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Oh God, that’s even worse than the Trolololo song! :scream:

As for your other video, I’ll get back to you after work once I’ve had a chance to look at it properly. I’m thinking of starting a general “Mysticism and other Mumbo-Jumbo” thread for us to discuss our esoteric interests.


That would be muchos cool


Is this where memes go?


I cannot believe you’re bringing In(f*)celdom here.


This is fucking funny, love that chad.


These are brilliant! Are there more for the other types?



The seduction scene from Troll 2, remastered with a new soundtrack:


Holly’s infamous dance scene from Troll 2:


I love Flight of The Conchords!

A story about New Zealands 4th best folk parody duo trying to make it big in America.

Band Meeting

The Inner City Pressures of New York life.

Mel, the bands no.1 and only fan.



Sorry folks, I thought I was done trolling you with Troll 2 trivia, but then I found this:



You know this?


A Family Guy tribute to the Trololo singer:


It’s been far too long since I’ve seen any truly funny political satires, but that was before I discovered the new Tracey Ullman TV show


for the oh so sensitive and spiritual INFJs :grin:


This is wonderfully bizarre and silly, but also clever and quirky; the talented winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest: Netta of Israel with Toy


Thanks for this! She is definitely amusing!


Best Madonna parody ever:


There hasn’t been much joy in the world during this strange and unsettling year, other than the unintentional comedy provided by our political “leaders”. However, my fun-deprived Gemini Moon will take what’s on offer in order to stave off the dreaded INFJ blues. So here are a few more clips from the hilarious (and very silly!) Tracey Ullman show:

Her Angela Merkel impression is so well done that rumour has it that the Chancellorette herself is enamoured by her doppelgänger!