The Stellar Maze Photo Gallery


A place to share personal photographs of special places, events, people, pets and anything else you love. Can be as anonymous as you prefer, of course!

Here are a few of mine:

My beloved Russian Blue cat, Maks, who sadly died last year, but has now become my familiar spirit:

A landscape photo of Whangarei Heads, NZ:

The recent Gemini Full Super-Moon over Auckland. Boy, was I hyped up that night!!!


Beautiful! And what a wonderful kitty!
I tried to upload but it was too big. Gotta figure it out.


Some photos of a recent release of two young male Kiwis into the wild near our property in Whangarei heads. They have the most succesful Kiwi breeding/release program in the whole of NZ. We can sometimes hear their calls in the forest behind our house.


I love birds! That is super cool.


What a great idea, @Stewart!!!

Maks was a beautiful boy.

I used to have a Russian Blue named Cosmo. And I know what it means to lose them buggers. So much to learn from these creatures.



Oooo pretty. Did you take this? …with your phone?


yes :grinning:




did you know you can see Toronto from thirty miles across the lake?

look closer



From recent road trip.


Flood at the old brewery, never seen it so tumbly wild before.


I’m not a good photographer… but here are some pics taken at a place that has a lot to do with my childhood…

(It’s more beautiful in the dark… you aren’t allowed to turn on artificial lights at night… so it’s just the light from the moon and the stars… I like sitting on the catwalk and listening to the insects…)

My sister, on the other hand, is a fairly decent photographer… here are some of her recent clicks…


Those clouds give me hope…


OMG! Hahaha… I love it. Tiny blurry silhouettes!

All of y ou are good at photos! I am so bad at taking photos!
Here is me at niagara falls making friends with a squirrel! (it thought I had food. I did this multiple times to get a photo haha. rebies).

i love animels


Me too!


I love those buildings and I think your childhood had a lot of special in it.

Thanks for starting this thread Stewart :heart_exclamation:


Awh @Prax that lil fella’s paw in your hand is the cutest!

These are my favourite pics from my visit to Niagara…

(For once I found the juxtaposition of the man made and the natural really aesthetically pleasing…)

Above and below… I don’t know which perspective was more awe inspiring… just the sheer volume of water in constant motion is staggering to comprehend… oceans are veiled threats… a waterfall like this is a different kind of force of nature… motherfuckin physics… an inch on the wrong side and the pleasant mist of water on your face can turn into your worst nightmare… haha I love it though… pure power and flow… water can destroy in a second… but it shapeshifts and sidesteps destruction itself… its strange to imagine that those drops of water might have travelled there from any part of the world (the lives every molecule must’ve touched!) to be seen by people who have travelled to that very spot from all parts of the world…


wow that’s a VERY CLOSE photo!!

look at me being a punk from far away… hahah

why don’t we all meet at this place since we’ve been there and familiar with it.

sit down, drink some coffee, and talk about mbti and astrology and everything else! hahaha
and our future business(?) plan :grinning: