The Joy Zone - it is a silly place


Is it just me or is everything terribly intense and heavy at the moment? What we need is more joy, so here’s a musical journey with Timmy Trumpet to guide us out of the darkness:


Been getting back into Stand Up recently, here’s some favorites.

Best biblical impression going :grin:

Mitch Hedberg, child like simplicity. Shame he left early.

Steve Hughes on being offended.

The King


Love this ingenious blend of editing and mixing:


This commercial makes me laugh every time I see it.


Luv it! :joy:





Old but funny


@Helix :+1: :heart: The Office! Lol.


Omg that’s awesome!!

@Helix, I never got into the office but that looks like fun!

@Spice, saucesome. You’re name in reference to commercials has me thinking about those Old Spice commercials.


My name is Miss Schadenfreude…

I’ve been re-watching Green Wing , a UK comedy show set in a very strange hospital:

The funniest character is Sue White, the hospital’s staff liaison officer, who describes her role as being “to soothe, to bathe, to listen to the worker’s woes”.

However, in actuality she is a cruel, lustful and devious lunatic, seemingly intent on torturing her colleagues with her capricious demands and outrageous behaviour.

Her office seemingly exists in another dimension; one where magic rules over science, and the impossible happens on a regular basis.


I’ll have to rewatch Greenwing, It came out when I was a wet behind the ears teenager.
I thought it was pretty weird and didn’t really get it.

Saying that I was a fan of the Mighty Boosh.

Go figure.


@Ankh F-ing hilarious. I wonder if he was a “disgruntled triangle player” in the orchestra who just “snapped” one day - lol!


More Sue White madness, courtesy of her earthly Avatar, the fabulously insane Michelle Gomez. Michelle later served as a host for Missy, the female incarnation of the evil Time Lord formerly known as “The Master”.


Unlikely. All triangle players are disgruntled.



@Ankh, teehee. I remember seeing a video of a ?trianglist? getting ready for his solo. He was very professional, had his sheet music, then his big moment came, and he just dinged the triangle once. Lol:)

Your video reminded me of this, can you see why?


More cowbell!!! I love it.


Fun and games with Missy:


Stayin’ Alive, Green Wing style:

Missy meets Green Wing: