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if you ever wanna hang out in a forest
Whole channel
He even makes little pieces of iron. It’s nuts


simple little melody


Does it crack you up too?


Hysterical, love it! And you’ve also reminded me that today is the premiere of GoT Season 7 on Sky in NZ. Can’t wait to get my fix tonight!


Saw you posted this song and it reminded me…



Is it this one?


Dang, I got the same message with yours, but no, it is not the same, mine was with the guy that plays Kylo Ren.



But I found it!!!


Yeah, that one! Minus the guy who watches and talks.


This video/song amuses me to no end, I love it.


What do you call a blind dinosaur?





Recently rediscovered this exquisitely funny overview of the peerless artistic talent of Rob Liefeld. This has brought so much joy into my life…

Safety warning: Mr Liefeld’s images are so gloriously OTT they can permanently damage your retinas.


Somehow reminds me of this:


Old. But I just saw it for first time ever. Hi whoever is lurking;) it is so quiet.


Hi, lunar. I just finished The African Queen with Humphrey Bogart. Not sure I saw Last Action hero. Maybe? Kinda rings a distant bell.

How do you kinda ring a distant bell???
From where do you rule when you blow up your castle???
It is bugging me that I only got one movie choice with Bogart from Netflix. Really?


I kind of miss dvd rentals:) We used to live next to a rental store with a huge selection, it was kind of fun. We don’t like using amazon too much because we are already paying for netflix. Yeah with netflix if you have something in mind often it’s not there. You have to go with the flow




Since we’re exploring all things Libra at the moment, I thought I’d share this hilarious Australian take on the gender pay inequality gap: