The Philosophy of the Stellarmaze Forum


Why does this forum exist?

Is it for people to discuss Blake’s articles? Is it for like minded people to have a community? What is its main purpose?

Is this forum a dictatorship or a democracy or quorum run?

As a paying member, do I have any rights? Vote?

Are members just extensions of Blake’s art? Allowed to squirt and squiggle all over the place as long as we stay in circumscribed lines? Once the artist doesn’t find it pretty or serving its purpose are we erased or cut out?


We are here for fun. :kissing_heart:


My guess is the whole “Prax being fired” thing triggered this?

Here’s my opinion on all of this. At the end of the day, it is Blake’s site and Blake’s site only. He chooses exactly how he wants to run it. He’s the one that birthed the site and continues feeding it with juicy nummies for our brains. So he has the right to do whatever he wants, whenever. Does that mean he should? Don’t know. If we all leave in protest, then obviously he will have to change how he conducts business. However, what real difference did it make to the community? (Sorry, Prax - but your INTJ self will get this). If you look at her profile, you can see she hasn’t logged in since February. That’s practically half a year and there are some who haven’t noticed.

As far as us having any rights or votes? We’re shit out of luck. I believe there is a page on the main site that describes what we get with our subscription. And I don’t believe voting on how to manage the site was one of them.

Purpose of this forum? To go wherever we want as long as it’s in a logical sequence, meaning, your words are within the main purpose of the thread. There are many people who don’t follow this. Myself included (big time). But it is very hard to regulate how conversation flows. Especially in a forum specifically formed because of personality typing. We want to see all the types freely flowing as real-life examples. Probably the main reason was for the articles, which that purpose is still there - look at all of the available thread categories. People were commenting a lot and wanting to continue conversations on old articles, so I believe that’s initially why this forum was created - to continue the conversations that were being had on the main site. And, as far as business goes, it’s another selling point to our membership which is pretty sweet considering it’s the same price as it was before the forum. That’s quite gracious.

Just because we don’t know the reasons, doesn’t mean it wasn’t heavily weighed and considered in the light of what’s best for the many. This is what I truly believe from knowing Blake for a bit. I don’t believe he has a malicious or dictatious (wtf is that not a word? It should be) bone in his body.

Also, Prax was not kicked out. She was simply revoked the title of moderator or admin…whatever. She has chosen to be absent. I don’t know this for sure, but I’ve known Blake for a little while and cannot see him banning someone (unless something REALLY BAD was being said). Even in the case of Sups (rest his soul), he was merely suspended. He could come back. How do I know this? Example - look at lunar’s profile. She has asked Blake to suspend her for a year - by her request. Same thing was on Sups page, only it read a little different.

Do I absolutely agree with every choice or direction in which the site/forum has gone? Of course not. I’m sure many of us feel the same way. There’s a lot of us and all of us wouldn’t run it the same way Blake has chosen to. But know what? Blake is a pretty cool dude. He has gone through the work and effort to create something for a bunch of strangers. He doesn’t have to care about us. But he does. And he consults with us. Like for real, who does that? Someone who has so much life experience says, “I think I’ll help the world, or at least as many people as I can.” That is pure gold.

I love interacting with ALL of you. I consider you guys a second family or home. I really don’t like very many people. But coming here to this melting pot of personalities really jazzes up my life. :heart:


Thank-you for responding so openly and addressing one of the resulting problems directly.

However, I think I am more fundamentally trying to raise the question about the relationship between the artist and the audience, the artist and the community and so on. And the difference between the blog and the forum. With some types this is not such an issue as with others, especially those who do not have strong Te.

There is no question that people would not be drawn to this site without Blake’s insights and brilliance. But there is also some value in having some remove from the artist which is what the moderator provides. Prax did a good job there, but from reading that thread about anhydrite’s type, I think the artist stepping in and overpowering the mod ended up isolating too many people.

With regards to people not “knowing” about it, I think this has more to do with those who come and go for long periods of time as well as that the admin section and “rules” don’t show up for people who have subscriptions and are logged in. I still think the long-term health of the site can deteriorate without some thought to these questions.


I think you’re asking questions and jumping to conclusions based on wrong assumptions. You assume Prax was fired based on what happened in my type thread.

She wasn’t.


I respect that philosophy.


And ope! That might have been my fault. That’s the exact verbiage I used on the other thread. My bad :sweat:


No, I didn’t assume anything about Prax being fired from that thread.

I assumed instead that you were “hired” based on Blake’s description and the words he used in describing you on that thread.

I’m thinking Prax was sacrificed so you could be in her place. Not that I have any problems with you as a member. I think that Prax had qualities that made her very well suited for being a mod of this forum and providing balance. I am doubtful from the little I have seen that you have those qualities, although I think you have other qualities that Blake finds more appealing (not trying to imply that he wants to have sex with you). So that is why I am appealing to the philosophy of the forum


lol. but in seriousness I haven’t noticed it was that long.

I’ve always assumed StellarMaze was Blake’s attempt at a sex cult.


What happened in that thread?




Sorry for being an instigator y’all! Never thought it was this serious.

I personally have no issue with Blake playing god in his own creation, and I have no issue maneuvering Blake’s physics within that respect. We GET to participate in this forum.

Stop researching so much NXIVM stuff, sheesh Rum!

I too would like to know what exactly went down in the anhydrite thread? Some context would be wonderful.


Side note: I vote (if I have one) to enable the messaging feature for this forum. Would be kinda dope.

Love to ya’ll! :heart:


Reading through that thread I see nothing untoward. Unless it’s been deleted. And unless it’s just Prax’s general dismissiveness that Annie could be an INTJ.

Not l33t enough to be in the INTJ club.


Control of communication is the first step to a cult. For all we know half the people on this forum are fake alt accounts. We’re being gaslighted. How do I know you’re a real person? How do you know I’m a real person?


Yeah it was confusing reading that because from my recollection (even though it’s a shitty one) It didn’t seem like there was any bickering?

Let’s not get that deep Rum. Let me enjoy this please lmao. I think the first step into a cult is a mutual philosophy / mutual goal quite honestly lol. I know this shit first hand, actually. But that story is for a different day.


It’s women’s stuff. The whole convo is full of slights, shades, and passive aggression if you read between the lines and past Super’s posts.


It’s the fucking internet lol there’s too much that can be lost in translation :joy::joy::joy:


Good to see reading through that thread that while I wasn’t even online that month I was still a topic of conversation.


I’m glad your ego feels affirmed


Another feature this forum needs: the ability to like your own comments.