… it’s probably the inferior acting up… I think this is why my sister says she’s scared of me when I’m angry… maybe my face gives me away…

Speaking of my sister (and before I turn this thread into something it’s not)… she sends me stuff like this and it cracks me up…

This one was captioned “lmao the most me thing”

I just learnt that smol means small and cute… and moxy means balls/guts… :rolling_eyes:


Most recently I lost my shit when my mom poured my Sanpellegrino Rossa down the sink less than half drunk. I was enjoying drinking it slowly whilst cooking. I was really thirsty. My husband bought me just one that night.
Much led up to my pent frustrations coming to a boiling point, but yikes.
And your pupperino looks like a tiny alien. Easily bamboozled… haha!