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“It also underscores how late our faculty work”

not sure why this tickled me.


And now (cue drum roll…) the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived - the final of this years Eurovision Song Contest was held yesterday!

I was desperately concerned that Brexit and terrorist fears and all the other current depressing drek afflicting the world would spoil this year’s Eurovision, but thankfully the Spirit of Eurovision came to the rescue. The Spirit is as potent a force as any of Jung’s more familiar Archetypes. I visualise her as a Goddess of Joy, with long flowing tresses, flowers in her hair, a permanent smile and an outrageously camp outfit. Anyway, she is alive and well and fulfilling her primary mission to spread Joy and Laughter and Silliness to the whole World.

Here are a selection of videos from this year’s contestents; they are as bizarre and funny and absurd and camp (or just plain WTF!) as ever:

Montenegro (check put the insane hair-twirling antics of the lead singer!):

And my current favourite, Italy. The subtitles raise the silliness quotient off the scsle; I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. There’s even a dancing ape thrown in for fuck’s sake!


Yayyy! The moment I’ve been holding out for has finally arrived: today was my last day at work before my partner and I head off to Europe for our first decent holiday in three years.

We’re away until late June, and I’m even looking forward to the flight, 'cos HaHa the Sun God worked his ENTP magic and found affordable business class tickets. Now these are usually priced well beyond the means of all but the super-rich, and after having travelled around the world in cattle-class more times than I care to remember, I am super-grateful to him for managing this. I’m over 6 feet tall and have very long legs, and recent “improvements” in the design of economy class cabins have seemingly been outsourced to Santa’s elves. And not the nice, smiley folk who build pretty toys for kiddies, Oh no! We’re talking the bitter, misanthropic little buggers who Santa fired for hiding booby-traps inside a cute teddy bear, or reprogramming a talking Barbie doll to randomly abuse its innocent victims with the vilest swear words known to man.

After losing their jobs, they soon found gainful employment with the Santa Corporation’s principle rival, so I guess they are now Satan’s elves instead. After a brief sorting process to determine their specific pathological talents, they were unleashed into the unsuspecting world to gleefully carry out the Devil’s work.

This is Satan’s masterwork, the most puissant stroke of evil genius ever devised in all of history. If you think I’m raving like some kind of paranoid lunatic, or simply having a jest, I ask you to pause for a moment and take a good hard look around. I shall leave it up to you, my gentle friends, to decide the issue for yourselves. Does the “modern world” we now inhabit seem more like:

A) The creation of a benevolent and loving deity, to shelter and nurture his or her beloved children?

B) The machinations of the sadistic imagination of a heartless sadist, to tempt and torture and abuse his helpless victims?

Anyway, I digress. When Satan decided to corrupt the aircraft design business, he selected his workers from the elves with the strongest, most irrational and pathological hatred of the Big People. The tiniest and most stunted little demons, who even other elves mocked for their short stature. Under Satan’s evil leadership, they stole the business from the established firms by ruthlessly undercharging for their work. The airline stockholders were delighted with the new designs; not only were they paying far less to fit out each new aircraft, the elves had somehow managed to squeeze twice as many seats into the already cramped economy class cabins, thus doubling the profits to be made from each flight.

Another part of the plan was to persuade the airlines to drastically increase the cost of Business Class tickets, forcing more and more hapless souls into the torturous bowels of economy seats, whilst simultaneously doubling the smugness factor of the wealthy elite who could still afford to travel in comfort.

And now my friends, I’m sad to admit that despite my liberal leanings, even I feel a tiny portion of smug joy when boarding a long haul flight, at that precise moment when the cabin crew invite you to turn left into the cool spaciousness of Business class instead of right into the hot and foul smelling pit, with the tiny cramped seats and screaming kids and disgusting toilets…


YOU REMINDED ME! Canadian have 25% off disneyworld tickets until today! :0
gotta secure mine and wait until a good time to go. lol


My husband and I are pretty sure the place is run by demons.
And I am not even five feet tall, but I like airplane seats not at all. My knees and tailbone hurt so much getting off a plane and I have space, well, leg space. Sideways space not so much. Luckily it is my kids I am sharing armrests with. I can only imagine your torment.
Take lots of pics for us! And check in now and again.


Here’s a collection of funny music videos that make me smile:

Oh, the wigs!:

More B52’s silliness:

Finally this clever remix of an obscure 70s classic by Lene Lovich:


First and last made me laugh, but I like Gabbani the best!


Was looking for an interview of Eminem and the first one suggested was this, time marker 22. It is pretty nuts. Eminem is quite challenged by Ne but cool as can be. @Blake this interview is nuts




What is this? A google document share?


no it’s iFunny


It was a joke cause I’m funny.






Wow, pretty! Thank you, @lunar :blush:


i didn’t realize there was that annoying music in background. looks just like a flower!


I had no idea these existed! Thanks for adding fun insect facts for my brain. I always need those. :sunglasses:


Anteater enjoying insect smoothie