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Your Ni has frankly astounded me with its insight regarding my brother’s wife. The synchronicity is extraordinary, as on the exact day you made your comment, my brother and his wife arrived in New Zealand for a holiday. They are here for just over 3 weeks and will be staying with us for most of that time. Our relationship has recovered from the infamous towel incident a couple of years ago, and I was truly looking forward to spending some quality time with them both. We’ve enjoyed a few quiet days together as they recovered from the jet lag and today they’re off to visit our good friend in Wellington for a few days.

I’ve been developing my type-watching skills since I last saw them (I recently presented to our local MBTI group on the topic of visual cues to the type functions) and so I am now certain that my sister in law is an INFJ. Yesterday, they were traveling by bus and she noticed an unusual image on a store front logo that so intrigued her she asked me about it when I got home from work. My ISFP brother was amazed that she knew it somehow related to the old Stanley Kubrick movie, The Shining. It didn’t take me long to find the image online (it was from the distinctive carpet pattern representing a labyrinth - one of the themes of the movie)

She suffers from severe epilepsy and recently has had a spate of full-on Grand Mal fits for the first time in many years. Her fascination with this unusual image triggered my own Ni, and so I gently suggested that she should read about the symbolism of mazes and labyrinths as there was likely a psychological connection to her recent fits. A classic INFJ-INFJ interaction that was quite special for both of us.

And as for the hissy- fit over the stupid hand towel during our UK trip, even though she initiated the argument, in hindsight, it was actually me who lost his temper and had the minor Mommie Dearest moment, while she remained calm and composed during the incident. I have a fiery Sagittarius Mars in my birth chart, and during some recent soul-searching have come to recognize how it expresses itself through harsh language and raised voice when I get angry, rather than the more physical expression of anger generally ascribed to Mars.

So on a whim, I looked up Faye Dunaway’s birthchart to confirm another intuition, and sure enough, she also has Mars in Sagittarius!

No wonder I’ve recently been so obsessed with her bizarre performance in Mommie Dearest!


That is indeed funny that I should mention that now, but it is not uncommon. It feels uncanny how I will be thinking of something mentioned, and not say anything, as I said nothing to you about the towel, but meant to since you wrote about it, how long ago? And then when I do, it fits just right in the place I put it. Many things, I just wait and it runs around in my head off and on and then there it is, the spot, and it is time just now, and I put it forth. And I have this waiting feeling often, like no need to say it now, not yet. Then, yes. And if I don’t wait for it, or stay silent when it comes and say it later, it goes somehow wrong or gets lost.
And it is so weird sometimes where and how we find insight and understanding, like what triggers it, I mean, or verifies it, solidifies it, gives direction…
I don’t know that I would have known where the rug came from, but I would have recognized it as something known from somewhen.

And I just remembered that the woman who was the mother in the shining, was seriously harassed during that film. Strange stories… I was watching one of her movies not that long ago, and I learned this researching her, and damn. Very traumatic for her. Shelley Duvall.
The shining, ack, that was a movie! But I loved her in Popeye.

Also what do you mean by harsh language? Is it just a heavy, angry voice, or specific words? My monster voice is the end of the conversation, and it is dead serious and reprimanding, like you’d imagine a fecking god talking through the clouds when you’ve fucked up.




Excellent! And very silly…


Here are some clips from Nanageddon, my fave episode of The Mighty Boosh:


Funny coincidence!!

I watched these clips at work… and a few hours later, my sister sent me a link to a Noel Fielding Q&A session asking me to type him… and i thought, this guy looks very familiar, till i realised he’s the guy from The Mighty Boosh… Hahah… Hilarious clips by the way…

“Made from the tears of Robert Smith” :joy:

“Satan’s evil in a nylon gown” :joy:

“I’m going to have to turn my back on you” :joy:


More Boosh silliness with this compilation about Naboo The Enigma, a 400 year old Shaman from the planet Xooberon. His full name is Naboo Randolph Roberdy Poberdy the Enigma.


I think I’m going to spend my weekend watching this series… I’m in love with these brothers! :heart_eyes:


Now I feel better and can go to sleep.


Always loved this video!



Yours is right! All the movements make sense, still made me laugh, the CGYL, but this is the one! Thanks!

Edited: I am so slow on the uptake, says it right on the video. I must baffle the shit out of Se dominants. How do I make it through a day?


Ha ha, I know what you mean!

I usually explain it by saying that I’m so attuned to my inner world that I miss the bleeding obvious…


Yeah, so much! I could not tell you who is on what money.


joy zone “no judgement zone”

i just stumbled upon it. it is too long and not that funny


That was actually brilliant and very funny. Hilary’s responses reminded me of the spontaneous humorous acappella “Crimping” nonsense songs made famous by the two main characters in the Mighty Boosh. One whole episode in Series Three was actually named “The Power of the Crimp”, when two copy-cats named Lance Dior and Harold Boom, calling themselves “The Flighty Zeus”, attempted to steal the popularity and success of the Boosh as a musical act.

The Boosh almost gave up, before having the idea of premiering their music invention, crimping, at a gig at The Velvet Onion. They arrive to find The Flighty Zeus plagiarising an earlier crimp of theirs. The Boosh challenge the Zeus to a crimp-off, eventually winning by way of a four-way crimp, involving Howard, Vince, Naboo, and Bollo. The same episode also included the wonderful “Future Sailors” song:

“Cyborg sea-dog,
Tell me what you dream of”

And the hilarious “Looking Backwards” song, when the Flighty Zeus convince them that retro is back in fashion:

Eventually, the Boosh win the day in a “Crimp-Off” with the four-way crimp, The four-way-crimp is a masterpiece of comic timing and originality that often plays randomly in my jukebox mind when I need cheering up:

here’s a collection of crimps from throughout the various series:


Here are some other classic Boosh songs:

The Song of the Yeti


Vince’s Punk Song (warning, contains obscenities!)

Old Gregg - Love Games

Bouncy Bouncy Crimp

Saboo and Tony Harrison DJ

And I couldn’t resist including Noel Fielding’s version of "Wuthering Heights"


@Stewart!!! OMG! I knew they looked familiar! Old Gregg scares the jack fuck outta me!!! Is that British humor? To kinda make you uncomfortable. But not in an obvious way?.. Cause that whole thing freaks me out. Haha.


why not? don’t you wish you could?