The Sport thread


Didn’t see any thread around here dedicated for sport discussion. Nor did the search bring up much conversation about ‘sport’ at all.

Guess that’s not so surprising.

Anyway here’s a thread. I don’t really like all sports. Just football really. And by that I mean soccer.

Anyone watching the World Cup Qualifiers going on right now?

Anyone going to the World Cup next year?

Edit: I’m currently watching Saudi Arabia vs Japan.


I know what offside means.

I rarely watch soccer/football or any sports on television.


I like Olympic sports.
the one that started in Greece. when all men were butt naked wrestling each other.

there’s something about balls that I don’t like watching in sports.
instead of looking at each player, it makes you focus on where the ball is going.
of course the player is playing with the ball, or handling the ball, but it doesn’t satisfy me.

and I used to play football aka soccer in high school but I never really enjoyed it.

i feel limited by rules and regulations.

i love gymnastics, especially rhythmic gymnastics. also like synchro diving and such
or even ice skating

something about competition I don’t like. especially sports competition with hard rules.
I’d rather watch UFC or MMA and watch them go at each other with very small amount of rules


I totally misread this.


I like hockey. Been to some Hawks games. And I like Movember.


I used to watch hockey a lot more when the Leafs were not so garbage lol. Guess I didn’t have the heart to root and lose.
Not that I knew very much about hockey except for the basics (icing, off side, hooking lol). Couldn’t really remember player’s names or any of that, but still fun to watch all the ground being covered and people ramming into one another.


So you don’t like watching balls, but like butt naked wrestling men. Is there something you’d like to share with us, @supernokturnal?


On a more serious note, my sporting likes and dislikes are very similar to yours. Maybe it’s an Se/Fe thing, appreciating free-form grace and athleticism more than stop-start rules-bound team sports or similar.

Didn’t @Blake post something recently about Fe being an analogue function; by which I think he meant it measures things along a continuum rather than breaking them up into discrete bits like maybe Ti or Si?


i think you get the hint ;] haha

yes. very good way to put it.
gosh. i love how INFJ can make everything sound so good


The real football connoisseurs don’t watch the player with the ball but the players without the ball :wink:


Yes! And the boxing aspect is so interesting. It’s like…“let them solve it like men.”


Right?! That’s why I was so confused…he was taking about naked man butts and then balls…but the balls were not the naked men’s. I was like waa?


no shit Sherlock.
you don’t have to be a connoisseur to watch the player
way they handle the ball, their movement, their judgment, etc.

Stewart understood my nuance of the ball and rules limiting the natural flow of human movements.

come on man. I thought you’re good with metaphors and non-reflexive stuff Hahaha
or did you assume that I was literally talking about the ball itself :thinking:


Read what I said. I said the players without the ball. I.e. the players who are defending or the other players attacking.

Football is about time and space and the restriction of it.

The player with the ball only really has a limited set of options, and these options are really set up by his friends and foes around him.


yeah, but they’re still rules and limitations of what they can do and can’t do.

multi-player sports is like a chess game to me
each piece makes a move but it’s making its move considering other pieces are out there.

yeah I get it. I used to play few sports and even if I had the ball, (I was a striker), I had to be aware of defenses and goalie, and other players around me that I have to pass the ball to.
I see the joy and art of within the rules and bending the rules.
but the restrictions that comes from hard fast rules like if you touch the ball with your hands or your forearm, then FK for the other team.
like it’s almost advantageous to not have arms playing soccer. unless you’re a goalie